Eduardo Valenti Interview / Kristen Bjorn / Bareback Porn

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Interview with: Eduardo Valenti

Eduardo Valenti

Q. What city do you live in?
A. Rio de Janeiro.

Q. Do you like tasting another man's cum?
A. No.

Q. Do you like to have sex with a man and a woman in the same time?
A. It could be OK depending of the situation.

Q. How and why did you get into porn?
A. A guy at the gym where I work out asked me if I wanted to make some money. I said sure!

Q. Are you married? How many children do you have?
A. No, and I don't have any children.

Q. Would you care to tell me the kind of guys you are attracted to?
A. I like guys who have their heads screwed on right, and have the balls to stand up for themselves.

Q. What do you like when having sex with men? And what do you like when having sex with women?
A. I like doing the same thing with both; fucking.

Q. I see you have Chinese writing tattooed on your arm. What does it mean and why did you get that tattoo?
A. Here in Brazil tribal tattoos and Chinese characters are very popular these days. My Chinese characters are good luck charms. They mean: sex, spirit, work, energy, and luck.

Q. What did you find most difficult during the filming? What did you find the easiest and most fun?
A. I think having to suck dicks for hours was the hardest part. My mouth got sore! The most fun part was riding on the jet ski!

Q. How were you discovered by Kristen Bjorn? Had you thought about making videos before?
A. A friend of mine from the gym introduced me to Kristen's model finder. I did make one video before here in Brazil, so it wasn't my first time.

Q. I've just watched you in CROSSROADS OF DESIRE and you were great. Have you ever been a bottom and if so did you enjoy it and will you bottom on film?
A. Well, sure I've done it before, but I don't really like it. I can do it in a video if that's what the director wants.

Q. What is your job in the 'real world'?
A. I'm a student, and I do some modeling jobs sometimes.

Q. What sort of underwear do you wear; in the day, on a date, and in bed?
A. I wear cotton briefs for all those occasions.

Q. I've been to Brazil and loved the country and the people. Which region are you from and does your family know you're a porn star?
A. I'm from a suburb of Rio called Recreio Dos Bandeirantes. My family knows that I've posed nude for magazines before, but I never told them about the videos.

Q. I think you're God's most beautiful creation, and I would really like to see you very often. I'm currently in south Africa. Please make my dreams come true by sending me your photos, and good luck with everything that you do. I hope everything runs smooth for you.
A. Thanks. I don't have any photos to send you, but Kristen says you can find some on this site.

Q. When and how was your first time with another man?
A. I was twelve, and I fooled around with an older cousin. You know, the kind of things you do when you're a kid...

Q. Hello Eduardo, you're one of the most beautiful guys I've ever seen in a Kristen Bjorn movie. How was it to work with him? Was it a long time desire, or did it suddenly turn up?
A. Thank you. I don't know much about porno videos, and I hadn't heard of Kristen Bjorn, so I'd never thought about working with him before. The experience was cool; I got to travel to a new country, and stay in a nice place. The work was really hard, and sometimes stressful. But the crew was really professional, and everything worked out OK.

Q. What turns you on the most about men?
A. When they treat me well.

Q. In which year were you born and what is your star sign?
A. I was born on July 30th 1980. I'm a Leo.

Q. How many men have you had sex with? When you meet a guy that turns you on, what will you do to get to know him? Can you share your experience?
A. I don't know how many men I've had sex with... Not too many. I'm not really very outgoing, so it's always the other person who has to make the first move.

Q. How would you describe yourself when not in front of the camera: shy, extroverted, private, exhibitionist?
A. I'd say I was just natural.

Q. How many videos have you made for Kristen Bjorn. Have you worked with other gay porno studios?
A. I just made one video for Kristen. Like I said earlier, I made another video for a Brazilian studio earlier. I don't know the name of the studio, or the title, though. I never even saw it.

Q. What is the biggest dick that you ever got fucked by, and who did it belong to?
A. I don't know; I don't keep track of those things...

Q. What do you wear when you're on the bed? Have you ever slept naked?
A. I usually wear briefs, but sometimes I sleep naked.

Q. Hi, this is from Indonesia, an exotic country. Have you ever visited Indonesia? if you haven't, please come, cause you'd get some pleasure, especially in Bali. Come on, pack your bags now.
A. OK, sure. If you take care of my travel and hotel expenses, I'll be right there!

Q. Hi Eduardo, do you consider yourself as hunky and handsome? How do you feel being such a good looking guy?
A. I think I'm handsome, because people tell me that I am. I think it's one of the few advantages I have in life.

Q. What type of swimwear do you use when you go to the beach?
A. I wear a Speedo type swim suit.

Q. During the filming of a scene, of course there's acting, but is there also pleasure?
A. Sure, when someone sucks your dick, or when you cum there's always pleasure.

Q. Do you prefer to fuck, or be fucked?
A. I prefer to fuck.

Q. What's your opinion of models who say they're straight, but have no problem filming sex scenes with other men, and even get fucked in the ass?
A. I think that they're probably bisexual.