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Skins: Eye Candy - Viktor Rom, Peter Coxx

Skins: Eye Candy - Viktor Rom, Peter Coxx

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While out running errands Viktor Rom entices a sexy guy on the street with a flash of his monster bulge. Peter Coxx is very eager to get his lips around that fat piece of meat and follows Viktor home. Viktor immediately begins stuffing his uncut cock down Peter’s hungry throat. Moving into a 69 position Peter gages and swallows Viktor’s huge cock as Viktor works his way up and down the smooth shaft of Peter’s towering cock. Peter flips over and Viktor spits, licks and fucks Peter’s hot pink hole with his firm tongue. With Peter’s ass all slicked up with spit Viktor rams his hard, raw cock deep into that pink hole. Viktor pulls his cock out and teases Peter’s ass with the head of his cock before plunging balls deep into ass. Viktor repeats this fucking action as Peter begs for more of that monster cock. Flipping Peter over, Viktor continues teasing Peter’s ass with his huge cock, forcing Peter to open his hole completely for Viktor. Peter has entered the pleasure zone of no return and blows his thick load of cum while Viktor continues to pound his ass. Still hungry for more Peter is flipped again and this time he squats down on that huge cock as his own hefty cock flops around as he thrusts Viktor’s cock deep within his ass. Once again Peter is flipped and this time he ends up on his stomach with his ass in the air as Viktor helicopter fucks his wet ass. At this point Viktor’s balls have drawn up tight and are ready to unleash his hot creamy load of cum, which he showers Peter’s ass with then rams his dripping cock back into Peter’s wet, raw ass. Be mindful of that bulge on the street the next time you are out running errands.
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Viktor Rom
Viktor Rom
Peter Coxx
Peter Coxx
Comments about this video

18 Dec 2015

In the history of Cruising, this must have been one of the fastest pick-ups ever. .....Peter Coxx soon found out how lucky he was; but was more than keen to respond to Viktor, who was clearly fired up by the sight of Peter`s oversize sexy-looking balls, .and ever- inviting anus.! ! Viktor sure can always be counted upon to deliver highly strenuous, but visually successful, sexual action .....
His skilfully-fast 180 degree "Helicopter " probing, balls-deep, must have been a totally- overwhelming feeling. of being well and truly, so VERY- HIGHLY- AND HORNILY - FUCKED>>> , Excellent direction, and camera work., as usual , .SO ENJOYABLE !