REALITY PORN #8: Lucio Saints, Little Brako

» Lucio Saints

» Little Brako

Fetish week is quickly approaching and Little Brako does not have the proper attire for the event, so he finds Lucio Saints and he may have just the fetish items he wants for the event.

Lucio meets up with Little Brako and suggests that he try the items on, since they are made of particular fabrics and not one size fits all. They head off to Little Brako’s to try everything on. The neoprene shorts are too small for Little Brako’s muscular legs and big, hairy ass. The second pair of shorts fit perfectly and they also have a zipper in the front and back. Lucio demonstrates the zipper appeal as his hand slips in the back side and feels the warmth of Little Brako’s furry crevasse.

Little Brako turns around and Lucio shows him the benefits of the front zipper as Little Brako;s hard cock is exposed. Lucio is impressed that Little Brako is so turned on by the fetish wear and begins sucking on his cock. Lucio gets Little Brako’s juices flowing along with his own and finds that he also needs some attention.

Lucio stands, whips out his hardening cock and instructs Little Brako to suck on it. Lucio is thinking that since Little Brako is going to a fetish party he must be familiar with some of the aspects of fetish and begins giving him instructions on how to suck his cock, “open your mouth”, “suck it”, “take it”, “open” and Little Brako responds with gusto.

With Little Brako’s hunger growing, Lucio continues feeding his cock down Little Brako’s throat and is not showing any gag reflexes. Lucio goes full on, stuffing his mouth and throat full of the huge “Cock of Saints.”

Being flipped around, Little Brako is on his knees and his hairy ass in the air as Lucio delves in for a feast. Once again Lucio gives Little Brako orders “push it out,” “open” as he spits, spanks, licks and eats his hairy hole.

Little Brako’s ass is wet, primmed and ready as Lucio stands and presses his fat cock head against the opening. Begging to be fucked, Little Brako tries to control his breathing as Lucio’s massive cock presses deeper within his ass. Lucio is impressed with how tight and firm Little Brako’s ass is and picks up the pace of his fucking.

The guys switch positions and this time Little Brako plants his huge, meaty ass onto Lucio’s throbbing cock. Little Brako begins riding Lucio’s cock as if he were a professional rodeo cowboy. The guys swap back and forth of who is in control of the fucking, raising both of their levels of pleasure.

Lucio flips Little Brako onto his back, gives him a good, stimulating fingering before ramming his rock-hard cock deep inside. Lucio is relentless with his fucking and only intensifies his effort as the pleasure builds.

With everything riding the edge of explosion, Lucio can hold back no longer and showers Little Brako’s hairy ass with his smooth, milky load of cum then shoves the last of his load deep inside. Little Brako squats his ass down onto Lucio’s cock as he grinds away and his cock erupts and splatters cum all over his meaty thigh.

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