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Interview with: Pietro Rosselli

Pietro Rosselli

Q. Hello, I am wee. I live in Thailand, and I study at university. I am 21 years old and I want to be your friend. Do you like Thais?
A. I too would love to be your friend. I've never been to Thailand, but I'm fascinated by the Orient. And oriental people seem very friendly. I've never had sex with an Asian, but I do have erotic fantasies about it.

Q. Pietro - You are one of the hottest studs Kristen has found. How did you get involved with Kristen and will you be back for more movies?
A. Thank you for the compliment. As it turns out, that's a long story. I was at an acquaintance's birthday party, which lasted all night, and there were lots of people there. When it ended, one of my closet friends told me that someone who neither of us knew insisted that he give him my phone number. Since my friend wouldn't give it to him, this guy left his phone number with my friend to give me. The guy mentioned that he wanted to talk to me about a job overseas, and that I fulfilled all the necessary requirements. Well, that was how I got in contact with Juan, one of Kristen's model finders. At first I didn't believe anything he told me; he told me he was always in contact with Kristen Bjorn Productions, and that Mr. Bjorn had told him that he wanted to work with some Argentine models in his videos. I later made a couple of tests along with eight other aspiring models (I was the only one chosen), and a month later I received a call from Florida, asking me to come film my first video HOT TIMES IN LITTLE HAVAN

Q. Pietro: I must confess that thinking that an Argentine works with Mr. Kristen Bjorn, makes me feel so proud. You really are perfect from every angle. My question is if you live in Buenos Aires, or if are planning to visit this city? I just wish to see more of you soon!! Thank you.
A. I do live in Buenos Aires, and I plan to visit the USA again in April 2000.

Q. Pietro, you have the most beautiful eyes and are one hot man! Are you gay, straight or bi? Do you like having sex in front of the camera? And most of all, will you be making more films for Kristen? I sure hope so!
A. I'm bisexual. I love having sex with men as well as women. However, over the past two years, I've only had hot sex with other men, because it really turns me on to fuck or kiss, or caress another man. I'm basically a shy person, even if I don't come off that way. But when it's time to get in front of the cameras, I have no problems. On the contrary, I loved being filmed while I'm cuming, sucking a dick, or eating out an ass!

Q. Pietro, you have a terrific body. How often do you workout?
A. I workout 4 to 5 times per week. I use both machines and free weights, and I also play rugby. On top of that, I have a good sex life, and I have to cum at least twice a day.

Q. What is your favorite sex act?
A. Wow, what a question! I really like to start off kissing and touching, and then finish up with some hot fucking. I love to make it last as long as possible until we explode and exhaust ourselves.

Q. Is it hard keeping it hard in front of the camera?
A. No, not for me. In real life I like to cum several times a day, and it's not difficult for me to do it for the camera. Moreover, it gives me a lot of pleasure.

Q. I am Haijun and I come from china. You have a hot body. After I watched your video I never forget you. Would keep in touch with me and tell me more about yourself? I know I am a gay but I am too shy to tell others. Take care of your body!
A. I'm a biochemist, and I work in a laboratory. My day consists of getting up in the morning, jogging through the park, going to work, and working out at the gym in the evenings. At night I might get into some sexual mischief with some guys I know, or even with some I don't know. On weekends, I usually get together with friends and take trips outside Buenos Aires. We usually take along some different guys to satisfy our sexual appetites.

Q. You are quite cute and sexy. What is your favorite sexual position?
A. Thank you. I don't have a favorite position generally before cuming, my partner and I end up fucking in the missionary position.

Q. I think you are the sexiest man on this planet. How do you keep your body so gorgeous? I work out in the gym, any tips on how to get a body like yours.
A. My advise is: a healthy diet, a lot of vitamins, a personal trainer, and (why not?) a daily quota of sex to finish it off.

Q. Congratulations for your work in the video. What do you do for a living beyond videos?
A. Two years ago, I got my degree in biochemistry, and I work for a huge laboratory. In my free time, when the proposition is good, I make some porno videos

Q. What would your favorite fantasy be if you could do anything you want in a movie? What about your real life?
A. Ah! On video, I would like to fulfill a fantasy about black leather and submission. In real life, I'd like a different man for every day of the week!

Q. Even though you are a top, do you think in the future you would like to be a bottom?
A. To be honest, I do bottom occasionally when it's with someone very special. I don't do it often, because that's something I want to save for those special times. But when I do get fucked, I enjoy it very much.

Q. Do you have a partner/lover or are you currently serious with anyone?
A. At the moment I'm single, but I don't dislike the idea of being in a relationship.

Q. Do you mainly stay in Argentina until Kristen needs you for a video, or do you travel at all?
A. Usually I'm here in Buenos Aires. It's a beautiful city, and I often spend my free time at my parent's house in the countryside.

Q. You are quite a beautiful man. Do you find it hard to have sex in front of a camera? Who was your favorite model to work with?
A. I'm really shy, even if I don't seem it. The truth is that it really turns me on to be filmed while shooting my load. I love that! The same thing happens when I have to suck several dicks at the same time, or have sex with several different models! Actually, I like all the guys who I have worked with. Some of them are easier to fuck than others, but on the other hand, some of them can suck a mean dick!

Q. Hello from Canada. Pietro I will not repeat the comments on how sexy you are. You definitely are ... those lips tall-dark features, and that incredible butt. But others have already said this, so on to other things. I always view a KB video when you are in it. You always play a top. I was wondering if you prefer this role or would like to play a bottom as well sometime? With that great ass it is a shame to not be a bottom. How old are you?
A. Thank you. I'm 25 years old. I may have a great ass, but I also have a nice dick, and I like to use it.

Q. What do you think is your best & worst feature?
A. My best feature is my sex drive. My worst feature is that I'm very possessive of people who I care about.

Q. What is your favourite colour?
A. Blue.

Q. What is your favourite food?
A. Aside from a regular diet of dicks to suck, I also like pasta.

Q. What is your favourite movie and actor/actress?
A. Dracula, by Francis Ford Capolla. My favorite actors are Anthony Hopkins and Ingrid Bergman.

Q. What is the wildest sex you have had?
A. That would be a two-day orgy that I spent with a bunch of hot guys. We spent a whole weekend together just having sex.

Q. Do you like group scenes in your video work or 1-on-1?
A. I haven't done a 1-on-1 scene yet, so I'm not sure. But I have no problems working with a group.

Q. What is your favourite city in the world?
A. Prague.

Q. Do you sleep in the nude or wear something? What kind of underwear do you wear?
A. That depends. If I'm sleeping with someone else, I sleep naked, or wear silk boxer shorts. And I wear white briefs under my clothes.

Q. Even though you have a cute face, I think you'd be terrific by training your body a little more. If you were a beefy, you'll be like a God. While sucking dicks you seem enjoy it a lot. Is it only acting? or do you really feel that way?
A. That's no acting; I really love sucking dicks, among other things! I like to get my dick sucked too.

Q. When did you have your first sexual experience with another man, and how was it?
A. I was 18, and it happened in the men's room at university. I was so turned on, and fucked the guy so furiously that I made him cum almost immediately.

Q. What's your idea of the perfect man? What is your favorite part of a man's body?
A. I really like asses and legs, but big, fat cocks really turn me on too. My ideal man is one who makes me feel like he is the only man in the world. He would make me feel trusting and secure.

Q. Do your friends and family know about your video work? What do they think about it?
A. All of my friends know that I am a "porno star", and my whole family is aware of it, and supports my endeavors.

Q. How does gay life in Argentina compare to gay life in the USA?
A. It's a bit different. American men are a lot more forward, and Argentine men are less direct, and more elusive.

Q. If you could have sex with any man on earth, who would you choose?
A. I would pick Marky Mark, the Calvin Klein model. I actually did meet him in person once, and he seemed very nice.

Q. How do you imagine your life 10 years from now. What would you like to be doing?
A. I would like to advance myself professionally, and to do it full time in the future. And I would still be young enough to play around the way I do now.

Q. If you could make 3 wishes come true, what would those wished be?
A. They are: 1. To produce my own video at some time. 2. To have my own harem of men! 3. To be with someone who loves me, and spoils me rotten!