Rocky De Oliveira Interview / Kristen Bjorn / Bareback Porn

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Interview with: Rocky De Oliveira

Rocky De Oliveira

Q. Rocky, how big is your cock? How big was the biggest cock you ever got fucked by?  
A. My dick is 20 centimeters (8 inches). The biggest dicks I had in my ass were Juan Jimenez’, which is 23 centimeters (9.5 inches), and Ricardo Safado’s, 28 centimeters (11.5 inches). Ricardo’s cock was longer, but Juan’s was much fatter.  

Q. Hey Rocky, I love your sexy body. What's your sign? What do you do other than porn?  
A. My sign is Taurus. Aside from porno videos, I dance, and I’m also a personal trainer.   

Q. Hello Rocky, I really love your movies. Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?   
A. Yes I do. Thanks.  

Q. Do you enjoy sex with men in your private life? I really loved your scene with Carlos Montenegro. Do you get together in private?   
A. Yes, I do like having sex with guys. And yes, Carlos and I still do get together sometimes!  

Q. Olá! You have an extremely handsome face. Have you ever been asked to do any non-porn modeling?  
A. Yes I had an offer to do a non-nude calendar, but it didn’t interest me because it didn’t pay very well.  

Q. I saw your film FIRE DANCE. No one was ever as cute as you are! And you have so much capacity; you came at least five times in one scene!  
A. Thanks a lot. The scenes are filmed over four days. I didn’t actually cum five times in one day; just once a day at the end of each day of filming. One day I guess I came twice.  

Q. Have you ever participated in any large orgies or any kind of kinky sex like fisting, wet sex, in public (except the videos), double penetrations, cum eating?   
A. Yes, I’ve been in foursomes before, nothing larger. All the other kinds of sex I’ve done in films, except for the water sports. I haven’t done that yet.  

Q. You are just the most gorgeous man I have ever seen, and I love your movies!I’ve already watched you performing in several Brazilian movies, but in them you rarely bottom. But, when you work on international productions, you are always bottoming. Why is that? Is it a choice you make or a demand from the directors?   
A. It’s a question of money. In Brazil they don’t pay well, so I don’t do as much in them. The international videos pay much better. For that reason I don’t make videos in Brazil anymore.   

Q. Hi Rocky, I hope you realize that you're one hot guy! I love your dark sexy eyes, but what is your favorite part of your body?   
A. Thanks. I think it’s my chest.  

Q. In which year were you born and what is your star sign? Are you typical of it?   
A. I was born in 1982, under the sign of Taurus. I’m typical of that sign because they say that Tauruses are persistent. I’m like that.  

Q. Which do you prefer - fucking, or being fucked? When were you first fucked, what happened and how did it feel?   
A. I prefer to top. The first time I got fucked was for a film. It was pretty painful!   

Q. I believe you're from Brazil, a country full of hot handsome sexy guys like you. So which part do you come from?   
A. I’m from Southern Brazil, the first state in the country, Rio Grande do Sul.   

Q. I Hope you keep on doing great films, but what do you plan to do after?  
A. I’d like to get my degree in physical education, and to retire from video work. I just film for Kristen Bjorn these days.   

Q. Hi, let me tell that I really admire your job, because you and the rest of the actors show us how good gay sex is. You are very brave because you dare do all those hot things! I really, really admire you, congratulations! (And Kristen Bjorn too). My question is; does your family know about your job? What's their opinion? Especially your father's opinion? And if they don't know, what do you tell them?  
A. Thanks a lot. My family recently discovered my video work. My father particularly was very upset, and we haven’t talked to each other since then.  

Q. Are all the actors in gay films safe from diseases? Do all of you have medical check ups? How much do you earn? Is that per scene or monthly salary? I’m just curious about the world of gay film because I want to be a porn star too!   
A. Every time I film, I use condoms. And I am also tested every 5 – 6 months for HIV. The pay is 1,500 euros per scene.   

Q. Rocky, you have an amazing body; I’d just like to know if you also like bottoming in your private life?  
A. Thanks. Actually, I don’t really like bottoming in private life. I prefer topping.   

Q. Hi Rocky, you are so good! 10 points for your body! How old are you?  
A. Thanks a lot. I turn 25 on May 2nd.  

Q. Rocky, I’ve wanted to see you working with Kristen Bjorn for a long time. You’re perfect! I’d like to know how you started in gay films. How many films have you made for Kristen Bjorn?  
A. I started in the gay porno market more or less 3 years ago. I’ve made 6 videos for Kristen so far, but some of them haven’t been released yet.  

Q. Hello man, you are the best Latin stud in porn industry; great body, awesome face, good dick! How you started in porn movies? Who discovered you?   
A. I started doing video work when I was discovered by a Brazilian producer in Belo Horizonte. He saw my photos on a website. At first I was’t interested, but later I accepted his proposal.  

Q. I recently saw you in a movie performing with another Latin guy fucking on a sofa. I don’t remember the title, but you bottomed very well. You were with the guy in a room with the walls painted in light-blue. Help me to find the title of the video. I remember that the film is from a company called Macho Men or something like that. Keep on working out in the gym! Your body is awesome!  
A. Thanks. I’ve made a lot of films in Brazil but I really don’t remember that scene. I usually don’t see the majority of my videos afterwards. Sorry!  

Q. What underwear do you wear by day, on a date & in bed?   
A. I like to wear boxers for all occasions.  

Q. Have you ever been fucked bareback?   
A. Yes, I have. But I got really worried after that, and had tests done so I could relax again.  

Q. What is your favorite sexual position?  
A. I like it doggie style!  

Q. What is it that another guy does to you and you to him which turns you on most?   
A. In both cases I like cock sucking; me on him, and him on me.   

Q. What item of clothing turns you on most on you, and what item on another guy?   
A. What turns me on most both on me and on another person are tight jeans and T-shirts.   

Q. What is your favorite food, drink, hobby, music?   
A. My favorite food is pizza; my favorite drink is coconut milk. My favorite hobby is playing video games. And my favorite music is dance music.  

Q. What is your favorite erogenous zone on you, and on another guy?  
A. On me it’s my neck. On someone else it’s the trapezius and back.   

Q. What’s your favorite act when having sex?   
A. I like oral sex, and penetration.  

Q. What is the wildest sex you've ever had? And what’s your wildest fantasy?   
A. My wildest sex was on a bus on my way to Rio Grande do Sul. It was at night, and the bus was half empty. It was incredible! As for my fantasies, I don’t have any left; I’ve already lived them all.   

Q. Now you're a fabulous porn star, what has been your best experience working in porn, and what has been your worst?   
A. I had some good experiences and some bad experiences, which I prefer to forget about. My best experiences were outside of Brazil. I got to travel to other countries, and see other cultures and people. My worst experiences were in Brazil working with people who weren’t very professional.   

Q. If you were to direct yourself in a scene, what would you have yourself do, and have others do to you?   
A. I could think of things, but it’s hard; I’ve already done it all. Maybe I’d direct a gang-bang with me in the middle.   

Q. Which other porn star has been your favorite to work with, and who would you like to work with who you haven't yet?   
A. My favorite costar was Jean Franko. I’d like to try working with one of those famous American porno stars.  

Q. Which film star (male) would you most like to fuck and which would you most like to be fucked by?  
A. I’d like to fuck Brad Pit. As for bottoming for someone, I can’t think of anyone. It’s not really my thing.   

Q. What is the best thing that has ever happened to you? And the worst thing?  
A. The best thing was when I worked outside of Brazil. That was a great experience. The worst was when I was kidnapped in Brazil.  

Q. Do you have a philosophy in life?  
A. Yes, I do. I believe in God, and I think people have to be honest with each other, and should help each other.   

Q. How do you imagine yourself in 5 years from now? What would be your dream come true?  
A. I am planning to finish my degree in physical education, and open a gym. That’s my goal, to own my own business.