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Men Amongst The Ruins - Scene 2

Men Amongst The Ruins - Scene 2

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The action cuts away to doe-eyed Slava Petrovich as he strolls idly about. But suddenly a trio of hunky thieves has grabbed his backpack and vanished into the labyrinth of doorways to nowhere. Hastily, the backpack is rifled for the money within, then tossed aside, but it is soon retrieved by Max Veneziano, who discovers inside it a passport and a skin magazine -- with Petrovich on the cover and an explicit layout within. The photos titillate him, and soon he is fantasizing an encounter with the tall, sinewy Russian. His fantasy is set on the terrace of an elegant mansion where these two demi-gods waste no time in melting into passionate kisses. Within seconds, Veneziano opens Petrovich's fly, and the hard cock lurking there springs forth. Then he leans back for his own fly to be opened, and his amazing erection stabs into the air. Veneziano gives Petrovich soul-shattering head. Petrovich then takes his turn at sucking. With the enthusiasm of a devoted puppy, he does not so much give head to Veneziano's ever-ready erection as make love to it. And then the fantasy hurtles into big, butch Veneziano, sprawled on a table, legs in the air, offering his cherry ass to Petrovich. To the percussion of heavy breathing, the skewered giant moans and groans in amazement, strokes himself throughout and gets his nut while being fucked. Petrovich also spills a torrent of spooge. Veneziano's fantasy has now shifted castle-like room where the two stars continue to luxuriate in kissing, frottage, mutual sucking, foreskin play and rimming before Veneziano finally invades Petrovich's granite ass, half on, half off a big fourposter bed. Their turbulent fuck, the high point of the entire film, drives Petrovich to his most copious cum shot thus far, and it is followed by Veneziano's no-hand explosion all over those perfect Russian glutes.
Men Amongst The Ruins
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Slava Petrovich
Slava Petrovich
Max Veneziano
Max Veneziano
Comments about this video

13 Feb 2016

This video has got "The Lot". Suitable settings, suitable music, and above all, Suitable Men. Top rate male eroticism is all about Fantasy, in as much as Max and Slava satisfy each other on several occasions .Serial Fucking is the most desirable of all assignations, and the four poster bed in the castle shows these studs at their very best. who says that practice does not make perfect !