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Max Veneziano

Max Veneziano

Nationality: Italy
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190 lbs
Dick: 9.5 (24.13 cms) uncut
Position: Versatile

Kristen says:
Max is one of the most gifted performers I have ever worked with. He exudes sexuality, and is a complete exhibitionist, and proud of it. However, Max is no prima donna; he is hard working, always well mannered, friendly and polite. Max is also a kick-box champion, and even represented Italy for the Olympics

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Q. Firstly, you're amazing in BONE ISLAND. You make the perfect fantasy cop in a type of scene I've been waiting a long time for Kristen to make. It's great that someone of your calibre took on this persona, and I'm blown away by your stamina and cumshots! Did you enjoy wearing the uniform? A. Yes I did. I’ve always found policemen very sexy!

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