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Interview with: Zsolt Kopazs

Zsolt Kopazs

Q. I love your tattoos. How did you choose the designs? Was it painful to have them done?
A. Thank you. I had an image of what I wanted in mind, I explained it to the tattoo artist, and he created it for me. Yes, it was painful, but it was worth it!

Q. Do you like rimming? And do YOU like to be rimmed?
A. Yes, I love rimming as much as I love to be rimmed.

Q. How do you keep that fantastic body in shape?
A. I don't really take such good care of my body, I guess I'm just genetically lucky. I do workout at the gym, but not as much as I should.

Q. Are you gay and do you have a steady boyfriend?
A. I don't consider myself gay. I've had a steady girlfriend for the past 3 years, and I have a guy friend who I also have sex with occasionally.

Q. Zsolt... it is an extreme pleasure to be able to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance in THICK AS THIEVES. I thought your duo with Arpad Banfalvi was the most erotic and intense that I had ever witnessed. I have posted to Kristen on the BBS numerous times what a masterpiece it was. I told him that I got so into the scene with you and Arpad that I thought I was intruding. How the Hell do you get that vibe across to the audience? I have NEVER seen such awesome duo action ever in a video. This sounds kind of stupid, but were you and Arpad really that hot for each other? I don't think I could be convinced that it was just acting. As I said it was the most incredible scene I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. I can't thank you enough for it! It will be quite awhile before I believe I'll see anything to match it.
A. Thank you very much. You're not the first person who has asked me about that video. To be honest, Arpad and I met each other a long time ago, but we had never spent much time together before making the video. I think that we clicked really well, and that's why we were able to perform so well as a couple. We had a good time making that video too.

Q. I love your ass and it seems that you can get fucked with your anus being left opened: is it hard to achieve this?
A. I'm glad you liked it. Yes, it is a hard thing to do.

Q. I loved your scene with Arpad in Thieves when at last he gets fucked by you! Did you prefer to fuck him or the contrary?
A. Thanks. Maybe you don't speak Hungarian, but in that scene when I first got fucked by Arpad, I said to him "my turn is next." And it was! I enjoyed myself both ways.

Q. You are awesome (and probably tired of hearing that)! I first saw you in ManWatcher and was blown away. I thought that there would be no way the guy in the water scene would be getting his gear off and then bang there you were. Anyway I could rave about your beauty for ages but I am also interested to know how it feels to know that you are a knockout right around the world and that at any given time some guy, somewhere, in some way, is watching you and getting off on you. Does that freak you out a bit? I mean my friends and I here in Melbourne adore you. And you are Hungarian right? Do you get noticed on the street there in (Budapest I am guessing)? And do you mind if I ask how old you are, what you do and what your tattoos symbolize to you? Cheers from Oz, man.
A. Thanks. No, I'm never tired of hearing that I'm awesome! Please give my thanks to everyone in Australia. Actually, it feels great to be so "famous" as you say. Yes, I am Hungarian, and sometimes people in Budapest seem to really notice me on the street. I am 23 years old, and my tattoos are: an eagle on my right arm, and a bull's skull on my left arm. They don't have any symbolic meaning to me, I just like the designs.

Q. How do you define yourself sexually?
A. I am mostly straight, but maybe I'm really bisexual. I guess it depends on how you define things.

Q. What is your opinion on bisexuality?
A. It seems OK to me, I don't see anything wrong with it. And being bisexual doubles your chance of getting a date on Saturday night!

Q. If KB was to direct a scene to fit your fantasies, How would it be? How many (hung) men (and what kind, Latino, European) would it include?
A. This is MY fantasy: to fuck a huge, muscular guy, like Arnold Schwartznegger. I'd like too fuck his ass until he bleeds, and really hurt him. Well, maybe not hurt him a lot, just a little.

Q. Dear Zsolt: As being a very content gay man and proud of my name and family background, but also, not have had the opportunity to go into acting, I often wonder why you and possibly other models feel you have to change your names when you do porn films. To me Film is Film and Art is Art. I guess my question is why change names when doing other types of film especially when the markets are totally different? You are an incredible piece of ART as well as a nice person to view and I would think knowing that would make you content. Your opinion please?
A. I didn't actually make up my name, Kristen did. Just about everyone who works in porn uses a fictitious name. I didn't make the rules...

Q. How did you get involved in making gay porno films? What did you study at school? What other kind of work do you do, if any?
A. When I was taking a course to become a waiter, some friends introduced me to a model scout in Budapest, and that's how I started making videos. I also work sometimes as a dancer in a "Chippendale's" type show, and I do some modeling too.

Q. Are you gay straight or bisexual? When was the first time you had sex with another man, and how was it?
A. I'm somewhere between straight and bisexual. My first sexual experience with another man was about three years ago, but unfortunately it wasn't a good one.

Q. Which was your favorite video to make? Who was your favorite costar?
A. My favorite video is Thick as Thieves, and my favorite costar is Arpad Banfalvi.

Q. What do you consider your best feature? And your worst feature?
A. My best feature is that I get along well with children, and I love being with them. My worst feature is that I'm grumpy when I first get up in the morning.

Q. I really like the Eastern European films Kristen has done. The men are truly beautiful. I notice there seem to be fewer guys who shave their legs, chest, etc, which I applaud since I prefer guys with hairy legs. Are there many men who shave their bodies in Eastern Europe?
A. You know, everyone is different, some people like this, and other people like that... I really have no idea what percentage of people shave their bodies!

Q. What is your impression of other models with whom you have worked? Are they enjoying their work, or is it just a job?
A. Making videos is really very difficult to do, and I think most models get more out of it than just money. There's satisfaction in making something beautiful for other people to enjoy. But sexually, it looks more fun than it really is.

Q. Let me tell you, you are one of the sexiest men on video! Your scene in Manwatcher was the best I ever saw, until I saw you last scene with Arpad Banfalvi in Thick as Thieves. Man, oh man! Was it as much fun for you to make the videos as it is for us to watch them?
A. Thanks a lot! It feels really good to know that you guys enjoy my videos, and have fun watching them!

Q. What is gay life like in Hungary, and how is it different from the USA?
A. The gay life in Hungary isn't nearly as open as it is in the USA, and being gay isn't generally as well accepted in Hungary as it is in the States.

Q. Have you traveled much? What are some of your favorite places?
A. I've travel quite a bit around Europe, and some in the US, and the Caribbean. My favorite place so far is New York.

Q. What is the wildest sex that you have ever had, outside of video work?
A. I've had some group sex with guys and girls together..., that was pretty wild!

Q. Hello from Canada, Zsolt. You are incredibly sexy. But you have been hearing that from everyone. So here are my questions: What is your favourite colour, food, time of the day, place to visit, part of a man's body?
A. Thank you very much. My favorite color is sky blue, my favorite food is a Hungarian dish called "paprikas csirka," my favorite time is night, my favorite place to visit is Rio de Janeiro (at least, I hope so!), and finally, my favorite part of a man's body is the penis.

Q. Did you get to keep the portrait of yourself from Thick As Thieves? How did you have it painted? How long did you have to sit for it?
A. Yes, Kristen gave me the painting after we finished the video, and it's now hanging on my bedroom wall. Kristen commissioned a Cuban painter to paint it. But since it was based on a photo, I didn't have to sit for it at all.

Q. Your scene in ManWatcher (with Sandor, Sasha, and Gyula) was hot. Your scenes in Thick As Thieves were even HOTTER!! Can we assume that your scene in the new video will surpass your previous work? How many scenes are you in the new video? Are you top and bottom? How many guys are in your scene?
A. Thanks, you're very nice! We're right in production as I'm answering these questions, but I think that this scene in the new video will be even better. I am working as both top and bottom in this one with two South American models.

Q. Was the first time you got fucked by another guy in a KB video? Did you expect what it actually was like?
A. My first experience being fucked was fantastic! But it was sometime before I worked with Kristen, and not in front of a camera.

Q. Do you find man-to-man sex satisfying? Is it what you thought it was like? Does another guy give YOU more pleasure in certain ways than any woman could?
A. Yes, absolutely. I do find man-to-man sex satisfying, and I agree that a man sometimes can give me more pleasure than a woman can.

Q. Who are your favourite costars? Do you prefer one-on-one or group action?
A. My favorite costars are Arpad Banfalvi and Adriano Sabroso. And I prefer one-on-one sex rather than group sex.

Q. What do you do to pass your time while you are in the US filming?
A. I usually workout at the gym, go shopping, lay at the beach, go to the movies, or just hang out whenever I can.

Q. What are some of the techniques you use to stay hard during the many hours of filming?
A. Getting and keeping a hard-on isn't difficult for me. I just stroke my dick a couple of times, and it's hard.

Q. Do you prefer to be a bottom or a top? I know you were both in Thick As Thieves.
A. I prefer to be top.

Q. Can you gives us any information about you and about the filming process that we wouldn't already know?
A. Sure. I love a really good blow job. And my favorite porn movie is Princess of Egypt.

Q. I've always had a knack for recognizing people. So when I saw you recently on a beach in South Florida I had to take a closer look. As I swam by, I confirmed my recognition. I must say you look younger in person. I was thinking you were Latin. Sighting you prompted me to discover and join this website for the first time and to find out you are Hungarian. Do people often think you're Latin? I was trying to be unobtrusive with my glances at you, but I think you noticed. I imagine you're recognized a lot -- at least by guys who view Kristen Bjorn videos. You seemed to be flanked by two other friends so I didn't approach. Anyway I found you to be one of the hottest of the models in Thick as Thieves. Maybe the next time I see you -- If you're still in Miami -- I'll work up the nerve to say something. If you're just visiting, please enjoy yourself here.
A. Thank you for the nice words! If it was at Haulover Beach, it probably was me you saw. I have to work on my tan before we start filming. I'm just here now to work on the video, but if you ever see me again on the beach or somewhere else, don't be shy, just come up and say hello! I don't bite... Unless you want me to! It's funny that you mention that I look Latin; every time I come to Miami, people come up to me speaking Spanish, or Portuguese. I guess they think I look Latin too. Actually, I am dark because I am Jewish.

Q. Hello Zsolt, I've seen you in Manwatcher, Hungarians and Thick As Thieves, and you were terrific in each appearance. Manwatcher was the first KB movie I'd seen, and your scene was my favorite. I asked Kristen a while ago if you would be included in this section. I'm glad you are. What is it like working with Kristen?
A. Thanks. About Kristen I like working with him a lot because he's professional, he always knows what he wants to do, he's quiet, and very helpful.

Q. Will you do more KB videos?
A. Yes, I would love to make more in the future, but that's up to Kristen.

Q. Had you done any modeling before meeting him?
A. Yes, I had already done some modeling work in Europe.

Q. I'll leave the questions to others. Having read their entries, all I can say is that I could think of little else to ask. What I will add is that you are one of my three most favorite of all of Kristen's actors; and your scenes are among the most impressive in terms of their erotic impact. I understand that you consider yourself to be straight. You give one hell of an impressive performance. ~ An admiring (& lusting) fan . . .
A. Than you very, very much! Your words help me build up some faith in myself, and my ability to do something well. I will try my best to extend my limits, and I'm sure that I'll be able to entertain you with some impressive performances in the future.

Q. I just bought the video HUNGarians. It was pretty good. Your two scenes were the best in the whole video. The best of the two for me is the one where you are a magician. You got to be a group of pretty HOT guys with BIG cocks. Did you make this video before Manwatcher and Thick As Thieves? Didn't you just want to be fucked by all those hot cocks? How old were you then? How old were the other models? They looked pretty young. Why didn't Reszo fuck you? He is also sexy. I loved him in Kristen's videos. He has a hot cock and a beautiful ass. What is he like in person?
A. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I filmed HUNGarians between ManWatcher and Thick as Thieves. I was 21 at the time. The other models were also in their early 20's. Did I want to be fucked by all those dicks? Well, I think that would have been too much of a good thing, no? Why didn't Rezso fuck me? Because the director didn't ask him to, I guess. What's Rezso like? He's a funny guy, he's always telling jokes and teasing people. I suppose you could say he's feisty.