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First Time, Part 2 - Chapter 1

First Time, Part 2 - Chapter 1

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Sergio and Aymeric have been fuck buddies for a very long time. And yet every time they get together it is as if it were the very first time. Always trying to find new ways to pleasure Sergio’s mammoth cock, Aymeric constantly strives to swallow it whole. With such thickness and length any throat would be challenged. Sergio then takes Aymeric’s huge mushroom head into his throat and mouth and gives Aymeric an oral sensation he will not soon forget. Aymeric flips over and offers up his pink hole for Sergio’s hungry tongue. Sergio goes from licking a hot pink hole to sucking a huge cock, going from ass to cock, cock to ass, pleasuring all of Aymeric’s pleasure points. Sergio has licked, sucked and spit his way to preparing Aymeric for the invasion of his huge cock. Aymeric bends over and Sergio penetrates his ass deep and hard. Sergio gives Aymeric the pounding his ass remembered from their last encounter, except this time there is just a little bit more, or is Aymeric learning to give up his ass more freely to his buddy? Sergio lies down and Aymeric mounts his huge cock, giving us full view of the deep penetrating fuck. Sergio sits on Aymeric’s chest and force feeds him his engorged cock that has grown in length and girth as he quickly approaches his eruption that spews all over Aymeric’s face, head, lips and tongue. As Sergio’s cum flies all over Aymeric, he also explodes with a huge gooey load of cum as he begins to lick and suck Sergio’s cock clean. Discoveries come in many ways and with some very familiar people. Re-discover one of your old fuck buddies real soon.
First Time 2
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Aymeric Deville
Aymeric Deville
Sergio Serrano
Sergio Serrano
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28 Aug 2015

Anybody that shaves his head and pubic region, besides wearing a cock ring that make his balls and nob-end go to bursting - point, must be one of the sexiest-minded men on the planet. Aymeric, I like your style:-.your date of birth on your back with Roman numerals, and the perky tattoo above your straining bum cheeks. For certain, you get Sergio really excited , and me too... !