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Strangers in Prague - Scene 2: Marco Rubi, Saxon West, Radim Hajek

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Marco and Saxon are out and enjoying the breathtaking views of Prague when they turn a corner and find a hot sight not in any tour book. Radim decides to give Marco and Saxon a private tour. The tour quickly takes the guys back to Radim’s apartment. Marco, Saxon and Radim quickly strip down revealing their perfectly sculpted muscular bodies. Saxon and Marco begin sucking on Radim’s huge uncut cock, tag teaming his hot cock. Radim is so hot with both men sucking his cock that he begins fucking both of their throats until he explodes his load and feeds it to both men. Marco and Saxon are then treated to Radim’s oral skills. Marco then offers up Saxon’s ass for Radim to fuck as Marco begins fucking Saxon’s throat. Radim discovers Saxon’s true talents and moans and groans with pleasure as he pulls out completely then penetrates Saxon’s ass fully and continues to repeat this as both men’s pleasure mounts. Marco has become so excited with Saxon sucking on his rigid cock and watching Radim plow his friend’s ass that he unleashes his hot load all over Saxon’s face, lips and tongue. Saxon laps up the cum dripping from Marco’s throbbing cock as Radim continues fucking his ass. Marco squats down onto Saxon’s cock as Radim takes him from behind. Marco loves the feel of two hot bare cocks rubbing together in his wet hole. Radim pulls out and strokes a huge load out of Saxon that shoots a mile high into the air. With Saxon’s cock covered in cum Radim guides his wet cock back into Marco’s dripping ass. Marco continues to ride Saxon’s cock and suck every last drop of cum from his cock. Now that is a tour worth taking!
Strangers In Prague 1
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Marco Rubi
Marco Rubi
Saxon West
Saxon West
Radim Hajek
Radim Hajek
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A Pierce
26 Apr 2016

Either I need some instruction on how to use your site or I am the most disappointed subscriber ever. I spent approximately $40 for one month subscription and have only the ability to watch one video scene per day (if that) because I have received error messages for all but two scenes. KBjorn has been my favorite for gay porn for 15 years and I finally get a one month subscription to see how it is and I see barely anything. I was tempted to cancel my subscription the first day due to getting error messages on every attempt at watching a scene. I tried on day two and saw one scene (all other attempts were errors). This is day three and I saw one scene and all others were errors. Please inform me if I am not using the site properly. If I am using it correctly. I feel that I just flushed $40 dollars down the drain. I joined other sites with a one month and received MUCH MUCH MORE IN CONTENT. Please advise.

26 Apr 2016

Dear member,

You have posted your complaint in an area where it it unlikely to be seen by any staff who can help you, and we have no way of contacting you. As a member of, you can download three scenes per day, and view as many as you like in streaming mode. If you are receiving an error message, you need to tell us what the error message is so we can help you. Please send a detailled description of the problem to: Be sure to include your User name and Password.

29 May 2016

This video really showcases Marco Rubi`s unforgettable physique..Radim and Saxon gave him what was clearly a most enjoyable double penetration.....