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Interview with: Juancho Severano

Juancho Severano

Q.When was your first sexual experience with another man? How was it?
A.My first sexual experience with another man was when I was 15. He was a runway model in Argentina.

Q.How did you start as a gay model in gay XXX videos?
A.I started making gay videos for OnlyFans, first with Halif, and then with Dato.

Q.Who is your favourite gay porn model?
A.Matthew Anders

Q.What is your favorite sexual activity?
A.I like performing the role of a dominant top, although there are things I like about performing as versatile; like cum shots.

Q.What is the wildest sexual experience you have ever had?​
A.I'd never done cruising before, just once in the woods in Sitges. I found myself on a large rock with a lot of people around me. It was an unusual experience, but intense.

Q.What would be your your fantasy scene to shoot in gay bareback porn?
A.Being at a friend's house with his family asleep, and unexpected things happening at night. Hahaha!

Q.While shooting gay porn with Kristen Bjorn, which was the scene you enjoyed shooting most?​
A.All of the scenes were my favorites. There is a great atmosphere, and it's very professional. I learned a lot during my casting.

Q.Which part of a man's body do you like the most?​
A.Nice pecs are something that I love.

Q.What do you do when you're not shooting XXX gay videos?
A.I'm a DJ, and technician in professional lighting. I manage my social media accounts and content. I'm training to become a personal trainer. I work out two hours every day. I practice meditation, and I like spending time with friends.

Q.What do you consider your best physical feature? And the best feature of your personality?​
A.I think that my abs are something a lot f people like. And people are always surprised at my charisma when they meet me.

Q.What do you think about the abundance of free gay porn on the internet?
A.I think that all good things require effort, professionalism, and dedication. It's not a good thing good to consume the effort of people who work every day to create that content for free. But I understand free amateur porn made by people who want to just want to do it for fun. They have the right to do that

Q.Do you like black gay porn?
A.I accept all types of porn. But that one isn't one of my favorites.

Q.What's the best thing that ever happened to you?
A.My best friends. They help me from getting lost, and to remind me who I am.

Q.What's the worst thing that ever happened to you?
A.Well, I had a dificult childhood. My family didn't accept me being gay, and at the age of 16 I had to learn to fend for myself. But every cloud has a silver lining. You learn to change your approach to situations so thay don't affect you.