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Moscow - Scene 1

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The story takes place in the Communism of 1986 Moscow. The first image, after snow capping the familiar sights of the city, is Corporal Slava Petrovich being accompanied by two men in black. They take him to a dark room in KGB Headquarters where Slava is stripped and questioned and photographed. He is then turned around so the gloved intruder can use the probe and a finger on his muscular ass. Then Slava is taken and thrown into a jail cell. As he lies in his cell, he thinks about an episode that involved taking notes on four soldiers. The guys meet in the park and share vodka before returning home where they play cards as Slava watches outside the door. The four guys are Alexander Byazrov, Yegor Seleznyov, Vanya Viktorovich and Nestor Firsov. Alexander challenges the others to a card draw where the loser has to blow the others. There are so many cumshots in this scene, as one after another, these guys position their dicks in front of the camera, with no hands, and blast loads. Then, they get into some rimming, with everyone both alternating eating with getting eaten, The tongues go squarely into the usually hairy asses, and of course they all cum again, as if they hadn't just minutes ago! Still looking inside and handling his own dick, Slava then sees Alexander fucking Yegor and Vanya taking on Nestor, in front of the glowing fireplace, until each man blows aother load. Alexander then gets pounded by Yegor as Nestor and Vanya stand over him, feeding their cocks to him, at one point taking them both in his tireless mouth at once, and then there is another set of cumshots!
Moscow: The Power Of Submission
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Slava Petrovich
Slava Petrovich
Alexander (Sasha) Byazrov
Alexander (Sasha) Byazrov
Yegor Seleznyov
Yegor Seleznyov
Vanya Viktorovich
Vanya Viktorovich
Nestor Firsov
Nestor Firsov
Comments about this video

30 May 2017

This video of 1986 is a Kristen Bjorn Masterpiece, as "Moscow" was certainly adventurous in its contents at the time. Certainly Vodka and Rimming can cause any amount of automatic cumming !
Slava, Alexander (Sasha) , Yegor,Vanya and Nestor looked good, in and out of uniform ...