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Interview with: Enrique Rodriguez

Enrique Rodriguez

Q. Enrique, you are very hot! What do you prefer: being a bottom or a top? And when will you come back to Bjorn videos?
A. Thanks. I definitely prefer being a top. I'll gladly work with Kristen again whenever he asks me.

Q. What is your ultimate fantasy?
A. I guess that my ultimate fantasy would be to win the New York State lottery, and have so much money that there wouldn't be anything I couldn't do or buy, if I wanted to.

Q. Enrique, you are very hot and handsome. I would like to know a little bit of your personal life. How old are you? Is it true that you have a wife? What does her think about your work?
A. I am 37 years old now. I was married for 5 years, but I got divorced a couple of years ago. My wife didn't know about my work, but I'm very sure she wouldn't have liked it!

Q. Hi. I'd like to know if you enjoy cumming in other guy's mouths, and if you have ever tasted another guy's cum.
A. I like cumming, regardless of where I do it! And no, I have never tasted another guys cum... I wouldn't want to do that. That's dangerous, you know!

Q. Does your family and friends know about your video work, and if so, how do they deal with it? How do they feel about it?
A. They don't know anything about it, and they wouldn't deal with it well.

Q. Hi Enrique, you are so handsome and hot! I want to know how, and when did you have your first gay experience?
A. Thank you for saying I'm handsome and hot! In the small town where I grew up in Puerto Rico, the boys were always playing with each other's dicks for as long as I can remember. I guess my first sexual experiences were homosexual, and must have happened when I was 4 or 5. I really don't remember exactly.

Q. Do you feel yourself different between the year 1989 when you made MANHATTAN LATIN and CARIBBEAN BEAT, and eleven years later, when you made HOT TIMES IN LITTLE HAVANA Which video did you enjoyed the most?
A. Of course I am different; eleven years is a long time! I suppose the video I most enjoyed making most was HOT TIMES IN LITTLE HAVAN

Q. Why did you wait more than ten years to make a new video with Kristen? What do you do as work in your daily life?
A. Kristen had invited me to work on a couple of other videos over the years, but I wasn't able to get time off from work. Also, when I was married, my wife was very jealous, and wouldn't let me out of her sight for long. When Kristen asked me to work on LITTLE HAVANA, I was in between jobs, and no longer married, so there was nothing to stop me anymore.

Q. Congratulations for your beauty and your terrific body! I want you to tell me some things. Are you gay, bi or straight? Which is your favorite sex practice? How was that you begin to work with Kristen?
A. Thanks! I'm bisexual, and my favorite sex practice is getting my dick sucked. I'd like to have it sucked all day long if I could! I met Kristen in New York in 1989 when I answered an ad the put in a local paper looking for models. The rest, as they say, is history.

Q. As a fellow Puerto Rican, I must say you do our island proud! You have a divine body and dick! I was wondering if you were born in NY or Puerto Rico? What do you do for a living? Where do you presently reside? Are you single or married?
A. Thanks again. I was born in Puerto Rico, and I came to the USA with my family when I was 15. I work as a chef in a restaurant in New York, which is also where I live. Right now, I'm divorced, and unattached.

Q. What type of underwear do you wear?
A. That depends. Sometimes I don't wear any at all, and other times I wear boxers. When I workout at the gym, I wear G-strings under my lycra shorts; I like how they make my dick stick out.

Q. Enrique, you are the ultimate "papi chulo" and one of my top fantasy men. Have you done any videos for anybody except KB? Do you plan on doing more videos? Have your experiences been positive? Do you always keep your body shaved? On film, you seem comfortable fucking and getting fucked ... Is that just good acting or do you enjoy both? Thanks for the opportunity and best of luck in the future.
A. Thanks for the compliments! No, I have only done videos with Kristen... He's the best! I would like to make more videos; that is if you guys aren't tired of seeing me! Over all, my experiences working in video have been positive ones... I really have a phobia about hair; so I always keep myself shaved. Kristen has asked me to let my body hair grow, but I just can't stand it! When I make a video, I always try to do a good job. Sometimes there are moments of pleasure, I won't deny that, but it's really a lot of work!

Q. You have such a beautiful body. What is your workout routine and have you ever entered a body building contest?
A. Thanks, again! I've never received so many compliments before! No, I have never entered a body building contest. I'm not a professional body builder; I just workout because I enjoy it. I workout 6 days a week, and I split my routine into 2 muscle groups a day.

Q. If It was up to you, would you rather act in group sex or alone? Have you had group sex experiences? All male, bi or hetero?
A. I think I prefer to work in group scenes, because it's easier than working in twosomes or threesomes. In groups, the camera isn't always on you, and you can relax more. I have only had what you could call group sex when making videos, and of course that was all male.

Q. What is your height and weight?
A. I'm 5'11" (180 cm) and weigh 210 lbs. (100 kilos)

Q. Is there any star from Kristen's films that you would like to do a scene together with as a bottom? Is there one you would like to top in a film?
A. To be honest, I have never watched any of Kristen's videos, not even the ones I'm in, so I'm not familiar with the different models.

Q. Who was your favorite costar and why? Who was the worst?
A. My favorite costar was Marcio Da Costa in HOT TIMES IN LITTLE HAVANA, because he was very funny, and was always making hysterical jokes on the set. Of course, only the Spanish speakers understood them... My least favorite costar was Jose Carrera in CARIBBEAN BEAT. The two of us really didn't get along at all, and after a while, we didn't speak directly to each other any more; Kristen had to act as our interpreter to one another.

Q. Do you know any famous stars (no need to mention names) who have requested you as an escort or for sex?
A. No, I don't.

Q. The first time that you performed in front of the camera, was it hard? Wasn't it a little embarrassing being naked in front of the camera and doing sexual acts, or did you enjoy it?
A. I think that it's always hard to perform for the cameras, because everything takes so long, and the positions tend to be uncomfortable. But, I'm not ashamed of my body, so I didn't feel at all embarrassed about being naked, or doing sexual things. Why should I? And yes, some of it is enjoyable too.

Q. I just wanted to know your birth date, if you would be so nice to tell me.
A. August 20th, 1963. Are you going to make my astrological chart?

Q. Watching a masculine looking man like you getting fucked, really turns-on a lot of people, since the stereotype gay male is the opposite. What are you in real life, a top or a bottom?
A. In the year 2000, I think that we are far beyond stereotypes! But, in real life, I prefer being a top... Particularly when the other guy has a big dick. Man, those big ones hurt!

Q. Coming from a conservative culture, was it difficult for you to inform your family about your sexual preference?
A. I don't think that Puerto Ricans are sexually conservative... I'd say that we are some of the most sexually liberated people. We just don't talk about our sex lives to our families; Why should we?

Q. How often do you have sex, and how do you do to get partners?
A. I like to have sex every day, but it doesn't always happen that way. Finding sex partners isn't so difficult though; I sometimes find them in the gym, or even in the street. New York is like one big caldron of sex; and there's plenty to go around!

Q. Enrique, hi! You are quite a beautiful man, and course you have a great body. But I was wondering, do you ever get tired of people asking you the same sex questions? Such as: are you a top or bottom, gay, bi, straight, favourite positions... etc? Additionally, is it tiresome being considered just an object of sexual gratification? I am sure that there is more to you than just your face and body.
A. Let me tell you, this is the first time that I have been asked these questions all at the same time, so I'm not tired of it yet. Actually, I enjoy the attention! In my real life, people consider me all kinds of things, but an "object of sexual gratification" isn't usually one of them... But, I wouldn't mind being one for a change; at least for a while! Wouldn't you?

Q. I noticed in the video I saw you in, MANHATTAN LATIN, and in some others, you always seem slightly distracted; are you thinking, "I cannot wait until this is over?"
A. I'm thinking all kinds of things while we are filming, but mostly I try to look like I'm enjoying myself. If it looks some other way, I guess I'm not doing a very good job, huh?

Q. Please tell me that you DO NOT hustle; Yuck!!!
A. Why not? Don't you think I'm worth a few bucks? Look, I work as chef, but I have done some escort work before when I needed the money. The way I see it, everyone has their price... What's yours?

Q. Do you like nipple play?
A. No, my nipples have never been very sensitive.

Q. Have you ever considered or have you been in any mainstream films?
A. No, but if you're a casting agent for a Hollywood studio, you're very welcome to consider me for a role in your next major motion picture! I'm ready and available!

Q. How many languages do you speak fluently?
A. Just Spanish and English. But, I prefer to speak Spanish.

Q. Are you a person that lives day by day, or are you more of a goal oriented person?
A. I'm a simple person, and I don't really have any great aspirations in life. Sometimes, just getting by is hard enough as it is!

Q. You are really my type, stocky, muscular, rough and mature. What is your lover type?
A. What is my ideal lover type? A really rich one, who will love me, and spoil me to death!

Q. What is the feeling to make love in front of a camera and people?
A. It's very different from having normal sex. It more like performing than making love.

Q. How do you feel when people recognize you as gay performer?
A. That depends on their behavior towards me. If they are respectful, and polite, I enjoy the attention. If they're disrespectful or rude, it's annoying.