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Interview with: Pierre LaBranche

Pierre LaBranche

Q. This is really a dream come true for me. I can't believe that I am actually asking questions of one of my all time KB models! I believe that I won most all the videos you have appeared in since you debuted in MONTREAL MEN, which by the way is a classic. The scene you are in with the unsuspecting guy loosing his keys actually happened to me. Not quite like Kristen filmed it, but similar. Your three-way was awesome and it looked like you were having a very hot time! I also have quite a few of the Falcon and Catalina tapes that you did. They were great too, but it's MONTREAL MEN that knocked my socks off. When the model is eating your hot ass out and the other is going down on your legendary cock at the same time, nothing could have been hotter. You have always been a very hot model. Thanks for letting Kristen introduce you to a very grateful audience. What was it like to do a KB video?
A. Doing a KB video was extremely demanding physically. I don't think most people realize how much time KB puts into his videos. One scene took 3 days to shoot and these were FULL days from sun up to sundown. It was a great experience and quite a memorable one.

Q. How do you summarize you experience working with Kristen Vs working w/ other directors (Falcon for example)?
A. Working with KB was much more personal. I helped KB find some of the locations as well as a lot of the models. I helped with the equipment and I was often around on scenes in which I didn't participate. On the social side, the KB experience was much more satisfying if not trying. Like I mentioned above, working with KB was also really intense. He expects much more from his models and it consequently made working for people like Falcon and Catalina a piece of cake.

Q. Now, after (according to Kristen) you've retired, do you feel you were too overexposed by appearing in non-Kristen Bjorn videos?
A. Oh no! I could have done more videos and I have been offered them since. Over exposure happens but a lot of places will hire you. I believe I did some 12 videos, but its not uncommon for guys to do way over 50. Curiously I am mostly recognized for the videos I did with KB and not really for the stuff I did afterward.

Q. I do fantasize seeing you participate on a large all-hung-uncut-male-group sex scene (as 'versatile'), OR participate in a 'standard' (!?) or 'bi' gangbang (= one girl w/ many hung men) scene (as 'top' - of course). In your time after Kristen, did you ever appear on a 'bi' video? What is your opinion of 'bi' and 'standard gangbang' videos?
A. That's an interesting question. I recently saw a straight video and I was turned on by the action. I remember when I was in high school a friends older brother rented some porn films. I snuck in a bi one to every one's dismay but we all watched it. I thought it was extremely hot at the time and I think there is a totally different dynamic with bi videos that you can't get in gay videos. I have personally never appeared in a bi-video.

Q. Do you consider the fact you're uncut an asset when you were into porn videos?
A. Since I am uncircumcised, uncut is normal for me. I do think others considered it an asset and I have heard that comment a lot.

Q. Just wondering how you found working with other actors who were more 'into the scene,' unlike most of Kristen's actors who were not previously known. Also I've heard that most mainstream porno directors try to hide a man's foreskin. Did you find this to be the case? Did your costars act differently working with an intact (uncut) guy?
A. LA is truly different. Being in a video there is much more "normal" than it is in Montreal. I found the other models to be interesting and really well adjusted. Most uncut directors try to HIDE the foreskin? NO, that doesn't sound right at all. In fact, the opposite is true. They want you to tug on it and show it. It's kind of hard to hide, especially if you're the top. No other actor really mentioned the fact that I was uncut, so I couldn't tell you what they were thinking much less feeling.

Q. You've got the sexiest lips in the biz! What are you up to these days? Any chance you could be coaxed out of retirement by a studio?
A. LOL, thanks for the comments on my lips. When I was younger my lips were close to the same size but my face was smaller. I hated them back then. I am so glad the rest of my features have grown into proportion. I live in New York City. I am working on a project in publishing. I wrote an article for a magazine called GYM it should still be out on the stands.

Q. First, you have always been one of my favorites. You are a very attractive man. In the spirit of this board, I would like to ask several questions: Which of your costars have been your favorites and why?
A. That's an interesting question. Alex Powers was really nice and it turns out he was born in Poland and grew up in France. I liked him a lot.

Q. Which of your non-KB videos is your favorite?
A. Idol Country, with Jawbreaker as a close second.

Q. Is there a porn star with whom you have never worked with whom you would have liked to costar in a video?
A. Hal Rockland is really attractive.

Q. What were the differences that you experienced working for different video companies?
A. It runs the gamut. I thought the guys at Catalina were some of the neatest people I had ever met. They were all doing different things and they were a great group to work with. Falcon was a bit more formal but it went well as well.

Q. How often has being recognized from your videos affected your life?
A. That's an excellent question and I think a lot of people wonder about being recognized. It really hasn't affected my life at all. In fact, most of the world (which we shouldn't forget is composed of straight people) has no idea about videos much less gay videos. I could tell you a little story when it has been positive; I got last-minute tickets to go see Barbra Streisand here in New York City. I was very excited and the curtain was going up in a couple of minutes so I ran to my seat. When I approached the usher he said I would have to stand for the first act because Ms. Streisand didn't approve of people walking around when she performed. I was distraught, I had just paid $350 for the ticket! Suddenly behind me appeared a famous magician and a renowned German covergirl. The same formerly reluctant usher immediately offered to escort these two celebrities to their seats, which were in fact not far from my own! I was annoyed and I was about to protest when another usher intervened and said "One moment Mr. Majors, I'll take you to your seat." Gay men can be both catty when they have recognized me as well as distant. Which has made me a bit reticent about talking to people. If you do see me somewhere discreetly say "hi." Most people call me Mateo, by the way.

Q. Would you consider doing another video for Kristen if he asked you?
A. Laugh! I don't know if he would, but no, frankly I think my video days are over.

Q. Being in the porn business which means having multiple partners. How did / do you deal with the risk of HIV infection? You are the best!
A. Well, condoms are mandatory. Sex on camera is pretty tame for the most part.

Q. In your model profile, Kristen says that you are very intelligent and you speak other languages. What are those languages, and how did you learn them?
A. I speak Spanish, German, French and English. English is my mother tongue. I was exposed to Spanish as a kid (most Californians are) but I really began to stud Spanish when I was 16 and consequently lived in Madrid, Spain where I really learned a lot more Spanish. I went to Montreal, Canada with the intent of learning French. I spent a little bit over 2 years there and I learned an enormous amount of French, not to mention that I read a lot of great books in French. I lived in Berlin, Germany for a year and I learned a lot of German. I talk to friends in German all the time. I had a German trainer and I still read in German daily as I do with all the other languages I have learned. The great thing about learning other languages is that you meet different peoples and in turn hear different points of views. This in turn is great for "defining" yourself.

Q. There has been a lot of confusion regarding your own ethnic background. Would you mind letting your adoring fans know a little more about your origins?
A. I am afraid that I am not as exotic as some would like me to be. Both my parents are from Puerto Rico, which is a little island in the Caribbean that happens to be an American commonwealth. I was born and raised in San Jose California which is in the heart of the Silicon Valley. When I came back to California from Montreal, the people at Catalina were worried that I only spoke French! They were surprised to learn that I was more valley than they were.

Q. Aside from making porno movies, what are you other major interests and goals in life? Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years from now?
A. Wow, those are big questions if not intimidating. I have a lot of major interests and I am working on a pretty big project that shows a lot of promise. In the end, I would like to continue to set goals and work towards them. That has always been my direction ever since I was a kid. 10 years from now? I see myself with a base in New York with business opportunities that allow me to travel and enjoy life. I don't think I ever would have classified porno movies as a "major interest" It was something that was accessible to me and allowed me to do other things. I tend to be a loner. I love to travel. I intend to go to Israel and South Africa this year. I have a passion for books particularly reference books. This is kind of different but these are the only books that I really will buy. I'll go up to Montreal and stock up on French reference books. When a friend comes in from Germany, I usually have a whole list of books that I want him to get. I love history and I have gone through different eras that interest me. I like to challenge myself physically. I used to wrestle when I was in Junior High and High school. Weightlifting is one of the ways I can compete against myself. I recently took a hip hop class and I enjoy that on a weekly basis. I took a voice class that was a real blast. Imagine getting up in front of a group of strangers and singing a song. It was nerve-racking but I did it for the third time last month and I will probably take some more lessons. Its a real challenge and its the discipline factor that interests me. I have this collection of films in French and German and I would like to have them in Spanish as well.

Q. What kind of man are you most attracted to? Are you involved in a relationship at the present? If not, would you like to be?
A. I think I like men, and people in general, who are modest and have a sense of humility. The physical has become less and less important. I also tend to like people who have a lot of life experience. I am not in a relationship and I really don't know why. Although I have to admit that I rarely feel lonely. Maybe a bit bored, but not really lonely.

Q. It has been 8 years since you made your first porno movie. How do you feel about the subject of aging? It's not that you're getting old, but what are your feelings about it?
A. I am getting old! I am 28 years old and my next birthday is on Dec. 1st. Aging is interesting because suddenly I am noticing the passage of time a lot more. I really don't want to see age as an enemy, I like being my age frankly and with a little work that attitude should carry through in the years to come.

Q. Hello Rod: I am thrilled to ask you a question because you are one of my favorite porn stars and I think you are so hot. You are my ultimate fantasy man; hot, dark, exotic, Latino looking, with a great body, and a huge uncut cock! I wish you were still making videos! But since you're not, can you tell us: What scene was your most memorable and got you the most turned on, and why?
A. I am Latino so its kind of normal that I look the way I do. A hot scene would be the one with Chip Daniels or the scene in Idol Country.

Q. What was the hottest sexual experience you look back on with a smile on your face and a twitch in your cock?
A. The hottest sexual experience have been the most intimate. They would lose some heat if I uncovered them for all to hear.

Q. Do you prefer sex with uncut or cut men?
A. Laugh. This isn't really decisive factor. American men tend to have this cut/uncut karma going on. Since, I have lived out of the country so many times and since the overwhelming majority of the world is uncircumcised it just doesn't phase me one way or the other.

Q. Is there a sexual fantasy you have that you still want to fulfill and could share with us?
A. Hmmm. That's a good question. I have to admit I have pretty much done it all sexually and I feel sexually mature. That doesn't mean I am blase it just means that I want to improve on what I already have.