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Interview with: Tony Lazzari

Tony Lazzari

Q. Hi Tony, you are very sexy! I love the picture of you that they have here! It shows your arm over your head leaving your arm pit very vulnerable to a tickle attack! Are you ticklish? where? (i.e., feet? Underarms? Waist? Stomach?). Would you ever consider starring in a 'tickle' video? Thanks!
A. I am ticklish, but exactly where is a secret! You'll have to meet me to find that out! I've never heard of a tickle video, but I may consider being in one if it was offered to me.

Q. you are one of my favourite models. Are you American? Do you prefer cut or uncut cock?
A. Thank you very much. I'm an American with an Italian / Irish background. As for dicks, I enjoy them both cut and uncut.

Q. You have been in several videos to date with studios including Falcon as well as KB. You usually bottom though in one you were a top. Which do you prefer for your video roles? Are you versatile in your love life? Also, you seem to be predominantly in group scenes - does art imitate life? BTW - great body and great work in Isle of Men.
A. I really get off on bottoming, and it's something I learned to do as I grew older. When I was younger, I was always a top, and didn't know anything about bottoming. But once I actually did bottom, I just loved it, and I discovered that it was my place, both in front of the camera and in real life. But I can also top too. Somehow I always seem to get cast in group scenes, however in real life I prefer either twosomes or threesomes. Occasionally group sex is interesting too.

Q. I found your web site and read an interview that stated you travel to South America fairly frequently. What's the attraction (other than the beaches) and how did you get hooked? One final question: How did you get involved in "escorting" and do you still enjoy it? Since you live in Florida - does this 'side attraction' get you some international travel?
A. I've always loved Latin America. I took Latin American studies in college, and I seem to fit in with the ethnicity of the people there. But I also enjoy traveling all over the world. I have traveled around Latin America, and I have also traveled extensively through Europe, and the Far East. I started working for an escort agency when I was 23. A friend of mine took me there. The agency ripped off the boys big-time! Their cut was 60%, and ours was only 40%. A couple of years later I stopped, and got involved in a relationship, which lasted about 6 years. After that, I picked up the reins and continued escorting, and I also got into making porno videos at that time. I really enjoy having sex for money, and making men's fantasies come true. A lot of guys see me in a video, and fantasize about having sex with me, and it fulfills me to make their dream come true. I particularly like going to client's hotels... The whole experience is a real turn-on to me. From the time I drive over to the hotel, I have a hard-on. And by the time I get into the elevator, I'm really turned on. Escorting isn't my only source of travel. Since I work in the aviation industry, I can travel freely. And it allows me to see clients all over the world. I was seeing the French Consul in Brazil for a few months. He used to pay me much more than I would earn in the US. I actually liked him... He had a huge dick too! I later found that he had a fetish for airline personnel, and was seeing guys from several different airlines, especially Cubana de Aviacin. Later he was transferred to another country. I had a couple of rich clients in Argentina too that I saw for a few months. Whenever I flew to Buenos Aires, I had to arrive ready to be fucked two days straight by these two big-dicked Argentine clients. They used to pay me very well too... I used to love those flights to Argentina. Unfortunately, with the down turn of the Argentine economy, they don't see me anymore.

Q. Have you ever been in Indonesia?
A. No, I haven't. But I have always wanted to visit Jakarta.

Q. Hello Tony, you are so darn cute and sexy in THE ISLE OF MEN. I watch your scenes repeatedly and love to see you cum. You have a very nice and toned body. How often do you workout?
A. Thank you very much for the compliments, I really enjoy them. For me, working out is sort of an obsession, as I always want to look the best I can. I work out seven days a week, even if it's just running or doing sit ups in some foreign hotel.

Q. What is your favorite fucking position, and which partner did you love working with the best?
A. My favorite position is on my back, missionary style. I like to see the other guy's face, and feel his weight on top of me. As for costars, that's a hard question. I enjoyed all of them equally. Generally in videos, they put you together with very beautiful men, so I always find something attractive about them. And each one is different in their own special style. And I always have a good time with them.

Q. What is your favorite video?
A. I think that that my best performance was in WET DREAMS 2, I got to top as well as bottom there. So I guess that would be my favorite.

Q. Hi Tony! Do you ever fantasize having a sexual relationship or one night stand with any male celebrity? Who do you consider hot and irresistible? Would you like to be fucked by Ricky Martin? Describe your fantasy.
A. Fantasies? I have many of them. One of them is about Kristen Bjorn. I have this old magazine with his pictures that always turns me on. Tom Chase is also someone I have thought about having fuck me. There's a plethora of other people I'd like to have sex with, although Ricky Martin isn't amongst them. I have lived out many of my sexual fantasies on video, and there are still others to be discovered. And thoughts do often cross my mind at the most unthinkable places... When I'm in the supermarket buying salami, for example. But I usually live out my fantasies spontaneously rather them plan them out.

Q. Hi Tony, I've really enjoyed the work you've done for Kristen Bjorn. How did you start with Kristen Bjorn?
A. I was doing a live show in a leather club. I was tied up, and had a gas mask on my face. After the show, when the mask came off, The Bear was the first person I saw. He had been there and happened to like my show. Later on he introduced me to Kristen.

Q. What is you Star Sign and in which year were you born?
A. My sign is Aries, and I was born in 1970.

Q. Tony I think you are beautiful. Do you ever travel to Washington, DC?
A. Thank you very much for the compliment. I do occasionally make it to DC, and I usually hang out around the DuPont Circle area. I enjoy going to DC with it's history and museums.

Q. How do you normally arrange for your video jobs? Are you your own agent or do you simply know people who recommend you?
A. I'm my own agent, and as you can see from the videos I've done with the same people, I won't do just any video which comes my way. I prefer to work on videos of quality rather than quantity.

Q. What would make you accept a job and what would make you reject a shoot?
A. First off, to reject a shoot, it would have to be something that promotes unsafe sex. In terms of accepting a position in a video, that depends on the director. There are certain directors I prefer to work with. Out of 5 offers to work, I may accept two.

Q. Is there a routine you follow prior to a video and, if so, what is it?
A. Once I know I'm going to be in a video, depending on the role, I start by preparing myself mentally. On the set, I like to work out, or at least do some push ups and sit ups in order to pump up and look my best. If I'm bottoming, I always douche thoroughly, and stretch myself with a dildo... Usually in front of a mirror. It turns me on, and helps me know how I'll look in front of the camera. I like looking at mirrors, and sometimes I jerk off watching myself in the mirror.

Q. In video you look so cute, but I think off camera you must be a cool man, am I right? In KB movies, you usually bottom, the only one time you top was with Andres Navarro in WET DREAMS 2. What's your feeling about that? If you could do it again, would you like to get fucked by Andres Navarro?
A. I don't know about being cool, but I'm a very down to earth person. I enjoyed fucking Andres; he was a great bottom for me. Of course I would have liked him to fuck me too... He's a very hot and sexy man, and I find him incredibly attractive.

Q. I've really enjoyed the work you've done for Kristen Bjorn. Have you ever tasted other men's cum? Do you usually cum in other people's mouths? What is your height, weight, and penis size? When was the first time you had sex with a man and with a woman?
A. I have tasted other guys' cum in the past, but not recently. I really love to have guys cum on top of me, but I don't like to eat their cum. I'm 5' 8", 160 lbs, and my dick is 7.5". The first time I had sex with a woman, I was 18. She was an older women of 19, and she took control! I didn't have sex with another man until I was in my early twenties... And I discovered that I loved it!

Q. Have you ever attempted to take 2 pricks up your ass?
A. No, I haven't. That's one thing I have never been asked to do, or thought about before. But under the right circumstance, I may consider it.

Q. What was it like to get fucked the first time? Was it really in the video, or had you already done some fucking around with friends when you were a kid?
A. Actually, the first time I got fucked really was in a video, a wrestling video. They put me with a real wrestler, who beat me. Of course since he won, he got to fuck me. Luckily his dick wasn't too big. It wasn't a particularly enjoyable experience, and I left that day with some bruises. But hopefully, somebody enjoyed watching us on video.

Q. How many times do you jack off per day?
A. At least once before I go to bed. I've been doing that for the past 20 years! The maximum amount of times is five times in one day.

Q. Do your friends or family know of your work with Kristen?
A. No, I keep that very much to myself. Only a few close friends know about my video work. My family, however, would find it less than interesting.

Q. Hi Tony. Greeting from Indonesia, I want to ask you, what kind of man that makes turn you on?
A. I like guys who are bigger than me, in all ways! I like taller guys, over 6', who are beefy and well built. But I'm also attracted to a lot of different types of guys depending on their personalities and depending on the moment.

Q. What do you wear when you're sleeping at night?
A. Usually boxers.

Q. Have you ever had a sex all night long with a guy?
A. Yes, I have even fallen asleep, and awoke to find his dick still in me. But you have to have a special kind of dick for that kind of stunt.

Q. Are you presently with a significant other?
A. At the moment no. I'm dating around.

Q. Do you have brothers & sisters, and are you close to your family? Who knows - family, friends, co-workers - of your video career? Have you encountered any problems as a result of it?
A. I have had concerned co-workers approach me about it. But the confrontations were always positive ones. Never with my family, though.

Q. This is fantasy time - so if you could arrange it describe your perfect date and evening including a night of wild sexual abandon. Who would it be? Maybe more than one? Dinner at home or a secluded restaurant? What would you like do - and have done to you - as you work up a glean of sexual perspiration? Bottom? Top? Flip-flop? Just go with the flow on this one Tony after all it's all in the name of fun.
A. I would prefer that it take place in Rio de Janeiro. There would be white flowing curtains and lots of wine, and I would be with a sexy Brazilian man. We'd have dinner at home, on the balcony overlooking Ipanema beach. After that we'd have a hot shower together. We'd start making love, explore each others bodies, and both fuck each other. Afterwards, we'd have dessert, and sleep in each other's arms all night. We'd start off the next morning by jerking each other off, showing, and saying good-bye until the next time.