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"Piracy" is a bit too glamorous a word for the unauthorized acquisition and distribution of copyrighted content. It is theft, pure and simple, and causes as much damage to the victims as stealing physical products from a store's shelves, money from person's bank account, or possessions from someone's very own home. Stealing content is a Federal crime punishable by imprisonment, fines, and/or massive civil lawsuits. If you value your freedom and financial security, is it really worth the risk?

As the producer of the videos appearing on this site, Kristen Bjorn isn't the only victim of the unauthorized and illegal theft of our content. Our employees and their families; our models and their loved ones; and paying customers are also the victims of the illegal distribution of the videos appearing here as they all suffer when content is stolen.

We take the theft of our copyrighted works very seriously - every one of our videos is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and protected under U.S. law and international treaties, and we aggressively pursue those violating our copyrights. Every single violation of our intellectual property rights is subject to a $150,000 civil penalty - which is to say that someone illegally distributing 10 of our individual videos could face an automatic judgment of at least $1,500,000 against them in civil court - and we eagerly initiate civil proceedings against people stealing from us, our employees, our models, and our paying members.

Beyond the energy and effort we and our lawyers put in to protecting the copyrighted works you see here at Kristen Bjorn, we also welcome, appreciate, and even ask for your help in reporting and removing the material that may be out there and pursuing those committing the crime of "piracy" against us. Your name and assistance will be kept completely confidential.

All of us at Kristen Bjorn greatly appreciate your taking the time to read this, your willingness to help, and your continued support!


Provide the URL of a link to the site or service you believe is engaging in piracy, if the site or service does not have a URL, please provide information sufficient for us to investigate. You may also have names of individuals or other entities associated with the site or service, if known.

As a token of our appreciation for helping us fight theft, every member reporting such occurrences through this form will be eligible for a daily drawing for a gift from us to you. Each URL submitted counts as a separate entry in the daily drawing.

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