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In The Flesh, sc. 8 - James Castle, Ansony, Antonio Miracle

In The Flesh, sc. 8 - James Castle, Ansony, Antonio Miracle

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Ansony and Antonio Miracle are approached by James Castle looking for a light. After a few words of temptation James heads back to Antonio’s apartment with his new found friends. The guys jump on the bed and strip away their sexy underwear revealing some mighty impressive uncut cocks. James drops to his knees and takes Ansony’s massive mahogany cock deep into his mouth and begins a game of tag cock sucking by going back and forth between Ansony’s and Antonio’s cocks. The stakes of the game are raised as Ansony and Antonio both feed James their huge cocks at the same time. The game changes again and it is now time for Antonio and Ansony to pleasure James with their cock sucking skills. Both men choke down his meaty cock as his balls draw up tight as his milky load builds. James is put on all four’s while Antonio sucks on Ansony’s mammoth cock. With his cock straining and glistening with saliva he drives it deep into James’ raw ass. Ansony pounds James’ ass hard and then pulls out for Antonio to suck his cock and get him nice and wet to continue his bare ass fucking. Ansony repeatedly pulls out to get his cock sucked and then pummels James’ ass with his spit slicked cock. All this hot ass fucking and cock sucking has thrust Ansony in the zone of no return and blows his creamy load all over James’ ass. But, Ansony is not finished yet, he lies down with his throbbing rock hard cock straight up and James’ hard cock massaging his as Antonio squats down on them both. The raw double penetration rocks Antonio’s ass as the three men work in unison to get as much cock in that ass as possible. Antonio’s entire body is engulfed with pleasure that forces him to erupt a huge of load of cum all over Ansony. As Antonio’s ass clenches James’s cock with his contracting muscles, James’ balls force all the cum they have built up out and all over Antonio’s hot ass. Making new friends is always hot!
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James Castle
James Castle
Antonio Miracle
Antonio Miracle
Comments about this video

22 Jan 2016

This is one fucking hot scene!

23 Jan 2016

Double Penetrations are notoriously hard to film, but here, yet again, we have yet another Kristen Bjorn Masterpiece. Versatile James and Antonio have much to be thankful for, with The Incredibly Hot Ansony ... .There are very few Men that can come bucket loads, then fully- support further, sustained D.P.s . He certainly put everything that he has into it, to say The Very Least ! Ansony really has to be admired ....

06 Feb 2016

What a hot video! Show more like this one.

20 Feb 2016

From the moment that Ansony appears in those washed-out denim hyper- short shorts, it obvious that this is a video that will showcase the hard-on that he already has got, in prominence. His, is one beautiful cock, that is capable of achieving so much. He is tirelessly active, , and that brown-skinned penis is a great support in the pumping that it relentlessly keeps up, throughout this highly-memorable Double Penetration of Antonio. this is one video that I could watch, again and again....