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Interview with: Julio Vidal

Julio Vidal

Q. Have you ever been in love with another man? Was love everything you imagined? I think you are incredibly good looking. He was a lucky guy!
A. Thanks for saying I'm good looking. I've never been in love with anyone yet. I've been in several relationships, but I was never really in love. I think that I'm still to young to fall in love.

Q. The first thing I want to say Julio is, I can't believe that I finally have an opportunity to communicate with one of the hottest male stars ever! The first time I caught you in a video was in ALEX AND HIS BUDDIES from Marco Studios. I was hooked immediately. Never had I seen such an awesome stud as you before. Since that time, I have bought every video that you were featured in with Marco Studios. Some of my favorites especially are JULIO'S DESIRES and BACK TO THE BATHS. Funny, but you never seem to be in them enough to me. One question I have is, how did you hook up with Kristen and how does he differ from working with Max at MARCO STUDIO? Don't want to babble on here, but just wanted to say that you are my ultimate fantasy man. You project such a presence in all your scenes and I think you are one of the most beautiful men to ever appear in video. Thanks for sharing that incredible body with us. Do you have plans on working with Kristen again? You have an enormous amount of fans here in the states and we all love you! How long are you considering performing in videos for us? Hopefully for a long time. Take care and am looking forward to hot future appearances.
A. Thanks a lot for your kind opinion about me... I hope others think about me the same way as you do! I met Kristen through a model finder in Brazil, and at this moment I am actually shooting a new video with Kristen, and I hope this video will be even better than the last! Working with Max was great, he's very professional. Working with Kristen is more tiring, but the end result is better. Since I want to look good on video I don't mind the extra work. For me it's important to consider the use of my image as an investment in the future... And in order to do that, it's important that I look good in the videos I make. I don't know how long I'll keep making videos... maybe until tomorrow, or seven years from now. I guess as long as it's profitable for me, I'll keep making them.

Q. I've seen your videos with Marco Studios, and I thought you're hot. I also checked the other movies you did with Evil Angel's Buttman series - you're just simply amazing. How do you do it? Whenever you have sex with either a man or a woman, you show so much passion and make the scene very sexy. Are you attracted to both men and women? What's your preference? And how do you stay in such a great shape? I think you're the BEST one out there!
A. Thanks. I prefer women, but men also attract me. I try to perform the best I can, and I do it thinking about the viewer's pleasure, not about my own. But performing is a real turn-on for me. As for staying in shape, I eat everything I want to, but I also work out at the gym at least four times a week.

Q. Hi! You know You are one of the most beautiful, and sexiest guys around the world! Here in Greece You have a big fan club! Now that you finally have bottomed in a video, please tell us how it was? Did You enjoy it? Was it the first time in real life you have bottomed? You must know there are so many people out there who really, really love you! Kisses from Greece.
A. I have a big fan club in Greece? I didn't know that, but it makes me very happy hear it. Maybe one day I'll go to Greece to meet you guys. To be honest, I didn't enjoy bottoming in that video at all. It wasn't a very good experience for me, but I don't know if it looked good on video, because I never saw it. It wasn't the first time I ever bottomed, but it may be the last time... I don't really like bottoming.

Q. Big Julio! Congratulations on your work with Kristen Bjorn. I think that you're finally with the best porn studio there is. I can imagine a super scene between you and Juan Jimenez, in a long, and scalding-hot flip-flop! What do you think about that idea? Another thing: What KB model makes you wet your underpants with desire to do a scene with? Kisses from a fan of all of your videos!
A. I think it would be kind of difficult for me to flip-flop with Juan... Since we're both tops, we'd just end up having a big sword fight! As for wetting my underpants, I haven't really thought about it. But I just finished filming a scene with Lucas Andrades, and he is a great performer, and a wonderful guy. I think the scene will turn out really hot!

Q. Hi Julio you are the best porn star I've ever seen! When and how was your first sexual experience with a man, and did you enjoy it?
A. Thanks for thinking I'm the best porn star in the world... I heard maybe I was the best one in Brazil, but I never imagined being the best in the world! My first sexual experience with another man was in the video Fors Armadas from Frenesi Filmes, four years ago. It was an interesting experience for me, and it looked very good on video. I fucked my costar really hard! I even tore off his shirt! On video I like having rough sex, but in real life I'm more affectionate.

Q. Hi Julio. In which month were you born, and under what Star Sign? Do you read and believe in Horoscopes?
A. I was born on February 24th, 1979, and my star sign is Pieces. I think that astrology must have an influence on people. Sometimes I do read horoscopes out of curiosity, but I don't have any strong beliefs about it.

Q. Hi Julio. Is your name Julio or Juliano? I saw you in a straight video with Franco Roccaforte. Are you straight, gay or bi? I thought that one could not cross over in the industry. Anyhow I like your work and I think you are hot! Is Franco gay or bi? He seems open to trying something new. Maybe the two of you can get together.... That would be hot!
A. My name is Juliano in straight videos because that was my choice. When I made my first gay video for Marcostudios, Max thought that Julio would sound better. Whenever I perform for the camera, I try to get into the role, so I am both of those two different people, Julio and Juliano. As for sexuality, I consider myself bisexual, with a preference towards women. But I'm attracted to some men too. I started making gay videos, and then I was offered work in straight videos. I think it's nonsense that men can't work in both straight and gay videos... After all, women in the industry do lesbian scenes all the time, and no one says anything about that! And this is obviously not a problem in the video industry in Brazil or Europe. They know I've made gay videos, and they don't care. And there are other models who have done the same thing. I think that the world these days is like that; people have sex with anyone they want. I think that people should get over their prejudices, and behave naturally. As for Franco, I think you need to ask him that question, I really don't know. But we are friends, and he even calls me on my birthdays.

Q. Greeting from Indonesia. I have seen your video and you acted so perfectly. Do you enjoy sleeping naked? I think it's sexy. If Steven Spielberg asked you to star his movie as leading actor, would you take it?
A. No, I always use silk boxer shorts to sleep in. As for Steven Spielberg inviting me work with him, let me think about it a second... YES!!!!! Do you know him by chance?

Q. Do you live in Brazil or in the USA?
A. At this time I live in Brazil.

Q. You are a big turn-on, even for a straight guy like me. I first saw you in various Marcostudios Productions, then I saw you in a lot of my straight porn performing VERY WELL with the ladies (HOT!) Now I see you in the best production of them all, Kristen Bjorn. What's up? Straight, bisexual, gay? Your the hottest either way of course.
A. Thanks for the compliments! I like women, and men too. As a straight guy who watches gay videos, what do you think about that?

Q. I'm a fan of yours since the time of Marcostudios. I've lived in the USA for many years, and I have followed your carrier. Which scene did you most enjoy making? With which model? Do you like muscular guys, or just hot ones? Your scene in Kristen's movie turned out great! Do you want to work with him again?
A. There were so many scenes I enjoyed making, I can't decide which one I liked the best. The same goes for my favorite costars... They were so many great ones! As for my type of men, when I'm attracted to someone, I don't notice their physical appearance. I take more notice of the way they behave. Like if they're friendly, for example. Muscular or hot... It's all the same to me.

Q. You are a hot man! Your body, your dick, your ass... Wow, what a stud! I saw all your videos from Marcostudios, and I have a question: How was it to shoot the scene with Edmundo Castro? Is he cool? It was one of the best scenes I've ever seen! I think he's very hot. Are you still in touch with him in Brazil? I haven't seen you in the new Kristen Bjorn video, but I imagine how hot it must be!
A. The scene with Edmundo was really cool to shoot! But I haven't stayed in touch with him. I travel a lot, and it's hard for me to stay in touch with people.

Q. What type of swimwear do you use when you go to the beach?
A. I use swimming trunks, because sometimes I get a hardon when I'm at the beach... That's normal, right? So, I don't wear speedos because I would get embarrassed if I got hard in public like that.

Q. This question is from India. Do you wear underwear all the time, every day?
A. Yes, I do.

Q. I know that you have made many videos of all kinds. Is there still a scene that you dream about shooting?
A. I have already made videos on beaches, in trees, in beds, in meat freezers, in cars, on tables, in swimming pools, on pianos, in closets.... I've done S&M videos, group sex, bisexual, gay, and straight videos. The only thing I haven't done is sex with animals, and I would never do that! I really can't imagine anything new that I haven't already done on video.

Q. Hello Julio. You're not one of those who say that they don't do escort work? I've seen your name, and your fictitious names, and your telephone numbers on several escort agency sites. Keep on fucking a lot!
A. I've done escort work in the past, but I don't need to do it anymore. I make my living doing porno videos, and I do very well at it.

Q. You live in Sao Paulo, right? What websites can I find more information about you on? I'm a big fan, and I have several of your videos from Pau Brasil, Frenesi, and Buttman. I'm dying to buy that new Kristen Bjorn video... I bet it's your best work ever, because Kristen is the best porno director there is.
A. It's true, I live in Sao Paulo. I don't have my own site yet, but plan to start one soon!

Q. Do you have plans for any new videos?
A. My plans for new videos? I hope to keep expanding my work, and one day to have the opportunity to show everyone that I have a good imagination, and maybe become a video director myself.

Q. If you could change something in this world, what would that be?
A. I would stop all the wars that are going on in the world. I would also change people's prejudiced opinions. For example, there are many gay people who even discriminate against themselves. We are all human beings, and we are who we are. That's all there is to it!

Q. What's the most important thing in your life?
A. The most important thing in my life is; first God, second; my son. I work hard so that in the future, he can have a better life than mine.