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Rocks & Hard Places 1&2
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Director: Kristen Bjorn
Running Time: 4 hours 45 minutes
Studio: Kristen Bjorn Productions
Format: Double DVD
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When Jean Franko and Rocko Magnus run out of gasoline on a mountain road in the wilderness, the adventure begins! Jean Carlos gets picked up by motorcycle stud Victor Souza. The two barely settle in for a blow job, when they are discovered by wanderers Gregoire Chevalier and Viktor Vesely. Alexandro Gonzalez, and Tommy Alvarez meet up with Alex Ferrari, Lucas Lucky for a fast, furious fourway in a country house. Oldrich Smile puts Roland Brinski, and Thomas Hrebec through some rigorous training to become lumberjacks. Rocky Oliveira makes the mistake of entering a country tavern, where locals David Vega, Sergio del Castillo, Matthias Vannelli, Rodrigo Ferrais, Eloy Martinez force him into a no-holes barred orgy.

Elsewhere in the mountains, Tibor Cernan, and Marco Hansom team up to double fuck their buddy Tomas Sebastiani. Muscle hunks Carlos Montenegro and lover Gregoire Chavalier discover cute Peter Stallion and Fernando Marques screwing around in their barn, and teach them a hard lesion! Jean Franko stumbles upon friendly country dwellers Maurico Goldstein and Honza Kozel, who invite him in for some hot fun. And while waiting for his boyfriend to return with the gasoline, Rocko Magnus is butt fucked right on top of his convertible by sexy David Salazar. When onlookers Adam Rosa, Lucas Rocha, Carlos Caballero show up, all hell breaks loose!

Don’t miss this two part adventure, with 30 drop-dead gorgeous guys, and 4 hours and 45 minutes of the hottest man-to-man sex ever filmed, and enough cumshots to float an oceanliner!


  • 45 minutes of hot bonus scenes too hot for retailers to handle
  • Behind the Scenes Gallery
  • plus other extras not available elsewhere!
Sergio Del Castillo image
Sergio Del Castillo
David Salazar image
David Salazar
Carlos Montenegro image
Carlos Montenegro
David Vega image
David Vega
Mike Gonda image
Mike Gonda
Tibor Cernan image
Tibor Cernan
Rocky De Oliveira image
Rocky De Oliveira
Tommy Alvarez image
Tommy Alvarez
Alex Ferrari image
Alex Ferrari
Carlos Caballero image
Carlos Caballero
Fernando Marques image
Fernando Marques
Honza Kozel image
Honza Kozel
Lucas Rocha image
Lucas Rocha
Marco Hansom image
Marco Hansom
Matthias Vannelli image
Matthias Vannelli
Oldrich Smile image
Oldrich Smile
Rocko Magnus image
Rocko Magnus
Rodrigo Ferrais image
Rodrigo Ferrais
Roland Brinski image
Roland Brinski
Thomas Hrebec image
Thomas Hrebec
Gregoire Chevalier image
Gregoire Chevalier
Alexandro Gonzalez image
Alexandro Gonzalez
Mauricio Goldstein image
Mauricio Goldstein
Lucas Lucky image
Lucas Lucky
Adam Rosa image
Adam Rosa
Eloy Martinez image
Eloy Martinez
Peter Stallion image
Peter Stallion
Tomas Sebastiani image
Tomas Sebastiani
Victor Souza image
Victor Souza
Victor Vesley image
Victor Vesley
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¨There´s no one better than Bjorn at imagining, and then creating a world in which sex happens, and happens perfectly.¨ Rating: 5 stars.

- Onan The Vularian, X- FACTOR


¨Every man is hot, horny, and available in equal measure.¨

- Martin Cox,

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