Fire Dance Scene 8 Kristen Bjorn / Bareback Porn

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Fire Dance Scene 8

Fire Dance Scene 8
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Every medieval castle has a dungeon, and as Carlos Caballero is incredulous to learn, there are still prisoners (Erick Noguiera, Mauricio Goldstein and Mukhtar Safarov) being held there, and all three sport harnesses, leather, chains, cock rings and monstrous erections. Carlos takes on Erick first, loosing him from his chains while the other two watch, their dicks straining with excitement at the show. The minute Erick is freed, he takes control of Carlos, and with very few preliminaries, he's fucking him hard. Across the room, and with his hands still manacled over his head, Mauricio's cock spits out a hands-free load with such force that it rockets away from his body. The sweaty, hot and cum-soaked leather orgy is riveting as it proceeds; all of the studs produce memorable pop-shots.

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13 May 2017

Fire Dance has an ambience of authenticity. the viewer, in all episodes can feel as if he is there with the actors, savouring the daily life of the impregnable-looking Castle Tower House.
Dungeons where erotic acts take place, are always interesting, and the flare that Carlos Caballero holds in his hand , going up those stone steps reveals a scene where all those who relish fetish gear., would immediately feel at home. Leather codpieces, cock rings, harnesses and masks just do have an appeal of their own, and here, all three prisoners are sporting some very racy gear, which really needs to be stripped off them, for some serious action, which takes place with some gusto ! By the time "The Prisoners" get round to departing from The dungeon, when, at that point, Carlos is overcome, and strung up, to await the company of the next unsuspecting guest, the viewer is left wondering how long it will take for his very tight flashing silver cock ring to start chaffing......

Fire Dance

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