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Casting Couch #387: Alexander Mathews, Gianni Maggio

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While out for a run Gianni Maggio runs into an old fuck friend, Alexander Mathews and invites him back to his place. Since Gianni is already half naked it is only customary for the guest to join his host. As Gianni is having a feel of Alexander’s hot ass, Alexander is remembering why he always enjoyed his encounters with Gianni as his hand struggles to wrap around that massive cock. As Alexander begins his attempt to swallow Gianni’s huge cock, Gianni assists with some of his own saliva as he drools onto his own cock. Gianni decides that it is time for him to get a piece of that sexy ass and dives in tongue first and begins to devour Alexander’s sweet, pink hairy ass. Alexander positions himself for the onslaught that is about to occur as Gianni spits on his ass one last time and lunges forward as his hefty cock glides deep inside of that sweet ass. Gianni plunges his mammoth cock in and out and in and out as Alexander joins in on the action riding that gifted cock for all he can. Alexander is flipped on his back, legs spread wide open and Gianni begins to pound his ass deep and hard with his horse cock. As Gianni picks up his rhythm, Alexander’s cock grows increasingly harder and closer to the edge of glory. With Alexander’s expert ass working Gianni’s cock for all he can get from it, Gianni can resist the mounting pleasure erupting from deep within his balls, up the long cock shaft and out and all over Alexander’s furry balls and abs. Gianni slips his cum drenched cock back into Alexander and begins fucking him again, but this time Alexander has reached his threshold of pleasure and shoots his creamy load of cum. As the guys kiss, they wonder “how long do I have to wait for this again!”


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06 Jul 2018

I love to see Gianni fucking a new piece of ass with that huge dick! Who will be next?

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