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Casting Couch #389: Victor Rusmen, Jorge Leal

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Victor Rusmen has called on his friend, Jorge Leal to help him learn the finer details of filming. Victor peels away his camo underwear to expose his hulking cock, which draws Jorge in as he begins sucking on his strong cock. Jorge demonstrates to Victor and wants him to understand that you have to suck cock in a manner that pleasures your partner and pleases the camera. Each angle must be precise with intent, slowing up and swirling your tongue around the head and foreskin and then moving into a more rapid deep throat cock sucking.  Victor is enjoying Jorge’s expertise so much that he takes matters into his own hands and begins face fucking Jorge. Catching sight of Jorge’s meaty, monster cock, Victor has a hunger that only that fat cock can satiate. Victor has learned well as he sucks, swallows and feeds his famine with Jorge’s engorged cock stretching his throat open. Once more, Jorge exemplifies how ass eating and tongue fucking is an art form worthy of any close up. Jorge can feel Victor’s balls beginning to draw up tight and re-positions him on all 4’s, spits on Victor’s ass then rams his cock deep within that hairy hole. Jorge fucks Victor’s ass with a slow and steady rhythm, to ensure he slowly opens to more and reinforces with some hot slaps on the ass. Now it is time for Victor to show us how his fucking skills measure up. Jorge lowers his hairy ass onto Victor’s stealthy cock as it glides deep inside his ass. Both men sense that the other is on the verge of eruption and switch things up. This time Jorge spreads Victor’s ass wide open and grinds him like a raw piece of meat. Jorge loves that Victor’s ass is open and dripping wet, so much so that he explodes huge, thick, milky globs of cum then shoves it all inside of Victor with his cock. The sensation of Jorge’s cum slicked cock in his raw ass forces Victor to let his hot load fly. We think Victor is ready for his close up, thank you Jorge.

Comments about this scene
03 Aug 2018

It's hot to see these guys flip flop, and fuck each other... No holes barred!

Sr Machismo
16 Aug 2018

â–ºMembers want to see Attila Kardos & Jorge Leal fuck BareBackâ—„

01 Jan 2019

great close-ups of Victor's hairy butt and hole. Jorge is always good; wish he let his beard grow out more. Great flip flop between sexy models.

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