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Interview with: Arpad Miklos

Arpad Miklos

Q. I've watched Hungarian & Thick As Thieves, and also a one-to-one scene with Sasha (that was really LOVEMAKING ... my favorite scene) in Comrades In Arms. You are the most attractive actor to me so far... You are manly handsome with tender & sweet feeling to me, nice-firm-muscular (not overdone) body and beautifully shaped hard cock (just nice size, not too small or big... Making my mouth watered and asshole itchy) Are you really gay, bi or straight? You enjoy making love with guys on & off screen? What's the your favorite scene so far? Which co-actor excited you most? What's your favorite position? What's your sexual-fantasy?
A. Thank you for your compliments! Well, I'm simply a man. I try to fulfill my imagination in my sex life off camera; in front of the camera I have to work and concentrate on doing everything well. The work was most pleasant with Arpad Banfalvi, and in my favorite scene was the double penetration in Thick as Thieves. My favorite position's somewhere between 68 and 70... About my sexual fantasy: sometime I'd like to experience things in real life the way they look in Kristen's videos.

Q. Arpad... This is without a doubt one of my most exciting fantasies come to life. Being able to converse with you through this ASK THE STARS segment. I have told Kristen many times that you are the HOTTEST model he has ever brought our way through your video appearances. The Hungarian series were excellent, but your most awesome performance was in THICK AS THIEVES! You are my Numero Uno favorite and I am patiently waiting until you make your next appearance. Kristen stated that the new one now in production will not have you in it, but you have got to be in the next one. I could never tire of seeing you. I would even consider appearing in a KB video myself if I knew Kristen would put me in a scene with you. Then I would have fulfilled my utmost dream. Maybe I could even persuade you to consider a relationship. At any rate, you are at the top of my list of KB models and I doubt if anyone will ever take your place. Thanks for giving me many hours of hot, hot enjoyment.
A. Thank you for your kind words. Just keep it up till we meet in person!

Q. You're my favorite! Each video you look better and better. In real life are you a top or a bottom?
A. In real life, I'm just a lover who enjoys having sex.

Q. You are really a very sexy man! I have all four of your videos, and you've gotten me off more times than I can count! Of the films you worked on, which one was your favorite to make? Who was your favorite costar?
A. Thank you! My favorite thing was the Double Penetration in Thick as Thieves with my favorite co-actor, Arpad Banfalvi.

Q. Hi Arpad Miklos. You are very handsome, you seem interesting, and I would like to meet you in person. I'm from Puerto Rico, I'm 28 years old, and I like hot sex. I wish you a lot of success with your acting career.
A. Thank you! If I go to Puerto Rico someday (I've never been there), I'll look for you, by all means.

Q. Where do you live?
A. I'm living in Europe.

Q. What kind of work do you do (when you're not filming)?
A. I'm a chemist.

Q. Are you in a relationship? Does that conflict with your video work?
A. Yes, I am, and this kind of my work didn't cause any problem between us. We discussed the whole affair and we agreed not to be jealous or anything else. By the way, this work is really pretty hard to do!

Q. Do you have a sexual fantasy that you can share with us?
A. Yes, sometime I'd like to have experiences in real life like in Kristen's videos.

Q. What was it like to do the double penetration in the new video THICK AS THIEVES? It looked great!
A. Thanks! It was quite an interesting task and a big challenge, but I think we were able to carry it out. We really did our best.

Q. I've heard that funny things can happen on the set of a porno video. Can you tell us about the funniest things that you remember that happened on the set?
A. The funniest story happened while making the film "Hungary for Men." As you may know, there are a few scenes inside the room of an old cottage. Since the furniture was original, about 80 years old, the bed wasn't able to bear 4 men having sex on it, and it collapsed before Kristen could finish filming the scene. Then everybody laughed a lot, and we had a break while waiting for it to be repaired.

Q. In real life, is it always an advantage to have a big dick (like yours), or does it sometimes scare people away because it's "too big"?
A. Until now nobody has had anything against my dick. I think people like dick sizes like mine. I don't think that it's a disadvantage to have such a big dick.

Q. I'm your big fan from Taiwan. When I first saw you in Comrades in Arms, you really drove me crazy! I ordered Thick as Thieves recently, and you look great, you're still hot in the video. I thank KB for giving us an opportunity to ask you questions. How old are you? Where are you originally from? Are you gay, bi, or straight? Do you like to travel? Have u ever to Taiwan? What did you to do before making porn films? When you do sex for video, is it safe sex? Off camera, what is your sex life like? We know that group scenes are a main feature, of KB videos. Do you prefer group sex or one-to-one sex? I really enjoy your films, I will always support you!
A. Thank you! Here is a short bio: I'm 31 years old. I'm originally from my mother and father. I'm simply a man, and I prefer not to categorize myself with labels. I love traveling, but I've never been to Taiwan. (But my bike was born in Taiwan...). I'm still a chemist. In front of the camera everybody has to practice safe sex, it's obligatory in Kristen's videos. My sexual life's very erotic and joyful as well as safe, of course. Group or one-to-one sex doesn't cause any problems for me, I always try to do my best at whatever I have to do.

Q. Please tell me, what is the best thing about making porno videos? And what is the worst thing?
A. I think the best thing is if I can carry out the task that Kristen's gave us, and everybody is satisfied with it. The worst thing, I think, is if you have a bad costar.

Q. If you were granted three wishes, what would you wish for?
A. Happiness, peace and three more wishes...

Q. If you were to direct a porno video, how would you do it? How would it be different from Kristen's videos?
A. I don't think I would change almost anything if I directed a porno video, as I consider Kristen a very professional and human director.

Q. Which do you prefer; circumcised or uncircumcised men? Do you have any views about circumcision?
A. I really don't know. I haven't met any circumcised men yet. But I think every uncircumcised man has to pay special attention to the hygiene.

Q. For you, what is the most attractive part of a man's body?
A. In brief: head, torso, arms, legs (including the "third leg" too, of course...)

Q. What is like growing up in a communist country, and then changing over to democracy?
A. I think it's not as boring as growing up in a democracy and dying there too... Nevertheless it's definitely better to live in democracy.

Q. What is gay life like in Hungary? How is it different from the USA?
A. I guess it's more difficult in Hungary than in the US

Q. How do you feel about working with other models who are more well hung than you? Would it be a turn on, or would it intimidate you?
A. Well, a nice body or a nice body part can turn me on any time. I don't keep comparing myself to others. I try to appreciate better side of everything.

Q. Would you consider bottoming in a video?
A. I don't think I would.

Q. What do you consider your best feature? What do you consider your worst feature?
A. I modestly consider my best feature my dick. My worst feature is everything else!

Q. Does your family know about your video work? If so, how do they deal with it? And if you're in a relationship with someone, how does he deal with it?
A. They don't know about my video work. My partner knows about it, though. We discussed it, and we agreed not to have any conflict about it. We treat it in a very intelligent way.

Q. What are your religious beliefs, if any?
A. I'm originally a Roman Catholic, but I don't agree with everything about it.

Q. Which scene has been your favourite and the one that got you the most turned on and why?
A. My favorite scene is that certain Double Penetration in Thick as Thieves because it was a really big and interesting challenge, I'd never done it before as well. It required entire collaboration, especially between the actors, but extended in the whole crew too. We fulfilled the task and it was a great feeling.

Q. Hello, I wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed your work in all of the KB videos so far and you have a natural sex appeal and friendly charm about look as if you are genuinely enjoying the pleasure of haveing sex with the other hot men. I know all the models always stress that all this hot sex is "work", but isn't it also fun and pleasurable? also I enjoyed your rimming scene in Thick as Thieves...tell us, do you enjoy licking another man's butt and why?
A. Thank you! Well, this kind of work really can be stressful. To fulfill the task Kristen's made up demands concentration and everything can't succeed every time. So it's necessary to make several takes the scene, etc., and it extracts people's strength. But on the other hand there are lots of jokes and laughing, of course. I possibly try to do everything at my best while filming. Concerning that certain licking, it helped me a lot that I was working with my favorite co-actor!