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Interview with: Sandor Vesanyi

Sandor Vesanyi

Q. Sandor, you have one of the most beautiful cocks in the world. Do you only top? Will you work for Kristen again. We all sure hope so. You really are beautiful.
A. Thank you. I told Kristen when I first started making videos that I would only top, and I still feel the same way. At this time I'm not sure if Kristen and I will work together again.

Q. Sandor, you are the type of guy I dream of running into someday. I would travel to Russia to make it come true. Are you still having sex with other men?
A. Well, if you travel to Russia you won't run into me there, because I live in Hungary. I only have sex with other men for the gay videos, and I haven't been doing that for a while now.

Q. Do you get together with Ferenc sometimes and have sex like you were in front of a camera?
A. No, we never do that except when the camera is rolling.

Q. Why don't you like rimming? You didn't rim in any of your videos.
A. Sorry, that's not something that I have developed a taste for. Maybe you're the one to make me change my mind!

Q. What was on your mind while fucking or being sucked? Maybe women or the guy in front you.
A. That depends, it could be a number of things, like directions, or speaking. When filming, I try to concentrate on looking sexy, and moving sensually. I try to concentrate on my partners, so we can make a really first class scene together.

Q. Hi Sandor, I'm a great fan of yours. I love all of your performances in Kristen's videos. Have you at any time ever bottomed before? Did you enjoy it?
A. I think that it's important to try everything at least once so you know what you like, and what you don't. To be honest, I did try it once..., or at least I started to try it. But it was very uncomfortable and unpleasant, so I put an end to it quickly.

Q. I know that you've also made straight videos. I'd like to know, do you prefer having sex with men or women?
A. Yes, I have been performing in a number of straight videos over the past couple of years. And I prefer to have sex with women.

Q. Who was your favorite costar from Kristen's films? Can you tell us why?
A. It's a toss-up between Ferenc Botos and Sasha Borov. I'm good friends with both of them, and they both make me laugh a lot. I like working with friends.

Q. Sandor, you are a very beautiful man. You sure look like you enjoy yourself making videos. What kind of underwear do you prefer? What is your favorite sex act? You are one of my favorite models.
A. Thank you for your kind words. Making videos is really a lot of work, but that isn't what it should look like, it should look like the models are having a great time! So, if that's how it looks, it means that we did a good job. My favorite sex act is getting sucked, and fucking is a close second.

Q. You are certainly awesome, you have face, body, cock, everything! I wonder who was your favourite model to fuck? In MANWATCHER you got to top two of my favourites, but Ferenc Botos sitting on you was fantastic. Alexei in the same video obviously enjoyed being on the receiving end.
A. Thank you for all the compliments. In the gay videos, probably my favorite partner to fuck was Alexei Gromoff. His ass is nice and tight!

Q. Do you ever think you might bottom?
A. I don't like to say never, but at this time I have no desire to do that.

Q. Please tell us about your first sexual experience with a man. How old were you?
A. When I was about 18 years old, I used to compare my dick to my friend's dicks, and sometimes would touch each other's dicks and masturbate together. But my first full sexual experience with another man; sucking and fucking and everything, was during the filming of THE ANCHOR HOTEL in 1996, when I was 23.

Q. Sandor you are a sexy dude. I want to know, were you born in Hungary? I also want to know what brand of underwear you wear. Also are they briefs boxers etc?
A. Yes, I was born in a small town outside of Budapest, where I still live. I always wear boxer shorts, but I don't buy any particular brand names of underwear.

Q. I understand you are still making videos, but for another company. Any accurate information you can relay.
A. I have made a few gay videos and quite a few straight videos for some German and French companies who came to Hungary. I'm not sure about the titles, because I have never seen them. They're not so professionally made as Kristen's videos, and they film them very fast, without a lot of care involved. They also don't pay as well, but they offer more continuous work.

Q. Hello Sandor. I'd like to know if you have ever tasted another guys cum? Do you like to cum in other people's mouths? Have you ever tasted your own sperm? This adoring bound fan sends you a kiss.
A. Thanks for the kiss. No, I have never tasted another man's cum..., I believe that isn't very safe to do. I have tasted my own cum, though. Doesn't everyone's cum taste the same? About cuming in other people's mouths, if they want me to, I don't mind at all. Would you like me to cum in YOUR mouth?

Q. I'd like to know if you've ever worked as an escort. What are you doing with your life these days? Do you plan to work with Kristen again?
A. No, I haven't worked as an escort. I used to work as a cabinet maker, but I stopped doing that when I started making videos. In Hungary, people are paid really badly; $200 is considered an average month's salary. By making videos, I can earn a lot more that I could doing anything else, and it gives me more free time too. About working with Kristen again, I don't know. Kristen doesn't want me to work with other studios. And the straight studios don't like the idea of me making any gay videos. So, that's the situation at the moment.

Q. How do manage to keep that huge dick of yours so hard during all the hours of filming? You have been one of favorites for a long time.
A. That isn't so difficult for me, my dick is hard almost all the time. Anyway, we don't have to have erection at every minute on the set, just when the camera is rolling.

Q. Sandor, you have such a beautiful-sounding name. Is that a common name in Hungary? What does it mean?
A. Thank you. Actually, Sandor is a very common name in Hungary. I'm afraid that I don't know if it has a special meaning.

Q. Could you please talk about the 'dueling dicks' scene with Sasha Borov in "THE ANCHOR HOTEL ?" Whose idea was it, and how did you both manage a hands-free orgasm at the exact same time?
A. That was my idea. I told it to Kristen, and he liked it. Sasha and I masturbated until we were both very close, and then we just continued rubbing dicks and came on each other. It's not so hard to do, but you have to be able to time yourself to your partner.

Q. Like so many of your other fans, I hope you will make more videos for Kristen. Wouldn't you like to have a scene with Arpad Banfalvi and/or Andras Garotni?
A. I have never met them, but they are both very handsome guys, and I'm sure they would be great to work with.

Q. Your scene with Ferenc in MANWATCHER was so amazing! Have you and Ferenc never had a physical relationship in real life?
A. No, we haven't. Actually, I did fuck him once before in THE ANCHOR HOTEL.

Q. What do you do when not making videos?
A. I like to do all of the usual things; working out at the gym, swimming, in line skating, taking trips to the lake, going to the movies, and getting together with friends.

Q. Sandor, you are fantastic! I'd like to know; have you ever had sex with a costar during a production, but in private, when the cameras weren't rolling?
A. Well, yes and no. Just before we begin filming any new scene, Kristen has all the costars get together sexually so that we feel more comfortable later on in front of the camera. It really does help. But, aside from that, no I haven't.

Q. Sandor I believe you do sex with men only for the money. But, tell me please, you only have sex with your friend Ferenc Botos in front of the cameras? Never, in real life, you both had sex at least for fun? Your scenes together in MANWATCHER are so real and hot, that I think: Yeah, this IS what I call a real friendship!
A. I'm glad that what we did excites you, that's want we wanted to do! Ferenc is a good friend, and between good friends, it's OK to suck and fuck each other, right? I did answer this question earlier, but if it turns you on to think about me and Ferenc having sex together, please be my guest!

Q. Sandor, if you ever had to bottom in a video, who would you prefer to get fucked by?
A. I suppose that if I had no other choice, I would choose Ferenc Botos. We have been friends for a long time, and I feel comfortable with him. Also (don't tell him I said so), his Dick isn't too big!

Q. Sandor, your shaved balls are beautiful! Do you like to keep them shaved even when you're not filming?
A. No, I only get my balls shaved for video work. I'd prefer not to shave, though, it always itches when the hair grows in again!

Q. When you're filming do you ever get so into the action that you ejaculate earlier than you are meant to?
A. No, that hasn't happened to me yet. I pretty good at controlling myself that way.

Q. Sandor, Everyone else have already asked so many questions that I can think of nothing to add except that I think you are one of the most handsome of Kristen's models and I very much wish you would make more gay videos. Thank you for the body of excellent work you have contributed to the genre.
A. What can I say? It's very kind of you to say that, and it makes me feel very good to hear it.

Q. What are your favorites: color? ... food? ... beverage? ... city? ... country? ... body part (your own)? ... body part (on someone else)? ... type of music? ... composer? ... singer? ... band? ... type of book? ... author? ... time of day? ... sexual act? ... sex position? ... sport (as a spectator)? ... sport (as a participant)? ... favorite subject in school?
A. Wow, that's quite a question! OK... Color: blue, food: chestnut palacsintas (Hungarian rolled crepes), beverage: orange juice, city: Miami, country: Costa Rica, body part (mine): my dick, body part (someone else's): his dick, type of music: rock/tecno, composer/singer: Madonna, type of book: novel, author: Herman Hesse, time of day: dusk, sexual act: getting sucked, sex position: missionary position, sport (as spectator): soccer, sport (as participant): inline skating, most hated subject in school: biology.

Q. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
A. That depends. There are times that I stay out late, and sleep late the next day. But most of the time, I go to bed early, and wake up early.

Q. Are you a "type A" personality?
A. If I understand correctly, that's an aggressive type of person. No, that's not me, I'm very easy going and relaxed.

Q. Are you a romantic?
A. I think that I can be, given the right circumstances.

Q. You look nonchalantly gorgeous in MANWATCHER. I'd like to know whether you are aroused when your nipples are played with, and when you perform body / cock frottage with your partners?
A. Yes, I do like to have my nipples played with, and I also enjoy rubbing by dick on other people.

Q. Hi Sandor, I want to know the men you are with who are not gay; how do they keep their hardons? Do they have women walking around the place or what? I don't know if you are gay or not. I'm just nosy. I would LOVE to NUZZLE your balls and ASS with my nose even if you worked out all day long!!! Let me know.
A. We don't have any women on the set of a gay video; the gay models wouldn't like that too much. Everyone has his own technique for getting hard. I usually look at porno magazines to get ready. But, getting a hardon has never been difficult for me. And the next time you're in Hungary, you're welcome to nuzzle my balls and ass with your nose as much as you want!