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Interview with: Ivan Cseska

Ivan Cseska

Q. When was your first male experience?
A. That was when I was about 18. Another boy from my neighborhood taught me to masturbate. We'd get together and jack each other off a few times a week.

Q. What qualities do you like in men?
A. I like men who are honest, and straightforward.

Q. Do you shave your chest? Do you like hairy men?
A. No, I don't shave my body at all. I'm actually not very hairy. Some people think that I shave my legs too, but I don't. I do think that a hairy chest looks nice though. I guess everyone likes the things that they don't have.

Q. You are extremely sexy and manly. What do you consider your best and least asset regarding your physical appearance? What do you like the most in a man's body?
A. I think that my best asset is my chest. At least people tell me that it looks good. I think that the most attractive part of a man should be his face.

Q. If you could, would you again do porn videos again? What was your family's reaction, and your friends? Thanks, you are great!
A. That's a hard question. I did regret making videos for a while, but now I have just made another one with Kristen. A few years ago, some of my friends found promotional photos from THE ANCHOR HOTEL in a magazine of me with two other models. They ridiculed me for a while, and I regretted making the videos then. But now I realize that those people never really were my friends, and I don't care what they think anymore. The only person in my family I told about the videos is my twin sister. She knows everything about me; we're very close.

Q. Hi Ivan, I've so enjoyed watching your videos and am thrilled to be able to say thank you, and that I hope you'll be doing more work with Kristen Bjorn! I've read that you're Russian. Where are you from in Russia, how did you start with Kristen Bjorn and what did you think of working in America? Your scene in Anchor Hotel was really hot. Did you enjoy working with your costars, & being versatile which do you prefer - being top or bottom? 
A. Thanks for the nice comments. I'm from St. Petersburg. I was introduced to Kristen through a model finder, and I really enjoyed my trips to America when we shot those videos. I got along well with most of my costars... There was only one guy, Dean Spencer, who I didn't get along well with. And I definitely prefer being top!

Q. What year were you born in, what is your star sign?
A. I was born in 1973, and my sign is Libra.

Q. You've got beautiful balls and a great cock, Ivan, which you sure know how to use. When were you first aware how beautiful you are? Was your first experience of penetrative sex with men on film? If not, what was it like? If it was, did you enjoy it all the same? Do you have any brothers and sisters? Are they older or younger?
A. Thanks you. I don't really consider myself beautiful, but I try hard to look the best I can. My first experience being penetrated wasn't for the video... And it wasn't a very pleasant experience either! I have only one sister, and since we're twins, we are the same age.

Q. Hi, Ivan, my name is Eko, 28 years old, and my questions are: Have you ever visited Bali? Did you ever think that an Indonesian male could be a good sex partner for you? Have you ever thought of dating an Indonesian male? If you want to go to visit Bali, just call me, will you?
A. I have never been to Indonesia, but I would love to go there someday. I have never met an Indonesian before, so the idea of dating one has never occurred to me.

Q. How would you describe your penis?
A. As a lot of fun!

Q. Have you ever tried to fist or to be fisted?
A. Actually I prefer to be foot fucked... Just kidding! I'm really not into anything like that!

Q. Are you married?
A. No, I'm single. Thank God!

Q. Where do you live?
A. I'm presently living in London.

Q. Are you a consumer of gay porn video? If yes, what do you like? What was your last porn you saw?
A. To tell you the truth, I don't watch porno videos. I'm more interested in the real thing!

Q. Could you tell us your worst experience making a porn video? Please give us details.
A. I haven't really had any bad experiences making videos. I got to travel to different countries, and meet some different, and interesting people. I suppose the only negative thing was being ridiculed about it later by people I thought were my friends.

Q. Do you like to play with dildos?
A. Not really. I have to use them before I get fucked in a video, but that's not my idea of fun.

Q. What is your plan in your porn career?
A. I have made three porno videos in the past 5 years... That's not really a career. What I'd really like to do is earn enough money to open a gym. That's my dream.

Q. In your sexual life, how many men have you been with?
A. I think there were five... Or maybe that was 5,000? I can't remember. Well, it's somewhere between those two numbers!

Q. Tell us, do you like that king of men, like Ken Ryker? If you were proposed to do a video with him, would you accept, and why?
A. I don't have any idea who he is, so I have no opinion about him.

Q. As a young adult did you imagine yourself making a porn movie?
A. No, never!

Q. Which countries do you like?
A. I like the USA, England, France, and Germany best of all the places I have been.

Q. Have you done videos with other directors than Kristen? If yes, what is the difference?
A. No, Kristen is the only director I have ever worked with. And he's very demanding! But we get along well together.

Q. Ivan, you are my single most favorite of all of Kristen's video stars. I have all the KB videos in which you appear. (Actually, I have ALL of Kristen's videos.) Please, please appear in another of his films. (And if you ever pass through Washington, DC, will you stay a while and marry me?)
A. I don't want to disappoint you, so I have made another video with Kristen.

Q. What exactly is the length and width of your cock? I must say that it is VERY nice and that I am constantly turned on by your performance in Gangsters and Anchor Hotel.
A. I don't really know... Let's just say that it is a handful!

Q. What was the funnest thing about working with Kristen on his movies?
A. That's easy; the best thing was getting the opportunity to travel to different places I had never been to before.

Q. What was the lest fun thing about working on the movies?
A. That's also easy; the least fun thing was getting fucked. Try getting fucked for about 4 hours straight, and you'll see what I mean.

Q. What do you think about escorting?
A. I think that it's a very difficult way to earn a living. It may be fast money, but it's not easy money.

Q. Reading the questions others have posted, I'll try for something a bit different. Tell us something about you. How about the following as a guide? Education? Degree? Favorite subject(s) in school?
A. I finished superior (high) school when I was 17. I wasn't very scholastic, so I joined the French Foreign Legion, and was trained as a paratrooper.

Q. What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies?
A. These days I am working as a landscaper and gardener. My hobbies? I love to travel, learn languages, and watch movies.

Q. Who is your favorite author? Book? Composer? Music? Actor? Actress?
A. I can't think of a favorite book or author at the moment. I enjoy Chopin and Bach, for classical composers. My favorite music though is dance music and hip-hop. As for actors and actresses, my favorites at the moment are Javier Bardem and Angelica Houston.

Q. Favorite place you have visited? Place you would most like to visit? Favorite cuisine? Beverage?
A. Probably my favorite place to visit was Miami. It was my first trip far away, and it was very exciting for me. I would very much like to visit Australia now. My favorite cuisine is Italian, and my favorite beverage is beer.

Q. What about your favorite color?
A. Green.

Q. If you could have dinner and an evening of conversation with anyone who has ever lived, who would it be and why?
A. It would be with Jesus Christ. I would have a lot of questions to ask him!

Q. And finally, if you could do anything or be anyone you wanted, what and/or who would it be and why?
A. I think that I would always prefer to be myself, but I would like to have a financial situation that would allow me to travel freely around the world, without any worries.

Q. Please tell us, what you dislike when making a porn movie? Is that the noise, the people, the stress?
A. There isn't really much noise, and the people are actually the most interesting thing about filming. I suppose the worst part is the long hours, and the stress.

Q. Well Ivan, let me start off by adding my two cents worth about what a delicious, HOT, HOT model you are! I have posted to Kristen's BBS numerous times on you being my favorite of ALL of his models. He has had many hot and sexy stars over the years, but you were the one that stole this dude's heart! I run your earlier videos at least once a month just to pant over you again! Now I learn that you are going to be in Kristen's new release. That is AWESOME! What made you decide to do another video? It's been a few years since your last appearance and am curious what brought you back. Hopefully it was me and several other fans begging Kristen to find you and persuade you to come back. You know you are going to rekindle the flame I had for you. Not that it ever went out, but I was just existing on memories. Now you are back and let me say, I am elated! Thanks for coming back and sharing that beautiful body with us again. Is this a one time appearance or do you plan on more for Kristen? I eagerly await the new release! This is one fan that loves you very much! Best of luck in your future endeavors.
A. Thanks you for your many kind compliments. The reason I stopped making videos was due to some trouble I had with so-called friends in my country, who gave me a hard time about some photos they saw. The reason I decided to make another video is because I realized that those people weren't really friends after all. And also because I need the money. I don't know at this time if I will continue to make more videos though. We will see.

Q. You are great... we love all to see you in your video, and you do you watch sometimes your videos?
A. To tell you the truth, I have never watched one of my videos.

Q. Ivan, you've been asked what you disliked about being in porn, but I'd like to know what you liked most about the experience of working with Kristen Bjorn. Hope you'll be back again soon.
A. What I most enjoyed about the experience was the opportunity to travel to the USA, and to make new friends. The money isn't everything, but it's always useful.

Q. Being that you're probably experienced in sex in movies as well as sex in the real world, I have a question. You know how in movies, the actors always have enemas before the shoots so that everything is nice and clean for the shot. But when you have real sex with a man, do you and him both give yourselves enemas? What is sex in real life like, compared to sex in the movies?
A. I don't normally have passive anal sex in real life, but if I did, I would certainly make sure I was clean before I did it. And I would expect the same of my partner.

Q. Do you believe in astrology? What is your sign? What year were you born?
A. I think that astrology is interesting, but I don't know if I believe in it or not. I am Libra, and I was born in 1974.

Q. Do you have a family (wife, children, or girl/boy friend)?
A. No, at the moment I am single, and free as the wind.

Q. Ivan, Your profile says you were in the army before working with Kristen Bjorn. Did you come across any gay sex then and if so were you tempted to join in? If so, please give details! I've enjoyed your videos greatly. Thank you. I hope you know you're one very sexy guy!
A. Thanks for saying I'm sexy! If there was any gay sex going on in the Legion, I wasn't aware of it. So, I'm afraid I can't give you any information about that.

Q. Wow Ivan, I can't believe this! I've just discovered this website, and I get to ask you questions! You're the best! I love your photo-shoot and I watch your scene in Anchor Hotel over and over! Did you enjoy that scene? You certainly look as if you're having a great time. Which did you prefer: being top or bottom? Was that the first time you were bottom? If not, when was it, and did you enjoy the experience? You have a great cock! What is its size (length and circumference) both erect and soft please? Also do you like it when your partner plays with your beautiful balls? Will you ever come to London, England? If so I'd love to play with them all day! Please answer my questions.
A. Thank you. I enjoyed the over all experience of making THE ANCHOR HOTEL, although it was really a lot of work! That wasn't the first time I was penetrated, but it was close to it. I definitely prefer being a top. My balls are sensitive, and I like having them sucked if my partner knows how to that the right way. If not, it can also be quite unpleasant! I don't really know how to measure my cock... Perhaps you can show me how!

Q. You are a very hot and sexy man. I want to see more of your videos. I read that you are in Kristen's newest video. What was it like making it? Was it any different now compared to when you made the other videos several years ago? If you could choose your next costar for a 1-on-1 scene, of all of Kristen's models, who would it be? If you were picking among Kristen's models for a 3-way, which 2 would you choose? And if you were planning an orgy, how many would the group be and who would you pick?
A. The newest production was similar to the others, except that it took place in a different country, and with different people. I'm not really familiar with many of Kristen's models; I only know the ones I have worked with. So I don't know how to answer your last question.

Q. Describe your ultimate romantic fantasy. Now describe your ultimate sexual fantasy.
A. They are actually the same: to make love on the white sand of a tropical island at dusk.

Q. Which of your costars was your favourite?
A. I would have to say Arpad Miklos.

Q. Ivan, You're great. Looking forward to seeing you in a new Kristen Bjorn video. What kind of underwear do you wear during the day, on a date, and in bed?
A. I usually wear the briefs during the day and evening. And in bed I prefer to sleep naked.

Q. What did you think of working in USA? How does it compare with your homeland? Thank you for being a great star.
A. I enjoyed my trips to the USA very much. Life in my country is very hard these days, so I prefer to live in the Western Europe, and only go home to visit.

Q. Do you come from a big family or a small one? Do you have brothers and sisters? How many?
A. My family is very small, I have only one twin sister.

Q. Do you have close friends who know about your videos? What do you say if people mention the videos?
A. The only people that know about my video work are the people who do the same work, and my sister. I would rather not talk about it to anyone else; they probably won't understand. I haven't had a lot of people ask me about the videos. But if they did, I suppose that my response would depend on their questions, and they way they ask them.

Q. What are your favourite sports? Do you prefer team or individual sports? Which do you like to play and which do you like to watch?
A. I'm not a great team sports enthusiast. I enjoy lifting weights, and I enjoy watching some Olympic sports, as well as things like car racing.