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Raw Adventures, sc. 3 - Abducted: Borek Sokol, Marek Borek, Ondra Matej, Tomas Friedel

Raw Adventures, sc. 3 - Abducted: Borek Sokol, Marek Borek, Ondra Matej, Tomas Friedel

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Borek Sokol has been backpacking his way across Europe and is feeling a bit fatigued and not paying a lot of attention to his surroundings. He passes by 3 muscle thugs that have noticed he would be an easy target. They take him back to a club that Tomas Friedel works for at night and force him to his knees and strip him. Confused and thinking the worse, Borek has no clue what these three thugs want, Tomas removes his shirt and frees his engorged cock. Now Borek has played with a couple of guys his age and size before, but never with 3 big muscle men, all twice the size of him. At their mercy his head is held in place as Tomas shoves his fat cock in Borek’s mouth. Borek realizes that the best thing to do in this situation is to submit and try and get out of there as unscathed as possible. Marek Borek and Ondra Matej want a piece of the action as well, so all three men take turns in feeding Borek their cocks and taking pleasure in their power over him. Tomas picks Borek up and hoists him over his shoulder as if he were a rag doll. Once in position Marek begins eating the young furry hole of Borek as he sucks on Ondra’s cock. Tomas turns around and Ondra eats Borek’s ass while Borek sucks on Marek’s cock. Ondra and Marek then take Borek onto their shoulders and Tomas spreads his ass open and rams his ragging hard cock up his ass, skin on skin. Borek is flipped over and the tag team begins as one fucks his raw ass the other feeds him their cock to lube up. The tag teaming continues until all three muscle thugs blow their huge loads all over Borek. As much as he hates to admit it, Borek has felt pleasure and shoots a geyser of a load.
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Marek Borek
Marek Borek
Borek Sokol
Borek Sokol
Tomas Friedel
Tomas Friedel
Ondra Matej
Ondra Matej
Comments about this video

17 Mar 2015

very hot until.....the boring ending

28 Apr 2015

Tomas looks hotter than ever with his beefier bulked up physique. He is a very handsome man who epitomizes strength and masculinity.