SNAPSHOT: Augusto Arias, Bastian Karim

» Augusto Arias

» Bastian Karim

Augusto Arias and Bastian Karim have come to get the perfect photos for their various apps, and begin shooting each other for just that perfect photo that will get all your attention when you are swiping through your favorite app. With their muscular torsos glistening in the beautiful sunlight the guys find that they have turned each other on and quickly head back for some exclusive snapshots.

When they reach Augusto’s flat a quick review of the snapshots makes the shorts drop and the already hard cocks jump out, demanding attention. Bastian cannot resist getting his lips wrapped around the amazing granite column rising up before him. Bastian has a hot and extraordinarily talented tongue that works its way up and down the rock-solid cock shaft, flicking and teasing Augusto’s exposed cock head then all the way down to the base and to the furry ball sac awaiting its share of attention as well.

While Bastian is consumed with Augusto’s incredible cock, it is Bastian’s ass that Augusto is wanting to get at. Bastian sits on Augusto’s lap as Augusto begins exploring and probing that magnificent ass that is drawing all of his attention. Bastian repositions himself and lowers his creamy colored ass down onto Augusto’s deep, rich brown cock that slips right in and begins disappearing into that luscious ass. As he quickly picks up the pace of his fucking, Bastian is riding Augusto’s cock for all he can get out of it.

The guys switch up positions and Bastian is bent over the chair as Augusto comes in from behind with his throbbing cock going in fast and hard. Another flip and this time Bastian finds himself on his back and Augusto coming for all he can get. The pace of their fucking has not slowed and if anything, it has reached the point where both men’s balls have drawn up tight and are ready for a huge release.

Augusto’s fucking has pleasured and massaged Bastian perfectly as he unleashes his creamy load of cum all over his smooth abs. Augusto continues fucking the cum out of Bastian until he is no longer able to sustain the pace he has set and shoots his thick load of cum all over Bastian’s balls, then scoops up the cum with his cock head and shoves it deep inside of Bastian’s glowing ass. Good thing we got it all on film, these guys forgot to take all these hot Snapshots.

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