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Interview with: Andres Duranza

Andres Duranza

Q. I see you often in Buenos Aires, and I see you are attractive, sensual, and difficult! I would like to know how you started making videos, how you made the contacts, and how you managed to get time off work in order to do it.
A. Thanks. I really didn't do anything. A model finder of Kristen's found me at the gym I workout at, and he made all the arrangements with Kristen. And I asked for a week of vacation at work. Actually I'm not really difficult... I might appear so because I'm shy.

Q. In your personal life, have you been in a relationship?
A. Yes, I was in a relationship for eight years.

Q. Man, you are really handsome and sensual! I'd like to know if you have been to Brazil, and if you've had sex with Brazilians before.
A. Thank you. Yes, I've been to Rio de Janeiro, and yes I have had sex with a number of Brazilians. They were all really hot! I'm very turned on by Brazilians.

Q. In your private life, what do you prefer; being a top, bottom, or versatile?
A. I'm very versatile. In general, if I'm with someone older, I bottom, and with younger guys I top. It's not always like that, but just in general.

Q. What was your craziest sexual experience with another man or men? Keep working for Kristen!
A. I suppose it was the time I had sex up in a tree. That happened during the day, across the street from the university where I was working at the time. The other guy was a student.

Q. Hi, Andres, you are my favorite and the hottest porno star I've ever seen. I like your face and your manly body. I want to know you much better. Andres, besides the physical attraction, can you tell me what is your best feature? And your weakness?
A. Thanks for the flattering compliments. My best nonphysical feature would be my sincerity. My weakness would be my fear of starting new endeavors, or facing certain problems.

Q. Can you tell me the story of how you become a gay pornstar?
A. It was always a fantasy of mine. And when the opportunity presented itself, I went for it. I never saw many videos before. I was more turned on to the idea of making videos than watching them.

Q. In Dreamers how did you enjoy being sandwiched between your costars? Was that difficult? Was that the first time you bottomed? I hope you're going to be in more Kristen Bjorn movies!
A. No, it wasn't the first time I got fucked... And yes, I did enjoy the experience. It was a bit uncomfortable when the camera and lights were under us. We had to get up on these crates, and it was hard to stay balanced. But it was still interesting.

Q. Andres, I read in a review of DREAMERS that you're like a 1950's matinee Idol. Having seen your photo layout, but not yet DREAMERS, I agree. You're one seriously sexy guy! Do you shave or trim your body hair? I hope you keep it like it is in the photos where it's great.
A. I look like a matinee idol? Are you sure? Maybe you're thinking about someone else... I do regularly trim my body hair, just the way you see it in the photos and videos.

Q. In what year were you born and what is your Star Sign?
A. I was born in 1972, and my sign is Cancer

Q. What job do you have in real life?
A. All parts of my life are real to me, including working in porno videos. As for a steady job, I work as a waiter in a restaurant in Buenos Aires.

Q. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Do your family or close friends know of your porn career?
A. My family doesn't know anything about it. But some of my friends do. Some are for it, and others are against it. Some of them are bothered that I didn't tell them myself, and they had to find that out about it elsewhere.

Q. Hola Andres, I guess you know just how sexy you are, but I'm going to point it our anyway! What underwear do you wear daytime, on a date, and in bed?
A. Thanks for saying I'm sexy. I always use the same style of underwear for all occasions; I wear briefs. No particular brands.

Q. Are you attached or single? If single, you're certainly the sort of guy I'd like to meet!
A. I'm single.

Q. Have you ever been to Europe or UK, in particular London?
A. I've never been to Europe, but I would love to go!

Q. What do you enjoy most about working in porno photos and films? And what do you enjoy least?
A. What I most enjoy is meeting new people. It does seems really crazy to suddenly be put together with people I've never met, and it's prearranged that we will have sex. It's exciting! The worst part is when things don't go as planned... That's when the fun turns into hard work.

Q. What type of swim wear you put yourself to go to the beach?
A. I use Speedo type bathing suits, I prefer to buy them in Brazil. They have very nice ones there.

Q. Hi Andres, although I haven't seen your video yet, I did see your photo session, and you look like an impressive guy! Can you tell me which models fucked you, and if that was pleasurable for you?
A. In my first video, DREAMERS, I was fucked by Angel Castaneda. and in the second, I was fucked by Julio Vidal and Mateo Ferrero. With Mateo it wasn't very pleasurable, there wasn't the right chemistry between us. But it was very pleasurable with the other two, although it was a bit painful at times with Julio, since his dick is so big.

Q. When was your first sexual experience with another man, and how was it?
A. My first experience was when I was 19. It was with a classmate from university. We just kissed and fondled, and then I fucked him. I actually didn't do very much... He led the way, and showed me how to do everything. He sucked my dick, and then sat down on it. I was very nervous... I'd had a girlfriend for a year at that time. But the next day, I broke up with her, and told here that I met someone else. I had discovered what I really liked.

Q. Congratulations on your magnificent work! I love the scene where you get fucked, and I'd like to know how you prepared for it. Did you need dildos or dilators? Was it difficult for you to do?
A. It wasn't difficult. As usual, I had to douche to clean myself inside. After that, I didn't use any special gadget; we did it the natural way.

Q. You are a gorgeous man! Do you want or plan on doing any more videos for Kristen? Are there things you would love to do sexually in a video that you haven't done already?
A. Thanks you. I'm not used to receiving so many compliments; I don't know what to say! Yes, I do intend to do more videos with Kristen. As for new video ideas, for me just being with a different person is exciting. Or maybe being tied up, and fucked by a group of guys cold be interesting.

Q. Have you ever been in love with another man? Was love everything you imagined? I think you are incredibly good looking. He was a lucky guy!
A. Yes I have been in love, and love was all that I expected. That's why we were together for eight years. I think I was lucky.

Q. What are the greatest differences you find between the fantasy of being in a video, and actually starring in one? Did you watch many porno videos before deciding to be in one? Do you still watch porno videos?
A. I never saw many porno videos before being in one, and I still don't watch them now. As for the difference between making a video and watching one, I think it's more exciting to make a video. I prefer to be watched than to watch someone else. That really turns me on.

Q. You look very good, and you have a very nice dick. I could suck your dick every day! How often do you masturbate?
A. I don't know, that depends. When I have someone to have sex with, I don't masturbate. If I'm not dating someone, or don't meet any sex partners, I do it once a day.

Q. You are a sexy man Andres. Who were your favorite costars to work with?
A. Julio Vidal in CROSSROADS OF DESIRE and, and Antonio Rico in DREAMERS.

Q. Hi, Andres. You are a sexy and gorgeous gay porn star. Have you ever had sex with an Asian guy? Or more precisely, with an Indonesian?
A. No, I never have. In Argentina there aren't many Asians... In fact I have never met one before! But yes, I would like to try it.

Q. Have you ever tasted your cum, what is it like?
A. Yes, I have tasted it. It has a nice flavor, it tastes like me!

Q. Do you like double penetrations as a bottom or a top? And fisting?
A. I have never done either as a bottom. I tried being double penetrated once, but I was too tight. I have fisted someone before... It was very exciting. It really turned me on!

Q. What was your most exciting, wildest sexual experience?
A. I guess it would be casual sex encounters I've had had in streets, in parks, or on beaches. Those are the wildest and most fun adventures I've had.

Q. How long do you guys take to make one scene in a video?
A. It takes four days of filming to shoot one scene in Kristen's videos. That's working 8 hours a day!

Q. Andres, you are a very hot guy! I read that you participated in a double penetration in CROSSROADS OF DESIRE. How was it to do that scene? A lot of work, or was it really hot?
A. It wasn't as easy as it looks, it took over a day to film that part of the scene. But it was a real turn on when everything was going right!

Q. What do you think about Eastern European guys? They are so open minded about sex that even straight guys seem to enjoy having sex with other guys.
A. I have never met any of them, but it sounds fantastic to me! In life, people should be free to do whatever they want to do, as long as they don't hurt anyone else. I don't see why people have to limit themselves to categories... If they can do it, I congratulate them.

Q. Andres, I live in a touristic city in Brazil, and I often visit another city that is frequented by a lot of Argentines. All of them are as beautiful as you! Have you ever been to Brazil? Moreover, have you invited your friends to make videos with you?
A. I've been to Brazil for the past three carnivals. Next year I hope to march in one of the parades. I haven't asked any of my friends about making videos. Only one of them is in good enough shape to do it, and he wouldn't want to.

Q. You have such a hot body and wonderful ass. Do you enjoy bottoming? What was the biggest cock you even took?
A. Thank you. Yes, I like it. The biggest dick I ever took was Julio Vidal's in CROSSROADS OF DESIRE.

Q. Andres, You are incredibly handsome. When did you start to trim your pubic hair? Is it customary for Argentine men to trim their pubes from the onset of its growth at about 12 or 13?
A. No, that may be a guy custom, but it's certainly not an Argentine custom. I started doing that around 23. I do it because it I think it looks neater that way.

Q. Hello Andres, You are really my favorite pornstar. What do you think about the war in Iraq?
A. I think it's criminal! It seems really unjust to me, it's just an excuse to take over the oil production in Iraq. I see no other possible objective. It has nothing to do with democracy, weapons, or terrorism. And this certainly won't solve the security problems in the US

Q. Hi, I'm your biggest fan in Asia. I really like your movie. I want to ask; how come your dick is so big? Do you take some special herbs, or use a vibrator to make your dick so big?
A. I don't know how big it is, I've never measured it. I don't do anything to make it grow... It just does that whenever I look at a hot man!

Q. I know that in your last video you got fucked by Julio Vidal. Can you tell me how that was? He has a really huge dick. How did you prepare yourself for him?
A. Actually it was very pleasurable! And Julio is a very nice guy, which made it even better. I prepared myself for him the same way I usually do. With Julio you just have to have greater will and determination. His dick really is enormous!

Q. You look great! How do you like nipple play, French kissing and cockfights with your costars?
A. Thanks. I don't have sensitive nipples, so nipple play doesn't excite me at all. But French kissing is one of the most exciting parts of sex for me. If I don't like how someone kisses, I won't enjoy the sex. As for cock fights; all physical contact can be hot. I don't know if rubbing dicks together is what's really exciting. For me, I think it's the over all body contact.

Q. What is (are) your preferred sexual fantasies?
A. Being watched while having sex. And casual sex encounters in public places.

Q. I'm just curious what do you wear when you're sleeping in the night? Briefs or naked? cause I usually do that.
A. I always sleep naked.

Q. What did you feel first time that you knew you were gay, and when was that?
A. When I first discovered that I liked men, I was horrified! I lived in a small town until I was 17. And there, being gay was the worst thing you could possibly be. In Argentina, being gay isn't as acceptable as it is in Europe of The US

Q. Hi Andres. Is it possible for me to be a model like you, even though I live far away from the US or Europe? Do they need Asian models? By the way, you're the man I always dreamed about!
A. Thank you. No place in the world could be much further away from everything than Argentina, so I don't think distance is a problem. I can't say what kind of models the producers need, but if you meet the requirements, I don't think race is an issue.

Q. Andres, which models (of Kristen's, or from other studios) would you like to work with in your next videos?
A. I don't see many videos, so I'm not too familiar with the porno stars. There are lots of hot ones out there, but I don't know their names. But I would particularly like to work with more Brazilian costars.

Q. How many videos have you made so far?
A. Two.

Q. What do you think about a scene with you, Julio Vidal, and Juan Jimenez? Would you face the challenge of satisfying both of them?
A. Sure, I'd give it a try. It would be a pleasure.

Q. You are so incredibly handsome. How old were you the first time you French kissed another boy?
A. I was 19. It was when I had my first sexual experience with another man.

Q. What is the best thing that ever happened to you? And what is the worst thing?
A. The best think that ever happened was having a lover for 8 years. And the worst thing was the death of my father.