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Interview with: Antonio Armani

Antonio Armani

Q. Antonio, you are one gorgeous looking hunk of man. How and/or why did you decide to do adult movies, and have you done any regular modeling for non-adult oriented magazines such as fashion or health and fitness, etc?
A. Thank you very much for your very kind words. The first time I ever saw any type of adult film, I was about 18 years old. My father used to have a straight film on super 8mm that I would sort of watch. So when I was at home alone, I used to put the reel on the pencil and watch the movie in front of the sunlit window. When I saw my first gay film I was very excited and wanted to have sex just like they did in the movies. So, I guess you could say that is where my fantasy of being in a gay adult film was born. My fantasy was much stronger when I was in my twenties, but I never felt that I had the look or the confidence that was required to do the work. So, I continued to watch and fantasize. After dating Kristen for a couple of years, learning more about the business, and meeting the models, I felt more comfortable about the prospect of actually doing a video. It also took quite a few years of working out hard to get to the point where I almost feel comfortable about being naked in front of other people. I have done some other modeling work in the past. When I was in my early twenties I went to an agency and they told me that I wasn't the right type. I was very skinny in my twenties. But something happened when I turned thirty. I had a look that seemed to be popular at that time. I also had very long hair, so I got a lot of work for hair products. I have done fashion and hair modeling my past that I found very enjoyable.

Q. Antonio - you are very very handsome. I can hardly wait to see you in Kristen's new video. Was it very difficult for you to act in front of him? Were you at all self conscious knowing he was behind the camera? Did he treat you like all the other models, or did you get a little special treatment?
A. Thank you very much for your compliments. I feel that I am no more perfect than anyone else, or that I am any less perfect than anyone else. I am who I was created to be, just like you. I am very glad to hear your enthusiasm about the film. I too was very excited when the film was released, and want to hear what you think of my performance. I know that I 'm not everyone's type and that I won't appeal to everyone, but I do hope that you'll enjoy the work I did. Was it difficult to work with Kristen? Well, it's kind of hard to answer that question because I can say yes and no. I have had great sex with him on a regular basis, that is the best I have ever had, and so that aspect of having sex in front of him was sort of easy. But, then I started to think that I was working for Kristen Bjorn, the world's best gay video director, and then got nervous. I wanted very much to please him, and to do the best job that I could. I, like most models, was always concerned about how I looked in front of the camera. Was my best side showing? Was my stomach in? Did my muscles look big enough? Was there anything in my teeth? Did I have a zit popping out somewhere? Was I in the right position? Was I doing what I was suppose to be doing, at the right time? It's amazing the number of things that can run through your mind when you are suppose to be focused in on sex and all of its pleasures. I will have to admit to you that I did get some special treatment from Kristen. During work it was all business, during our breaks we would spend some (very little) time together talking about business. But after the day's shoot I got to go home and sleep with the director... No one else did. I consider that to be real special treatment!

Q. Wow, what a bod! You are so hot! I'd love to 69 you all night long... What's your favorite position? Do you like to get tossed before you get fucked?
A. Thank you. I have been working very hard on my body so that you could say that to me. When I finally made the decision to make the film, I went into super over drive with my workouts and diet. I have been working out on a regular basis for many years, and when I got scheduled for the film (3 months prior) I started going to the gym every day. I spent 3 hours a day at the gym, 7 days a week for those 3 months. My diet became very strict; I was eating little to no carbohydrates and lots of protein. Friends at the gym asked me why I was pushing myself so hard, and I told them that I was on a deadline to look my best. I am very pleased to hear that you like how I look... I do also. I really like the "69" position as well. Sometimes I like to be on top so that I can take my time and really make my partner excited, and then other times I like to be on the bottom and have my partner work my mouth as he wishes. This also puts me in a great position to lick on his balls one at a time, then together, and then move onto his ass and lick it all over, and in and out. I can't say that I have one favorite position (I like so many), and I like trying new positions whenever I can. I am a very sexual and sensual person, and I really like exploring my partner(s) and developing what works best for them and us. I'm not sure how to answer your next question since I don't know what being "tossed" means. I will assume that it means to cum, if I am wrong I'm sorry. I like to be the last person to cum. I like to watch everyone else cum (hopefully all over me), and then focus all the their attention on me. I like to feel everyone touching, licking, kissing, talking, stroking, sucking and fucking me as I cum. I hope that is what you were asking.

Q. Antonio, I love your smile! I bet you have a real sexy laugh! Are you ticklish? where? Would you consider doing a 'tickle' video if Kristen ever produced one?
A. Thank you, I have spent a great deal of money and pain in getting my smile to be what you love. I'm not sure that my laugh is sexy, but I do love to laugh, and I love to see and make people laugh. That is one of the qualities that I really like in a man. I used to be ticklish. When I was very young my older brother used to hold me down and lick me until I started crying or wetting myself. So I learned to not be ticklish. But every once in a great while my guard falls. I am not sure what a tickle video is... I have never seen one. I don't think I could get very sexually aroused if I am being tickled and laughing at the same time.

Q. How do you like your men, cut or uncut? Is a foreskin important to you? What are your personal views on circumcision? 5. How do I like my men? Horny and hard! I have no preference for cut or uncut men... I think that every dick has it's own personality, and I like to explore and find what type of personality it has. When I do see attractive men fully dressed, I wonder what his dick looks like, soft and hard. I enjoy being with both types of dicks... I mean men. I do find that there are some extra things that can be done with a man who is uncut, but once it is in, no one knows if it's cut or not. I believe that every person should have a choice about their own bodies, and that they are the only one who should be making decisions about removing or adding things to their body. Yes, I do understand that sometimes when a male is young that there can arise problems with foreskin that forces a parent to have it surgically removed. Other that that, I think it should be an individual choice. There are too many so-called historical and religious reasons out there that are very outdated, and I think each person should examine all sides of any decision.

Q. What is your favorite color?
A. Well, I really do love all colors. There are certain things that should only be the color that they were assigned. But to answer your question I would say that I tend to favor white.

Q. What is your favorite sexual position?
A. My favorite sexual position would have to be in the middle of a crowd getting all of the attention. As I mentioned earlier, I am a very sexual person, and some positions work with some guys and not with others, and so on. So, I like to try them all out and see what works best for us. One of my favorite experiences was on a sling on my back. There were 10 to 15 guys around, all very handsome, muscular, and hard. Everywhere I looked there were hard dicks coming at me. So, I laid back, opened up and enjoyed dicks from every direction, and in every which way.

Q. What is your favorite food?
A. My favorite food? That's a hard one. With the travels that Kristen and I do, I have the wonderful opportunity to constantly try new things. I find that as I grow, I discover more that I like. When I was in college my favorite foods were pizza, Doritos, and Tab. When I was in my last relationship with an Italian, my favorite food was Italian. At this point in my life my favorite food is seafood of all varieties. When I'm cheating on my diet, I love to eat homemade cookies (my mother sends a big box of cookies for Christmas), cake and pie. I have a real sweet tooth.

Q. What is your favorite thing about Kristen?
A. You are asking the hard questions now. Well, first of all I know him as two different people, So I will give you two different answers. Kristen Bjorn the professional man: I find that he's a man who is driven to perfection in all aspects of his work. There is never a day that he's not doing some type of work. He's very professional; everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect. He makes every effort to be sure that people are relaxed and comfortable around him so that they can perform to the best of their abilities, whether it is in front of or behind the camera. He's completely involved in every aspect of his productions, from the very first conception of a project, to making sure that everyone is receiving their ordered copy of that finished product To watch him work would make you tired. Kristen Bjorn my partner: I could tell you that I find him to be one of the most handsome men alive, and he has a fantastic body that I want to touch all the time. He has a mind that is incredible... The information that he has in there is mind-boggling! His heart is one that would do anything that he could for his friends. Each day I wake up next to this wonderful man and thank God that I am there. I admire and love him for all that he is, and all that he brings out in me.

Q. What was your favorite thing about doing the video?
A. I guess one of the favorite things about doing the video is that I get to really see what work is like for Kristen. Before I made this video I was never on the set. Kristen is very strict about who is on the set, and it is only those people who have to be there. So this was my opportunity to see what his work is really like. I also like getting a lot of attention; having people making sure that you look right, eat right, etc. The other great thing is being able to meet some wonderful guys from other parts of the works whom I would probably never have the opportunity to meet otherwise, and being able to have sex with them!

Q. Where were you born? What's your favorite spot where you live?
A. I was born in a small town in Ohio. The favorite spot where I live now would be outside in the sun, whether it be on the beach, on the boat, or at a café dining. I love to be outside in the sun.

Q. Do you like girls too?
A. Yes, I like girls. No I do not like to have sex with girls. Well, I have never had sex with a girl, so I guess I really don't know if I would like it or not. I just know that I have never had the desire to have sex with a girl. My best friend is female, and she is very excited about the video that I did. We have shared everything with each other over the past 20 years, except for our genitals.

Q. Can you or could you have a really strong orgasm while shooting a video, or is it so much work, tension,long hours, and strangeness that the cum shot is just functional and the end of your work day? I mean, we usually cum when we are really excited and it's a big release, but when you are shooting a video I imagine there is a lot more acting involved because you are under pressure to perform and cum on cue, so the orgasm isn't like one you would have off camera.
A. You have a very good understanding of what it is like. Being able to cum on camera is what I find hardest about this type of work. Yes, we are having sex, but like you said, it's not the same as when you're off camera. On the set there's someone telling you to look this way, to turn your head that way, to move your arm that way, or to turn to the right so they can see your dick... By the time you get all that right, you are either in pain from the position, or have lost your erection. The first day of shooting I could not cum. We don't all cum together, like in the movies... They call that editing! At the end of each day after you have been working for hours at a time, Kristen says that it is time for the cum shots. He usually knows who has the easier time and who needs more time, etc. and he starts with the fast shooters. Everything becomes very quiet on the set, and that person is given what he needs to get himself to that point. The rest of us are watching out of the corner of our eyes to see if he is getting close, when he signals that he is close we all jump into position, the lights switch on, the camera rolls, and the model shoots. We then go through the exact same routine for the next guy and so on. The hardest thing for me was being the last person to cum. You know that everybody else has already cum, and everybody is tired and wanting to go home, but nothing ends until you cum. This is when it takes the most concentration; you must clear your mind of everything and concentrate on your pleasure. Never mind that you are sore, tired, hungry, not horny, and people are waiting... You have to keep all of those things out of your mind and concentrate. My first day was just like that; it was my turn (last) and I was in a position that I am not comfortable enough in to cum in. Sometimes you can look at magazines, movies, or the other models will assist you if you ask, but sometimes even that doesn't even work. In private, I am able to have very strong orgasms that shoot all over the place. I sometimes have to close my eyes so that I don't get hit in the eye. In the movie when it was time, I had already been working hard for 8 hours and my energy level was gone, and that was when I found that I had to dig deep within myself to find what I needed to bring myself to orgasm. The wonderful thing about this time is that everyone on the set is very supportive and makes sure that you have what you may need; silence, privacy, help, etc.

Q. Having viewed Kristen's documentary MAKING IT WITH KRISTEN BJORN regarding the making of WET DREAMS, one realizes how much work truly goes into one of the scenes. What comes across in the completed project is a sex scene of passion, erections and great orgasms over and over! Now, if the truth can be told, is it all that? Is it really possible for an actor to feel sexually "hot" and and achieve a cum shot that is not only erotic but enjoyable? So how was it on the set?
A. The sex you see in the final edited version is not the same as what really happens on the set itself. It's very interesting to meet those very handsome men, and already knowing that you will be having sex together. Usually you have a few drinks and flirt, off the set. The first day of filming is probably the most interesting; everybody shows up ready to go. Kristen explains what he wants, places us in position, then we (the models) go off to a private area while the set is prepared, (lights, cameras, etc.) We then get to know each other on a more intimate level. We get each other aroused, and let Kristen know that we are ready to begin. We move back into our positions and begin filming. But just when it starts getting good, Kristen yells "cut", and we all stop. The models, or the cameras and lights are repositioned, and we start the process all over again. This is how the day goes. How excited you are depends on whom you are working with. Some models are truly hot for each other, while others are just acting. But then that goes back to what is the type of man that excites you... You may not be working with someone that you would normally find exciting. I like the intimate parts, the parts where we meet, caress, kiss and undress each other, and then we move onto the licking of each other's bodies and the sucking. This is where repeating things for the camera comes in handy, you get to suck on all of those dicks for hours at a time! If you are one of the lucky ones, you get to have the others shoot their loads all over you, and feel the heat of their cum shooting and running along your body. The actual fucking in the video is a little tricky; the dick has to be visible to the camera at all angles, so sometimes you aren't able to actually have the full length of the dick inside of you. So sometimes when Kristen would say "cut", I would hold onto the guy and force him deep inside of me so that I would get a part of what I like, having a dick deep inside of me.

Q. Any chance you could talk Kristin into appearing in a scene with you? You must realize all his fans would love to see him on screen again. And with you he would be pleasing his legions of fans.
A. I would have no problem having sex with him in front of the camera. I would love for everyone to see that great pleasure that I get to experience on a very regular basis. You do need to remember that Kristen is a perfectionist, and I know that he would never be able to concentrate on what he was suppose to be doing sexually because he would be so concerned that the camera angles weren't right, the lighting wasn't correct, and a million and one other things that he is constantly thinking about during filming. So, unfortunately you will have to take my word for it and know that he is a very handsome, sexually pleasing energetic and exciting sexual partner.

Q. What year were you born in and under which star sign?
A. I am a very proud Leo, born in 1959.

Q. What is your job in your real life? And do your friends or family know of your work with Kristen?
A. In my real life, I am on the administrative staff of a home for adults with severe and profound mental retardation. I have been involved in this field for more than 20 years, and I love every aspect of it. My friends know and respect Kristen for his work, and love him for how he makes me feel. When I made the decision to make the film I considered all that, and reflected on the fact that my friends have been with me through many different things in my life, and I knew they would support me in anything that I chose to do. When I discussed this with my very close friends, they were excited, and only wanted to know that I was doing this for myself and no one else. Now they are all excited to see the final project. My family does not know, though. If one day they do find out, I will explain to them the reasons that I did what I did. I am very proud of my work and have no problem talking to anyone about it.

Q. Having just seen Kristen's Falcon footage (yes, I understand it's over 2 decades old) how is the sex life between you two- if you don't mind answering? Are you both versatile? I saw MAKING IT, and Kristen is still as hot as ever. (Maybe you should nudge him to do an interview and include it as a bonus on the Isle of Men DVD. Sales of the DVD would skyrocket!)
A. I can't speak for Kristen, but I can tell you that sex with him is the best that I have ever experienced. You are correct in your observation, he is one very hot man, and I tell him that on a daily basis.

Q. Hi Antonio, I really like you. When and how was your first gay sexual experience?
A. Thank you. My father and older brother took me with them to a drag race (with cars). Remember that I grew up in the country, and this took place at a racetrack somewhere in the countryside. It was a very macho event; big cars with big engines, and a lot of excess testosterone running through the veins of a bunch of rednecks. My father and brother were really into that and I guess they thought that it would be good to take me along. Well I was bored out of my mind! I told my father that I was going to the bathroom. When I was at the urinal there was man (about 28) standing next to me. I glanced over at him and noticed that he had a really big dick. I guess from a twelve year old perspective it was big. I noticed that as I watched him, his dick began to get hard. That was the first time I had every seen anything like that happen, except to myself. I got embarrassed and walked out. I stood outside and the man came out and stood next to me, and he started talking to me. He was very friendly and made me feel relaxed. He suggested that we take a walk. We walked through the parking lot to the cornfield (As I said, I grew up in the country). We climbed over a barbed wire fence and walked into the middle of the field. Once we got there, he put his arm around me, and I started shaking like a leaf. He told me to relax, that he was going to make me feel good. He then took my small hand and placed it on his hard dick, which I could feel through his pants. He asked me if I liked what I felt, I said yes. He then put his hand on my butt and said that it was very nice, that it felt like that of an 18 year old. Well of course that made me feel real good, he thought I was 18! He then unzipped his pants, and out came a big, uncut, hard dick. I thought that it had somehow gotten bigger than when I first saw it. He looked at me and told me that it was OK to touch it, that he liked that. I reached out to hold it, but I couldn't get my hand all the way around it. He then showed me how he liked me to hold it and stroke it. I did that for what seemed like a long time, he then asked me if he could touch me. I said that he could, and he rubbed his hand across my crotch.. Well, my little dick was so hard at that point! He asked if he could take it out, I said yes. When he placed his warm hand around my young dick I felt something so incredible that I had never felt before. He told me not to get too excited, that he wanted me to have more fun. Then he asked if he could kiss it. I wasn't real sure what that meant, but was sure glad when he did it. I had never felt anything so warm, moist, and soft, I thought that nothing could ever feel any better than that. I started making all sorts of moaning noises until he stopped and said that I should try and do the same to him. I didn't know the first thing to do. He told me that it would be like eating an ice cream cone, except to try and not use my teeth. I found the foreskin very interesting. I liked how the skin would move up and down and that his dick looked just the same when the his skin was pulled back. I then leaned forward and tried to put his dick in my mouth. The head of his fat dick was really stretching my mouth open. He kept rubbing my head and telling me I was doing very good. I could only get a few inches of it in my mouth on the first try. He pulled out and leaned over, and was only inches from my face and said that I was such a handsome young man, and told me that he wanted to kiss me. I think that I nodded yes, he leaned in and started kissing my lips, and then he started pushing his tongue against my mouth. I opened up slowly and thought to myself that his tongue was almost the same size as his dick. I started moaning a lot again, and he asked me if I had ever shot my load before. I told him that I didn't know. He said that I hadn't, and that he would be glad to help me. I said OK, but didn't know what I was saying OK to. He explained to me that he would make me feel the best thing that I had ever felt in my live. He got on his knees in f ront of me and started licking on my dick. I thought that my poor dick would break out of its skin! He wasn't down there very long before I felt the most wonderful and strange feeling I had ever felt. Then all of a sudden I felt some warm wet stuff coming out of my dick. His tongue was all over my dick and I was feeling the best thing that I ever had felt and was worried that I had done something wrong because this stuff was coming out of my penis. After I was finished he looked up at me and said that I did really good. I asked him if I had done something wrong, he asked why, and I explained I was sorry that that stuff came out. He explained to me that it was suppose to. He said that I could make it come out of him if I tried hard enough. So I leaned over and started doing what he had to me, except I wasn't as good as him and I couldn't take all of it like he did. He put his hand on his dick and told me that he would work the bottom part and that I could work on the top. Together we worked his dick so hard I thought that I might break it. He told me that I was doing real good and to hold my mouth right there on top of his dick. He then started making the same moaning noises that I had earlier and I thought that he was going to do the same thing that I did. Well, let me tell you his dick got bigger and harder and then he started to shoot his load. The force of the cum on the back of my throat was so strong, it was a good thing that he had his other hand on my head. I didn't know what this was, there was so much of it filling up my mouth all at once, and it just kept coming... It was a very warm and kind of tasty substance. I started to choke and he pulled out and shot the rest of it all over the front of my face. I started to wipe it off of my face when he bent down to me and started licking my face. He told me that I was a wonderful young man and that he was very glad that we got to meet each other. He helped me clean up, and as we climbed back over the barbed wire fence the palm of my hand caught one of the barbs and got cut. The man said that we should walk back separately and as I turned to look at him one more time he was gone. To this day I have very fond memories of drag races.

Q. Antonio - you sure do photograph well and what a terrific body and tan line you have. Do you swim a lot? Looks like you have a perfect swimmers body. What kind of underwear to you wear?
A. Thank you very much for your compliments. I am my worst critic, I rarely think that my photos look good. I do love to swim, and try to every chance I get. I like to wear Calvin Klein underwear, they fit me well and make me look good.

Q. Have you traveled much? What are some of your favorite places?
A. Over the past several years I have had the most wonderful experience of traveling. I love being able to travel and see anything and everything that I can. I love to explore history wherever it may be. One of my favorite trips was an African safari that Kristen and I went on several years ago. It was one of the most moving things that I have ever done, and I recommend it to everyone. It is an experience that you will never forget... I never will.

Q. Tell us about one of your wildest sexual experiences.
A. OK, just one. It was the time that I first got double fucked. Kristen and I were at a sex party and there was a room was a sling surrounded by mirrors. There was a man lying in the sling with a very large, uncut dick. Kristen and I walked over to him, and started to play with him. One thing led to another, I straddled him, and sat down on top of that big dick. It was so wonderful to look in the mirrors and see everything that was happening. Kristen got behind him and started to fuck the the guy. We were all having a great ride, when Kristen thought it would be a great idea to try double fucking me. He pulled out and started inserting. To watch all of this going on in the mirror only excited me that much more. What a ride and what memories I have of that night. Thank you for letting me remember it!

Q. Do you have any unfulfilled sex fantasies?
A. I think that my fantasies come with each new partner. I have tried many positions and numerous partners, but with each new person comes something totally new.

Q. How did you and Kristen meet? Did you have any problems with his work?
A. Kristen and I met at a party. He was actually at the party with a date, I was not. I noticed both of them, and wanted to meet them. So, I made my way across the room and introduced myself. I found out that the other guy was from out of town and was leaving the next day... Luckily for me! We had our first date a week later and have been together ever since. When we met I was in therapy, dealing with my last relationship from 3 years earlier, and rebuilding myself. So with the help of my therapist and myself, I learned a lot of things very fast, mostly about insecurity issues. That helped me deal with Kristen's work.

Q. What's the best thing that ever happened to you? What's the worst?
A. The best thing that has ever happened to me was discovering that God loves me all of the time, and never passes judgment on me. The worst thing I guess would be loosing myself in my last relationship and not knowing who I was, and not being an active individual in that relationship.

Q. If you had only three wishes, what would you wish for?
A. OK, here we go. My first wish: that everyone was accepted and loved for who they are, and who they want to be. My second wish: that I could have the time and resources to assist all those who need some extra help, food, shelter, self respect, attention, and love. For my third wish I would wish that everyone could realize that we are all one, and that everything will be OK.