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Interview with: Jorge Martinez

Jorge Martinez

Q. I loved your performance in Hot Times in Little Havana. Your scenes with Julio Duran were very hot. Did you enjoy him too or were you just acting?
A. I'm very glad that you enjoyed watching HOT TIMES IN LITTLE HAVAN

Q. I know your boyfriend is Yuri Breshnev. Do you live together ?
A. Yes, Yuri is my boyfriend, and we've been together for more than 2 years. We live together, sleep together, and we love to have sex together.

Q. Will you be making any more movies for Kristen?
A. Yes. As a matter of fact, I just finished filming a scene for Kristen's next video project.

Q. What's your favorite food?
A. I like simple food. Unfortunately, I'm a picky eater, and Italian food is my favorite.

Q. How do you keep in shape - what's your workout schedule?
A. I try to workout every day, however that's not always possible. Keeping in shape is difficult; it requires discipline, and a good diet program.

Q. I enjoyed your performance in Hot Times in Little Havana very much. I was wondering were you were raised (I know you were born in Cuba, yet you have a foreign appeal)? What do you do for a living besides working in film? In regards to your performance on film, I would like to see you do a scene with your boyfriend Yuri on film. It would be wonderful to see what real-life chemistry you two have on screen.
A. I was born in Cuba, but raised in Florida. Working in videos is far from my main interest. I like to do it once in a while, but not all the time. I work as a lifeguard at a water park, and I also do modeling. Doing a video scene with my boyfriend Yuri is a dream of both of ours, but it isn't our call. I think Kristen is losing some great material by not casting us together. Believe me, I have been asking! But he is who he is, and all I can do is keep throwing in ideas. Don't get me wrong; he's great guy, but he has very strong opinions.

Q. Do prefer to be a top or a bottom?
A. It depends on my mood, the person I'm with, and the time of day. I like sex... Good sex! And I'm very versatile.

Q. In the films you are an excellent rimmer. Do you enjoy it as much in real life?
A. I enjoy rimming very much! Especially on a nice, firm, bubbly ass.

Q. What kind of underwear do you use?
A. I like to wear Calvin Klein briefs.

Q. What do you wear to bed?
A. If I sleep alone, I'll sleep in underwear. When I'm with my boyfriend, we sleep naked. I like to feel his body against mine.

Q. What is your favorite sexual act? Position?
A. My favorite sex act without a doubt is rimming. My favorite position when I'm fucking is having my partner's legs up in the air. I love to watch his face as I plow him.

Q. There's nothing in the world like a big pinga cubana! Have you had many sexual experiences with Cuban men? What do you think distinguishes Cubans sexually?
A. I haven't actually had a lot of experience with other Cuban men. I'm mostly attracted to Europeans, especially French and Russians. What distinguishes Cubans sexually? In my opinion, I believe that Cubans are more affectionate. Don't take my word for it; find yourself a hot Cuban, and see for yourself!

Q. How often, if at all, do you masturbate?
A. I like to cum at least twice a day. If I don't have sex sometime during the day, I'll masturbate before going to bed. In the morning, I almost always masturbate before going to work.

Q. What is your relationship with the other Latin Bjorn models? Whom do you find hot, would like to star with, and why?
A. My relationship with the other KB models has always been professional. Out of the 5 that I have worked with, I have established a good friendship with 2 of them; Adriano Sabroso, and Miguel Leon. As for hot; aside from the handsome Yuri Breshnev, I find Buddy Jones to be a pretty hot model. Not only for his looks; he's pretty well equipped elsewhere!

Q. Do you prefer younger guys or daddies?
A. I don't like the expression "daddies", but I do like older guys. I like maturity in a man. I like to learn from him, and experience new things with him. But I like my "chickens" too.

Q. What has been your wildest sexual experience?
A. I would say it was with this really hot bodybuilder from the International Male catalog. I met him at the gym, and we got together for dinner that evening. We were 5 minutes into our dinner when we realized that neither of us was hungry for food. We literally ripped each other's clothes off, and went at it. It was so intense! I came at least 6 times that night.

Q. Which celebrities, especially among the Latin ones, do you find hot and why? Who would you love to spend a long hot night with?
A. Ricky Martin, who else?! Look at his face and his body! I fantasize about rubbing his body in baby oil, and having our bodies slide back and forth, until we "accidentally" slip into each other. Believe me, he's the one to spend a long, hot night with!

Q. How do you prefer men, hairy or smooth?
A. I like men. I like muscular bodies, big arms, and big legs. It doesn't matter if they are hairy or smooth.

Q. You have one beautiful pinga! Which models' pingas do you particularly like and why?
A. I am particularly impressed with the pinga on Buddy Jones. It is beautiful, straight, big, and uncut.

Q. When was your first sexual experience? If it wasn't gay, when was your first gay experience? How old were you? What was it like?
A. My first experience was when I was 10 years old, with my 18 year old baby-sitter. My parents went out dancing, and of course when it was time to go to bed, there was no way I wanted to sleep alone, so he said I could sleep with him. In the middle of the night, I felt something rubbing on my ass, and before I could "hesitate", I found myself naked, getting my first blow job, and giving my first blow job.

Q. Bruno Diaz is one hot dude! Que macho mas bueno!! What is your personal opinion of him? Do you find him hot? A scene between him and you would be my ultimate fantasy!
A. I've never met Bruno. As a matter of fact, only after you mentioned him, I looked him up. He worked together with my boyfriend Yuri in THICK AS THIEVES. He's handsome, but I don't think we'd click.

Q. What parts of your body, if any, do you shave or trim?
A. I love to keep my testicles and ass nicely shaved. It makes having sex so much more sensitive.

Q. What is your favorite part of a man's body?
A. Besides the obvious desire for a beautiful penis, I really enjoy admiring a muscular, well rounded, firm ass.

Q. Have you had any sexual experiences with black men? What do you think about them sexually? Have you been with any Asian men, or men of an exotic race?
A. I have had a couple of experiences with black men. I found them both to be very sexual, and they were both very "big" guys. We had great sex together! As far as Asian men, or other races, I haven't had any experience yet. But I will keep you informed!

Q. What mainstream straight or gay porn stars would you like to work with? Any particular favorites?
A. Ryan Idol looks hot. I know others by face and body, but not by name.

Q. Do you have any sexual fetishes that you could share with your fans?
A. I have a hand fetish; I love big hands. It really turns me on sexually, mainly by touch. I think it shows a man's true masculinity.

Q. Besides acting, what do you do for a living?
A. I have quite a few things going on right now. I am a lifeguard, I tend bar at a gay nightclub, I'm a scuba diver, and I do part time modeling.

Q. Where is your favorite place to have sex?
A. I love having sex in the shower!

Q. What do you consider your hottest physical feature and why?
A. When I'm dressed, many people like my smile. When I take my pants down, they like what they see between my legs. Then it's THEIR turn to smile!

Q. Just how big is your pinga?
A. I'd say it's about 9" long, and thick.

Q. What kind of men are you most attracted to? Give us some physical details.
A. Europeans, mostly French and Italians. They have very distinctive features. The European men that I've met generally have nice round asses (one of my favorite body parts)!

Q. Are you gay? If so, does your family know? How do they deal with that?
A. I guess by this point, it's pretty obvious that I'm gay! My family is well aware of that, as well as of my relationship with Yuri. My mother is very supportive of me and my older gay brother.

Q. What kind of responses have you gotten from your friends, and other people in regard to your video work?
A. Well, I have a pretty good teacher, my boyfriend Yuri. He taught me that it doesn't matter what you do, but how you do it. When you do something, look people straight in the eyes. Don't be ashamed, and people will accept you for who you are. My friends like what I do. They're big supporters.

Q. Is there a porno star in particular you'd like to do a scene with? You can name more than one .
A. I don't know the names, unfortunately. But Ryan Idol and Buddy Jones are pretty hot.

Q. I was wondering, do you have a preference regarding circumcision? What kind of man do you personally prefer, cut or uncut? What have people's reaction been to your own foreskin?
A. I personally prefer uncut dicks, they're a lot more fun! About people's reaction's to my foreskin; those who have seen my penis haven't exactly complained or run out of the room!

Q. I think you're one of the hottest men to ever grace a porno video, please keep up the good work! What is the most difficult thing about making a porno video? What is the best thing about it?
A. Thank you for the compliment, it's very flattering! The most difficult thing about making a porno video is making a good one. The best thing about making porno is the fame and the money!

Q. Has making a porno video changed your life in any way, either positive or negative?
A. Well, like most things in my life, it has impacted me by broadening my mind. It has made me more mature, and has added another chapter to my book of life.

Q. In your personal life, what is the best thing that ever happened to you? What is the worst thing?
A. The best thing that ever happened to me was meeting Yuri Breshnev. I met him when I just came out at age 20, and we've been together ever since a little over 2 years ago. The worst thing was when my mother and step father split up after 15 years of marriage. And all of this happened about the same time!

Q. Were you nervous your first day on the set? Does any of your close family or relatives know (or have a clue) of your work?
A. Nervous? A little, not too much. My boyfriend prepared me for what to expect. My older gay brother knows, although he was stoned when I told him. He just laughed, so I don't know if it registered in his mind or not.