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Interview with: Dan Dirk

Dan Dirk

Q. Hi Dan, I really enjoyed watching your scene in Isle of Men. Was it difficult working with a number of guys from different countries speaking different languages? Thanks and keep up the great work!
A. Not really. I myself speak 5 languages. So we always easily found one common language to communicate in.

Q. Hi Dan! I am a sucker for a hot guy with a great smile! I bet you have a real sexy laugh! Are you ticklish? Where? (i.e. feet, underarms, stomach, nipples. sides)? Would you consider starring in a 'tickle' video? Thanks! Keep up the good work!
A. I am not ticklish, and a "tickle video" would not be really my scene.

Q. Was it your first time having anal sex in the video Isle of Men? If not when was your first time and what was it like for you?
A. It was probably my 1,0001st time having anal sex.As far as I remember, it was rather unpleasant and I was pretty disappointed. I believe this was because of the wrong partner, though. If it had been the right guy, it would have been as much fun as it is today.

Q. How would you describe your ideal partner?
A. My ideal partner is the guy who I am "on the same wave" not only physically but also mentally.

Q. I loved you in THE ISLE OF ME. How difficult was it to do the double penetration? In your "real" life how adventuresome are you with you sex life? Does art imitate life?
A. I don't think real art imitates life. It rather reflects and expresses it. Sex is one of the ways to express oneself. So, by shooting a scene in a video, I express myself, which is natural to me. "Double penetrations" are something I enjoy, so I enjoyed working on that scene in THE ISLE OF MEN.

Q. Did you have to stretch your sphincter with toys before the double penetration scene in THE ISLE OF MEN, or are you naturally opened up?
A. No, I did not really need to prepare myself with the toys (smile). I believe I am pretty well stretched already (smile) ...

Q. I saw you on the internet today and all I have to say you're looking good my friend. This is my first time on this website and you might see a lot more of me. I hope to see more pictures of you and your friends in the upcoming issues. I would write more but I don't know any thing else to say but, I wish you good luck and I hope to be able to speak to you sometime. I would log on more often but, I don't have a computer. Just as soon as I get one nothing would not stop me from logging on.
A. Thank you. Hope, to hear more from you soon.

Q. Very few men become "wealthy" by becoming a porn star unless they supplement their income. I loved your scene in THE ISLE OF MEN as I found the group segment and your agility very hot. How did you get into porn? What's the motivation for you? What keeps you involved in the video community and what need(s) is satisfied? Here's hoping we get to see you again.
A. Good porn videos are pieces of art to me. I am a very sexual person and I started to work for KB because he produces masterpieces of porn art where I am able to express myself sexually.

Q. Are you a bottom in real life?
A. Yes, mostly I am.

Q. Hi Dan my name is Luis and I want to tell you that you are a nice man. I never had any sexual contact with another man, because I think I am a gay in my mind, but I have had a girlfriend all my life. Please tell me what did you think about this. I am 28 years old, from Tijuana Mexico, I work in design and marketing. I also study psychology, but I don't speak English very well. I would like to be your friend!
A. Thank you, Luis. I believe, one should be the way one feels happy. So if you are happy with your girl friend - be with her. If you want to try a man - it's up to you. One should feel free to try things and experiment sexually. Nobody can tell you what is better for you - you must make this decision yourself. I appreciate your friendship and you are welcome to leave your messages for me through the KB website.

Q. Will you make any more videos with KB or other studios?
A. Let's wait and see. Surprise, surprise!

Q. What was your wildest sexual experience?
A. It's really hard to say. I am not into everyday boring quickies, I enjoy trying new things and I have a wild fantasy. That's why most of my sexual experience is remarkable.

Q. What's the record number of guys who have fucked you at one session?
A. I don't really make records about my sex. I once had a hot session with 4 other guys at a time - it was fun.

Q. What style of underwear you wear, briefs, G-string, boxer? Do you have a favourite cologne?
A. I prefer no underwear at all (smile). I don't have any favorite colognes. A scent is a matter of the mood. I use different colognes depending on my mood.

Q. Hi Dan, I think you are a wonderful man and very, very hot. You double penetration scene is the wildest I have seen in a long time... I think it must very difficult to do. Tell me, do you usually get your butthole stretched before you get fucked?
A. No, I don't really do that. I am already pretty well stretched (smile).

Q. Congratulate for your fantastic scene. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Do your family and friends know about this side of you? Would like your friends to watch the wonderful scene of your double penetration?
A. My family and friend are very open-minded and they support me in things which they think may make me happy.

Q. Now that I've seen you in THE ISLE OF MEN. agree with all the posts about your scene. However, there is more to you than just a sex scene. Where do you live now? What's your age?
A. I live in Germany, and my age is the matter of official statistics and not the way I really feel.

Q. What are your interests and activities outside of the video world?
A. I love to workout, travel, and definitely my family, which plays a very important role in my life. I spend much time together with them.

Q. Do you have a college degree and another vocation in the "real world?" Oh, are you presently in a relationship and, if so, how does he (or she) feel about this side of you?
A. Yes, I have a university degree. My husband supports me in my work, as well as my video work.

Q. What is your opinion on circumcision? Do you prefer your men cut or uncut?
A. It doesn't really play a role for me. I first of all prefer a person, not his cock.

Q. What can I tell you! What a wonderful performance in THE ISLE OF MEN! I have the DVD version of it and I really enjoyed watching you perform. Watching masculine men like you having untamed sex with each other really turns me on! Have you done any other porno besides this movie? Keep up the good work ... and I do mean good!
A. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I had done more video work.

Q. What kind of sex do you prefer in your private life?
A. Wild one and passionate, not boring daily musts.

Q. Congratulations for your wonderful double penetration. What can tell me over your costars? Did they help you in that very "hard" moment?
A. Who said this moment was hard for me? (smile) My costars were very nice, easygoing guys and I believe, we all enjoyed working together.

Q. Hi Dan, I want congratulate for your scene in THE ISLE OF MEN. The double penetration is very hot and wonderful! Have you done double penetrations before? And fistfucking?
A. Yes, I am into double penetration and fistfucking - they are some of my "specialties" (smile).

Q. Can you tell my your occupation in your real life?
A. Sorry, it's too private.

Q. Have you traveled much? What are some of your favorite places and countries?
A. I lived many years abroad. I absolutely love London, Stockholm and Rome. One of my favorite vacation destinations is South Italy and Sicily. I think, Moscow is developing to one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world, too - it can be kind of dangerous sometimes, though.

Q. How do you envision your life 10 years in the future? How would you like it to be? Oh, in 10 years?... Do you know, what will be in 10 years with you? One should be careful about such long-term forecasts nowadays.

Q. What is your Star Sign?
A. I am a Scorpio.

Q. Your body looks so good. How do you stay in shape? And how often do you workout? What's your favorite body part?
A. I love workouts I normally work out 4 times a week, but I don't have any favorite body parts. I think, to have a well-proportionate body one has to work out on all muscle groups equally hard.

Q. What's the best thing that ever happened to you?
A. My husband.

Q. What is the worst thing?
A. Getting sick.

Q. Do you practice safe sex in your private life?
A. Always.

Q. How many times a week do you have sex? How many times a week do you masturbate?
A. I don't have any sex program or sex schedule. It's the matter of the mood and being spontaneous.

Q. Who was your favorite costar and why? Who was the worst?
A. All guys were very nice and I enjoyed their company.

Q. How many languages do you speak fluently?
A. Five languages.

Q. How do you feel when people recognize you as gay performer?
A. I just stay natural. I appreciate their attention, but would like to have my private life respected.

Q. If you had only three wishes, what would you wish for?
A. Health, love and peace.

Q. How did you meet Kristen Bjorn? What was the working experience with him like?
A. Once I found an e-mail in my mailbox - it turned out to be from KB. He asked me to send him a couple of my pictures. It took me a while to have these pictures made, but finally I got them - and later there I was at his shooting place. I think, he is an amazing artist - not just a producer, but an artist and an interesting personality. He is full with energy and great ideas.