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Interview with: Armando Vargas

Armando Vargas

Q. Are you married?
A. Yes, I am. I also have two children, a boy and a girl.

Q. When did you have your first gay experience?
A. That happened when I was 19 years old. It wasn't a very good experience though.

Q. What do you like in Men? What do you like in women?
A. That's a very open question, so my answer will also be open. The qualities I appreciate most in men are strength, independence, and directness. The qualities I appreciate most in women are warmth, sensitivity, and their nurturing abilities.

Q. Would you allow yourself to be fucked by Joao Pauzao?
A. No, I wouldn't. I don't like to get fucked at all, so I have even less interest in being fucked by some guy with a dick like that!

Q. Hello Armando, I'm a great admirer of yours. I watched two films you worked in, MYSTERY MEN and PARADISE PLANTATION. You are incredible! I'd like to know you you prefer being top or bottom? And have you ever swallowed another man's sperm?
A. Thank you. As you have seen in the videos I made, I definitely prefer being a top. And no, I have never swallowed another man's sperm. I have tasted my own though.

Q. Hi, I think you're spectacular, and I'd like to ask you something. The videos you made with Kristen were all made in Brazil. Do you like the idea of sharing the set with models from other countries in Europe and America? Which ones would you like to act with?
A. Actually, the videos I made with Kristen were both filmed in Venezuela, but the models were Brazilian. I don't think I'd have any problem working with models from other countries. I would only prefer that they speak Portuguese or Spanish so we could understand each other.

Q. What does you and the other actors do to get clean asses?
A. You're asking the wrong person about that.

Q. How long is your dick?
A. About 8 inches (20 cm).

Q. Are you top or bottom? If you are a bottom, can you tell what you are doing that it did not hurt so much?
A. Sorry, I can't advise you about that. I'm a top.

Q. Hi Armando, you are one of my all time favorite Kristen Bjorn models. There are just so many things I'd love to know about you! Where are you from in Brazil? What year were you born in, and what is you Star Sign?
A. I'm from Niteroi, a city just across the Guanabara Bay from Rio de Janeiro. I was born in 1970, and my sign is Scorpio.

Q. What is the design of your tattoo, and does it have any significance you feel you can share?
A. It's just a design, with no real significance.

Q. How did you start with Kristen Bjorn?
A. I had been photographed about six months earlier in Rio by Kristen's assistant, The Bear. He introduced me to Kristen, and he invited me to work with them.

Q. Was your first sexual experience with another guy during the filming? If not, was it an enjoyable one?
A. No, my first sexual experience was a few years before the videos. My video experiences were much better than my first experience with another man off screen.

Q. Your scene with Gustavo Franco in Paradise Plantation was so tender. Was that acting, or was there some bond between you guys?
A. Gustavo and I got along very well, and I tried to create those feelings towards him during the filming. But, I guess you could say that we were acting.

Q. What have you been doing jobwise since the videos and are you likely to return? I hope so! If so, would you consider being a bottom? Thanks for all the pleasure you've given your fans.
A. You're very welcome! It's gratifying to know that you enjoyed my videos. I have working as a security guard at a night club in Rio de Janeiro, amongst other things. At this point in my life, I have no interest in making any more videos though, as either top or bottom.

Q. Armando, could you tell us, what you prefer to do in a porn video, and what you dislike to do ?
A. The thing I prefer to do most of all is to act. I really got into the characters I was playing... But you probably want to know about the sex, right? Let's just say that I was OK with the things that I did. The things I didn't want to do, I didn't do.

Q. Armando, you are, by far, one of Kristen Bjorn's most provocative actors. You're masculine, yet seemingly tender... Assertive, yet somewhat soft-spoken... All qualities that are very attractive in a man. I enjoy you tremendously, and look forward to future films. Muito obrigado, Armando.
A. Thank you for your kind comments about me. I can only say that I am the way I am. I can only hope that people like me.

Q. I would like to say that a big reason for me writing this is that I am starting to learn Spanish, and would like to try to speak and learn more Spanish. I live with three Mexican friends, and I like the Spanish language. I want to speak with people who speak it. Of course it is even more fun to speak and try to learn with someone who is not sitting in front of you. I am a complete softy for Latin men. I think that Latino men are the sexiest men alive in this world! I myself am half German and half Sicilian I bet that if I toned my abdominal muscles and butt muscles I would probably seriously consider working in the adult industry myself. I also think that you are a very handsome man and probably, hopefully have a very sexy voice! Anyway thank you sincerely for reading this e-mail, and look forward to some sort of confirmation of this letter. Keep up the HARD work! Mucho respecto.
A. Thank you. I do understand a lot of Spanish, but I don't speak it. In Brazil, the language we speak is Portuguese. I think that it's a more beautiful language than Spanish.

Q. Congratulations to you and Kristen Bjorn on your photo shoot - the hottest and sexiest site on the Net! Have you done professional mainstream modeling? You should try it if not. Did you enjoy getting naked and hard so publicly on the rooftops of Rio de Janeiro? We're you worried someone might see you and complain, or did that just make the experience better? Thanks again, and more photos please!
A. I'm glad you enjoyed my photos. I guess you're talking about the ones The Bear took of me on the roof top. By nature, I am an exhibitionist, so that was kind of exciting for me! The erotic photos are the only professional photos I've done so far.

Q. What kind of underwear do you wear?
A. I usually wear briefs.

Q. Armando, you are so sexy. Have you worked for other studios, or only for Kristen?
A. Thanks for calling me sexy. I have only done video work for Kristen.

Q. Hello great Armando! Have you been invited to make new gay videos in Brazil? Have you participated in a straight video? Would you participate in a bisexual video? Thanks.
A. I have been invited to make other gay videos here in Brazil, but I have really retired from the video business. I have no interest in making any porno videos at this point, no matter what kind they are.

Q. What turns you on?
A. I guess I'm a passionate person, and I'm most intrigued by the passion in others. I like human warmth, sensuality and affection... I like driving people mad with desire; bringing them to the brink over and over again, until they can't take it anymore! I like to ravish, and be ravished in return.

Q. You are a spectacular man, and in my opinion, one of Kristen Bjorn's sexiest models. I live in Venezuela, and I'm sorry that I didn't meet you when you were filming MYSTERY MEN here, because I wouldn't have let you leave... I'd like to ask you; I've read that you're married, and you have children. I don't know if that's true, but is it easy for a heterosexual to have sex with another man, and to feel attracted to him? When you made love to Sylvio Ferreira, what did you feel? If I told you that I'm madly in love with you, would you spend a moment with me? Have you ever allowed yourself to be penetrated? If so, what was it like? And if not, why haven't you ever tried it?
A. Wow! I'm glad that you found the videos exciting and convincing, but you should understand that they are not real. We were actors making a film, and having sex in a video is nothing like having sex in real life, no matter what your sexual preference is. I don't think it's possible to really make love on a set. And you can't really be in love with me because you don't know me at all... What you know is a fantasy we created for entertainment purposes. I think you should focus instead on the real people around you; the possibilities are all there, and they are endless. And yes, I have been penetrated, but I didn't enjoy it. That's all there is to it.

Q. Hi Armando, can you share a little about yourself: childhood, age, hobbies, favorite places you like to visit, favorite sexual act, personality, first gay experience and relationship, stats, and anything you want your fans to know.
A. I'm now 30 years old. I'm 6' tall (182 cm), and I weigh 185 lbs (85 kilos). My favorite place is a beautiful place in northern Brazil called Canoa Quebrada, which has some amazing beaches. My hobbies are working out, kick boxing, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends... And sex, of course! I like to have a lot of sex!

Q. Hi Armando, I really enjoyed seeing you in your movies with Sylvio Ferreira and wanted to know what it was like to act with him... You two are two of my favorite Bjorn models.
A. Sylvio is a great guy, and we are still friends. It was really a pleasure to work with him.

Q. Man, I wish I could spend one day with you. But I know that is unrealistic. Wish you the best.
A. Well, you never know... Life is full of surprises!

Q. Do you like acting in a video with "Golden Shower" scenes? I mean films where men piss on other men? Have you ever done such films? Would you try to drink it?
A. No, I don't think I would like to do that.

Q. Hello! I enjoy your film very very much and wonder if you were to given a good oral, would you cum in the sucker's mouth. Have you ever cum twice consecutively?
A. Sure, it feels great to cum inside someone's mouth, if that's what they want. I've sort of half cum before, and then had a full orgasm a bit later. That's the closest I've done.

Q. Hello Armando. I have been a Kristen Bjorn fan for some time now and I have said for a long time that you are the hottest guy in any of his videos. You play the romantic parts so well and are so believable, unlike so many erotic performers. Is being romantic part of your personality? I could go on and on about all that I find attractive about you, but can sum it up in that you are probably the most attractive man I have ever seen and I do hope to be able to see you in more of Kristen's productions. In any case, thanks so much for all of the enjoyable moments you have given to me and the other fans. Obrigado, Armando!
A. Eu tambem agradeço! I am a very romantic person, and I love sweeping someone off their feet! It's like a game for me, and I have to be careful not to hurt anyone's feelings.