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Fast Paced, Scene 2 - JR Bronson, Marcus Ruhl

Fast Paced, Scene 2 - JR Bronson, Marcus Ruhl


Scruffy faced JR Bronson is on his knees in an instant to slurp Marcus Ruhl’s uncut tool, which then rams the bottom over a workbench.
Categories: Muscle   Latinos   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Kissing   Rimming  

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08 Jan 2016

Keenly-felt facial expressions and good body language throughout, Cock sucking, without a single gag. then , to follow, the inevitable Grand Rim. So, Onward :-, "Hey Presto " ! ! Fast-Pacing towards Synchronised Climaxes.... Just the right amount of taut thigh- straining, and Clenched Buttocks. A few sessions a day like this one, are not to be sneezed at.....