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Interview with: Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony

Q. Hello Marc, your opening scene in the Anchor Hotel was in my opinion the best scene of any Kristen Bjorn film. The sex between you and the other two Latin men was unbelievable. I just hope you will do another film with KB again.
A. Thank you. Being my second time with KB, I was more relaxed, and so were the other men... And so was KB! Actually, I just now finished filming my third KB video, and it should be better than the first two!

Q. Hello there from Barcelona, Mark. I first saw you in THE ANCHOR HOTEL some years ago now but I still remember that look. and that hunger for sex which I saw in your eyes. And that is precisely want I am really curious about: are you just an excellent actor or did you actually enjoy those scenes just a fraction of the pleasure we took in watching them?
A. If I didn't like, or rather have a hunger for sex, (lots and often!) then I would not have applied myself to this line of work. My short spell on the gay scene has been all sex. Nowadays I limit myself... Reluctantly! But it's for the best, I think! Besides, my brain needs some work for a change...

Q. Where do you live?
A. I live in West London, in Earls Court. A nice gay community for such a great city!

Q. Are you in a relationship? If not, are you looking for one?
A. I am not! Unfortunately my relationships don't seem to last that long... I have a hunger for adventure, and settling into a relationship slows me down. And when I'm in a relationship I don't get to do the things I want. What they are exactly? I don't know... I do however have some very special friends...

Q. Was making your first porno a difficult decision? Did you ever consider the consequences it might have in your future and, if so, did that decision ever trouble you?
A. Since discovering I was gay back in 1994, I always wanted to experience all aspects of gay life & culture. So the city of London was a great place to start. But it's not exactly easy, and sometimes it's really disgusting! I believe you have to get down to get up! And I always do... Both! For me, doing porn was another great experience... Any consequences? Yes, there is one: quite often I want to be by myself, and not be a socialite. I don't want to be looked at all the time. I did not consider the consequences of making porn before getting into it... Not that I consider lots of things anyway... But I have no regrets!

Q. Dear Marc Anthony: you had lots of health problems some time ago, including HIV status and an accident. Is it all OK now? We hope you are still gorgeous and nice and like sex as before!
A. Well now you come to mention it, the accident was suffered by my friend / look alike; Aiden Shaw, who's also a porno star! I think you have the two of us confused. Aiden is very well now, thank you.

Q. I was wondering where in the United Kingdom are you originally from, and what did you do before getting involved in porn? Do you prefer to perform as a top or bottom? Who was your favorite costar to work with and the worst? Have you traveled a lot and are you retired from the porn industry? If you are so, it's a tragedy because you are one of the most handsome Brits I've ever seen.
A. I am from Wales, although I don't spent a whole lot of time there. Let's say I was a bad boy who wouldn't do as he was told, to such that; Her Majesty was more my guardian than my actual parents. But there I learnt about the other side of life; the bits you don't see on magazine covers! As for costars; to be honest, there was no best or best or worst one. Most of the time it was work, and me using my imagination.

Q. Hi Mark, I remember you from the days of "Gay time TV" when you did a work out programme. Were those work outs ever released on video? It's very hard in the UK to find films with you in. I bought THE ANCHOR HOTEL two years back, and you have to be the world's most gorgeous man. I find the clips where you leave your black socks on so horny mate, I sure wish that was me sitting on your third leg.
A. No those programmes were never released on video. I wanted to go further with that, but I got sucked into the not so nice side of sex & the city! Clone Zone is the first gay sex shop in London. So you will see more of your favorite stars there! But over the counter now instead of under...

Q. I recently bought A WORLD OF MEN from the US this last week and can't put the thing down, mate. What other films have you been in, and is there or are you planning to start a fan club. Please say you are.
A. I think I may have a fan club already! The other KB video I did was THE ANCHOR HOTEL, as well as another one we just finished filming in the Caribbean. You should come to London sometime, there is a lot there to see!

Q. Please could you also answer this, to put me out of my misery. When I bought THE ANCHOR HOTEL I put a search on in the e-mail directory for your name and wrote to all of which I got one back claiming to be you. We had quite a few chats over a couple of months about your filming in Asia etc, but then the e-mails stopped. I was never really sure if that was you or not... I hoped it was. The e-mail you would be replying to was sharers shorts..... Was it you? Any way mate, keep up the excellent work and the hours of pleasure you give your fans... Especially me. There is a Yahoo club dedicated to you, it would be great if you could give your fans a message out there
A. Sorry mate, it wasn't me you were talking to. I have only worked in Europe and the States! What's this Yahoo club about? I don't even know what that is!

Q. Dear Mark: I hate to repeat what everyone else seems to be saying, but I, too, think that you are incredibly beautiful and have given two of the hottest and most sensual performances I have ever seen in your two Kristen Bjorn films. I'd like to see more of your work, past or future.
A. Thank you. I'll be back!

Q. Since filming hasn't been a full time career, what else do you do for a living?
A. For me, life for me is a job all by itself. So, you could say I am a student. My subject is this life...

Q. What is your ethnic background (in other words, what combination led to your stunning beauty)?
A. Thank you! Sometimes I don't see that beauty! My mother was brought up in a convent with nuns for the first 19 years of her life then she had me! You could say I was an expression of her built up frustrations. She never drank or smoked until I was born. So I had quite a pure mum. About my dad, mmm... I don't know and don't care!

Q. How old are you? How frequently do you workout in order to look as perfect as you do? I love your lean, muscular look.
A. I am 34 years old, and I have good skin from being a country bumpkin! My physical training started when I was a juvenile delinquent... a bad, bad boy! So I spent the ages of 13 to 17 in detention centers and Borstal training, where you weren't allowed to say no! You had to keep fit, or get beaten! Then I was in the Army Cadets for 4 years. At that age the training was so intense, that you stay fit later on. So it's them you should thank for pushing me beyond my usual limits.

Q. Do you currently have a boyfriend / partner? If not, what do you look for in a man (physically and personality)?
A. My attractions vary, and that makes it difficult to settle with someone. I like a man of colour, who does not have be to English (or American) speaking, who has a certain dark side to his character, as do I. But I am a good man, and I look for the same in others. He must be physically and mentally fit! He must be able to keep me under control, but without suffocating me.

Q. Mark I'm in Brazil, the beautiful place that wants to receive your visits. I need to comment on your performance. I saw you in THE ANCHOR HOTEL first. You were fantastic! Do you have a favorite actor to work with? And, what do you like more to do: Top or bottom scenes? What are you doing these days? Please, believe that you are my super star!
A. Thank you! I am more of an active bottom! Though I do like to top, but without the lingo! I can't seem to get around that, and I don't want to! Brazil does draw me; the weather and the people. The warmer it is, the hotter I feel!

Q. Hey Mark: You are one of the sexiest men I've ever seen on video. I hear that you used to dance in clubs. Do you still do so? Do you escort?
A. Yes, I do dance sometimes, and yes I did escort, but not anymore! Those are the first steps for most of us, I know! I did enjoy escorting at the start, but it all went a bit pear shaped in the end. But somebody has to it!

Q. Mark, did you get along with your two Latino costars in THE ANCHOR HOTEL? What did you think about working with them? Did you favor one over the other sexually? Did you guys "practice" fuck before filming began? Did you have sex with any of the other cast members or crew from THE ANCHOR HOTEL (either as a filmed scene that didn't make the cut or for recreational sex not on the set)? If so, tell us about it?
A. I must say I did have a favorite! He was Rafael Perez, the one who threw the key to me from the balcony. I didn't click with the other guy, though, and the feelings were mutual. No, we didn't "practice fuck" before hand, and that particular scene did it for me; with Rafael speaking to me in Spanish, with that intense look of his... We later met off the set, after the film was done. But by then the fantasy was over for me, and for him too I think. So we just socialized instead...

Q. If you could have sex with any one living man, who would it be? (I wish that it were me!) What would you two do together, if you could only perform one sex act?
A. Nice question, straight and to the point! Mike Tyson! I think he is so fucking horny! The scene? To give him as much pleasure as humanly possible.

Q. Hi Mark: I have an avid foot fetish. Do you like your toes sucked or vice-versa. And do you have any films with you doing such, or having it done to you?
A. I love feet too! No, I don't think I've made any films like that... I am not sure! Not solely anyway! Ha ha...

Q. Hi Mark, I first saw you a few years ago as a stripper in the London clubs. You were great then, and great again in THE ANCHOR HOTEL and A WORLD OF MEN. How did Kristen Bjorn find you, or you find him? In what year were you born and what is your Star Sign? Many thanks from one of your many fans.
A. Jay Eff, who was then my manager, pushed me to write to KB. He also kept me on a reasonably level straight. I am an Aries / Pisces, born the year of the lamb according to the Chinese horoscope, on 24th March 1967 (hot and cold).

Q. You are great, could you tell me your age your favorite sexual positions?
A. I am 34. My favorite position is 69. I'm mainly an active bottom, and I like to be imaginative, but I need encouragement!

Q. What was your first your first experience like?
A. That happened when I was in prison at 25 years old, with a 46 year old guy who was doing life for armed robbery! But he was a great guy all the same! A beautiful story lies beneath...

Q. Why do you sometimes shave your body hair?
A. Before I had to for photographic purposes, as hair tends to look dirty! I like still to keep my pubes to a minimum, it's cleaner, I expect the same from other men, as I don't get a mouth full of the wrong matter... But I like my hairy chest! And other men with hairy chests too!

Q. What kind of underwear do you use?
A. Calvins, the old y front style. I think they are so horny!

Q. What's your favorite body part on a man?
A. His thighs!

Q. Do you have brothers and sisters?
A. Yes I do! Gwyn and Sian. They are younger and straighter than I am, but still friendly.

Q. What does your family think about your video work?
A. They are getting used to this rather strange and different member of the family! We have no secrets.

Q. What is your favorite sexual activity?
A. Oral sex whilst wanking... 69... I will leave the rest to your imagination!

Q. What is your favorite place to travel?
A. Somewhere warmer than England! I also like Switzerland, as I have driven there from London so many times, with dancers to do shows. That's also the place of my favorite wank...

Q. What do you think about the USA, and American men in general?
A. Mmm! I like some American cities. Sometimes, most of the time, I cannot read the typical American, then I perceive them wrongly! Sometimes they seem too nice when really they might hate your guts, or they have a hidden agenda. It's is hard to tell what Americans are really thinking because of their niceness! Sorry...

Q. Do you prefer sex with cut, or uncut men?
A. Uncut!

Q. Where would you like to see yourself ten years from now?
A. Still alive, and learning much more about myself, as I have been just lately!