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Interview with: Andriano Sabroso

Andriano Sabroso

Q. Hi Adriano, can you share any personal moments between you and Alexei in your scene in Manwatcher? I am a fan of both of you, and find both of you very sexy. How was Alexei to work with? He seems to be enjoying himself very much when you are fucking him on the sofa during the scene. Was this the case or was it 100% acting?
A. Alexei was really fun to work with, and he's really a nice guy. I don't know about him, but when I was fucking him on the sofa, I really enjoyed myself. There was no acting going on then! When we were filming the "sandwich scene", as I call it, I was really getting into it. I came too fast, and I couldn't get the condom off in time to film the cum shot. So Kristen asked me if we could try it again after a couple of minutes and .. well, we did. And I shot another load..

Q. Can you tell us who was your favorite co-star, and why? Also, who was your least favorite co-star, and why?
A. Of course Alexei was my favorite one to work with, he's really my type of guy. Not to mention how good he is to have sex with! My least favorite co-star to work with was Mateo Torres. We were in a scene together in Amazon Adventure. It was really difficult working with him because he didn't speak much English. Of course we got along, but we didn't talk very much to each other.

Q. Of the videos you made, which one is your favorite?
A. I think ManWatcher is my favorite of all the videos that I've done, and again, it's because of Alexei. Either I'm going to move to Hungary, or I'll just have to bring him over here!

Q. I've seen several of your videos, and I think you are so hot and sensual! When it comes to sex, you do everything equally well. But, when you're not in front of the camera, are you more of a top, or a bottom?
A. I'm completely versatile. I guess it just depends on who I'm with, and what he likes to do.

Q. What's your favorite sexual activity? What's the wildest sex adventure you ever had?
A. As for my favorite sexual activity, I love being rimmed! As for my wildest sexual experience well don't tell anyone, but I fooled around with a Falcon model over at a nightclub. No, we didn't get that far, but boy, I wish we had later on that night!

Q. What's your favorite part of the male anatomy?
A. Hmm... that's a tough one. I guess besides the "you know what", I would have to say I'm a leg man. I do love nice muscular legs.

Q. What kind of man are you attracted to most?
A. What attracts me to a man is..., well I do have a weakness for blond hair and blue eyes. But it's mostly just a certain vibe I get from some guys.

Q. What kind of work do you do?
A. I'm a bartender at a local night club.

Q. What do you do for fun when you're not making videos?
A. That's easy; I'm a professional inline speed skater, and I also do some figure skating on ice. I think people are more used to seeing me on skates then in shoes. I'm not sure if it's a passion or an obsession, but I love it!

Q. What is like to be in a Kristen Bjorn video; it it the incredible adventure it looks like?
A. Doing a Kristen Bjorn video is a lot more work than it appears to be. He makes the best videos, so everything has to be perfect, like the lighting and camera position. And it does take a long time, but we have a lot of fun doing it .

Q. Are you involved in a relationship with someone? If not, would you like to be? If you are with someone, how does he handle your porno career?
A. As for a relationship, I'm not in one right now... my boyfriend broke up with me a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't with him when I did the movies. I'm not sure how a boyfriend would handle it if I was involved in filming while we were together. I guess it would just depend on the person, and how he felt about it.

Q. There's something about you I find a total turn-on but I can't put my finger on it ! You're extremely handsome and you come over as being very passionate on camera. I'd like to ask you about your scene in Amazon Adventure where you perform standing in the stream wearing just boots and socks. Kristen already knows that I'm a boot fan, and it's kind of cool seeing a guy getting wet but keeping his boots on ! How long did you have to stand like that and did you get a chance to change your socks or get them dried before moving back to dry land ?
A. That water in the river was pretty cold. It took a couple of hours to film that part, but I didn't mind. I liked being down by the river, it was a really beautiful area.

Q. Do you consider yourself straight, gay, or bisexual? Would you ever perform in a bisexual video?
A. I am 100% gay, and very proud of it. I even have a pride sticker on my helmet when I race, just so they know who's beating them! I don't think I would ever do a bisexual video, unless the guy was really hot, then maybe...

Q. Does your family know about your video work, and if so, how do they deal with it? How do your friends feel about it?
A. Well, two of my sisters know about the videos, but my other sister and my parents do not. I don't think that the videos would make a good birthday present for my mom! My friends all know about it. As for the guys I work with at the nightclub, they've joked around with me, but they're really cool about it. My friends kind of joke about me doing the videos; Like about when I got fucked on a rock down by the river in Amazon Adventure! But as for my family, my sisters think it's great that I did something like that. I guess you can say they're very supportive.

Q. Adriano: First, please let me say how visually exciting it is to see your work. You are very unique. I have noticed that you are obviously bilingual in your films. Are you from the US originally or did your family migrate here?
A. I'm originally from New Mexico, I was born and raised there. I do know some Spanish but I really don't speak it that well. Don't let my mom hear that, she teaches Spanish!

Q. When you are filming, do you just speak whatever language comes to mind or is that part of the direction you receive?
A. In a couple of the films, Kristen asked me to speak only in Spanish. But in the other films he just told me to speak whatever I felt like.

Q. Of the acts you have performed both on film and in real life, what do you ultimately find the most satisfying to you?
A. Personally, I like a guy who is as versatile as I am. Hey, it's only fair. I'll go first, though!

Q. Do you have another film due soon?
A. I haven't filmed one since THICK AS THIEVES, last year in June. I'm not sure if there will be another one, that's up to Kristen. I think I would only do his films; I'm a faithful guy.

Q. You are certainly a VERY HOT MAN!!! My question may seem strange on a porno BBS, but do you have any religious beliefs? If so, can you tell us what they are?
A. I'm Catholic but I haven't been to church in a while. I do go to mass when I'm home with my family sometimes, but I haven't gone lately.

Q. If you were to direct a video, what would it be like, and how would you make it be different from a KB video?
A. Well, I guess if I directed a movie, I'd like more close-up shots of penetration. I guess I that's just what I like to see.

Q. Which do you prefer most; working just one on one in a video, or group scenes?
A. That would depend on my co-star. But I guess the more the merrier. Hell, just do it!

Q. If you were to list your 3 favorite things in life, what would they be?
A. Skating, skating, and skating. Enough said!

Q. I've seen all your videos, and although you're not my ideal type (I prefer blond guys), I always find you incredibly sexy, and you never fail to turn in a great performance. I just curious, what are some of your favorite porno videos, and who are some of your favorite porno stars? Are there any you'd like to perform with?
A. Yeah, there is one man I'd love to do a scene with; Buddy Jones. He's a friend of mine, and lives only a couple of blocks away from me. He's a great guy, not to mention how good he looks on video! One of my favorites from Falcon would have to be "The big Thrill". I like cucumbers! And one of my favorites from Kristen Bjorn is Hungary for Men. Boy, do I love those Hungarians!

Q. It's interesting being able to have the opportunity to ask anything I want to a man who has inspired many a fantasy of mine! So, my questions are: what are the parts of a man that you like most (inside and out)? And if you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? What would you do to get a million dollars?
A. The most important part of a man's body, the one I really like, is the heart. Because I know how powerful that muscle is. As for the million bucks, I'd just get myself a nice pair of custom boots for my skates. I don't ask for much, and really don't need much. I'm pretty happy the way things are in my life.

Q. Adriano, You're such a hot man! What is it like to be so good looking? Do you always get all the guys you want? Do others guys who recognize from the videos try to pick you up?
A. Personally, I don't consider myself all that good looking. I'm really down to earth, and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. No, I don't get all the guys I want. There is one in particular I can think of right now, and that's my ex boyfriend. He meant the world to me. Yes, there have been a few occasions when someone recognized me from the videos, but I don't think they tried to pick me up though.