NOTHING TO LOSE: Craig Marks, Louis Ricaute

» Louis Ricaute

» Craig Marks

During his Kristen Bjorn Confessions, Craig Marks reveals that he is extremely turned on by one of his gym mates, Louis Ricaute. Craig takes a chance and places a slip of paper in Louis’ locker with his name and phone number on it. During face time Craig lets Louis know that this is what he gets, he knows where he lives and now it is time to show up. Louis arrives, lets himself in and strips off his shirt exposing his very furry, very masculine, muscular chest. As Louis is stripping away his clothes, Craig is putting on a very hot show, letting us view that hot, pink hole of his. While Craig continues with his display, Louis takes a seat in the corner, stroking his massive, thick cock. Louis approaches Craig gives him a kiss and Craig is on top of his cock in no time. Craig is a masterful cock sucker, making sure to maintain eye contact while his luscious lips work their way up and down that long cock shaft. Craig is flipped onto all 4’s as Louis monster cock begins pressing up against his sweet hole. This is a huge cock and it takes Craig several moments to adjust his breathing and relaxing of his ass muscles to accommodate all that is about to penetrate him. It’s not long before Louis is pumping his cock full length and girth up Craig’s sweet ass. The beauty of this fuck lies in the contrast of Louis huge, almond colored cock fucking the ivory-colored ass of Craig and listening to the pleasure build between both men. Getting flipped onto his back, Craig spreads his legs open and Louis comes in for a deep, hard fucking. With his ass being filled with total pleasure, Craig strokes his cock until his creamy load of cum coats his ripped abs. Louis quickly follows suit and creams Craig’s hot ass with his milky load of cum. Craig scoops some of the load and fingers himself with Louis’ hot load before taking a taste of the creamy delight.

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