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Interview with: Reinaldo Madeiros

Reinaldo Madeiros

Q. Hey Reinaldo, You are one of my favorite models without a doubt. You always have such innocent expressions on your face when you are photographed. And being from South America, you are truly blessed with one of the most well developed bodies in existence. You have "super equipment" that would make any man envy you. My question is: do you like visiting the US? Are you currently single or in a relationship?
A. Thank you for the compliments. I have never been to the USA, but I would like to go there someday. And yes, I am presently in a relationship which I have been in for the past 5 years.

Q. Which costar did you most enjoy getting fucked by?
A. I would have to say Fernando Leite. We worked together in JUNGLE HEAT and MYSTERY MEN. He's a cool guy, and we got along well together.

Q. Hi Reinaldo. I discovered Kristen Bjorn videos a few months ago. Aside from the quality, I'm impressed by the models. Even though they are explicit, it's a turn-on to know that there's a real person in those scenes. I'd like to know, what type of work you do these days? And, when can we expect to see you in another KB video?
A. Thanks, I'm glad that you enjoyed the videos. For work, I run a surf shop in my home town. I love the ocean, so it's a good job for me. As for making more videos, I decided to retire from videos for good. My last one, was my last one!

Q. Hey. I saw your photo on Kristen's website about a year ago, and I was absolutely blown away by your physical presence. But it's not until last week when I was in Sydney for the Olympics that I finally had the money to buy one of the videos that you're in - Jungle Heat. It was funny, but I'm not sure whether I came back home more exited about having been to the Olympics or the thought of watching you on film! And now, I log on to KB's site for the first time in ages and there is the opportunity to write to you. So this is pretty damn cool. I don't know what your motivation was for making this film, but I really hope that you are proud of the fact that you were a part of something that portrays sexuality so beautifully. You have been blessed with (I think) a near perfect face/body and it must be interesting to have such an intricate record of yourself at the physical prime of your life. If you don't mind, could you share a little bit about your life, what led you to make the films with Kristen and what you experienced because of it. I hope that you have a life filled with much joy and peace and want express my thanks for sharing such an intimate part of yourself with strangers like me, a young guy on the other side of the world (Australia).
A. Thank you for the very kind compliments. It is gratifying to know that something I did years ago here in Brazil could have such a strong effect on someone in Australia... A country I have wanted to go to for a long time! What lead me to making films with Kristen? At first, it was the money. But later, it was also the challenge of doing something interesting and different.

Q. Do you ever have trouble with penises that are too large? What is the largest penis you have ever worked with (or on)? I wish mine looked like yours. Beautiful!
A. Thanks. The costar with the biggest dick I ever worked with (or ever saw, for that matter!) was Caio Amaral. I shot a scene together with him and Renato Soares back in 1989. Unfortunately, Kristen told me that the entire footage from that video was stolen before it was ever released.

Q. Hello, Reinaldo, I'm a Brazilian like you, and I'd like you to answer the following questions: have you ever swallowed another man's semen? Have you ever been fucked by two men at the same time? Have you ever ejaculated in another man's mouth? What do you think about this sexual practice? Kisses from your fan!
A. Well, you're not the shy type, are you! To all of these questions, my answer is no. What do I think about that kind of sex? I think that all forms of sex are good, as long as it is consensual.

Q. You are the very best. No other model has turned me on as much as you, Even in the early J/O videos such as CHAMPS. So, do you ever enjoy gay sex away from the camera? Have you ever clipped or trimmed your pubic hair? Please make another video like MYSTERY MEN.
A. Thanks. Yes, I have enjoyed gay sex away from the camera. And yes, I do trim my pubic hair from time to time... It's just part of my regular grooming.

Q. Reinaldo, like many people who watch Kristen's films, I think you're very hot. I'd like to know if in real life you are gay, bisexual, or hetero. I'd also like to know if you are a top, a bottom, or versatile.
A. Thanks for the comment about me being hot! I prefer to define myself as a sexual human being, and I'm able to enjoy myself sexually many different ways. Since you have seen my videos, you probably already know that I am versatile.

Q. How old are you now? Where do you live? Are you married? Have you ever hustled?
A. It's hard for me to believe it, but I'm 30 years old now! I live in a small coastal town in southern Brazil... Excuse me for not telling you which one; I enjoy my privacy have been in a long term relationship for 5 years, so I guess you could say I'm married, although I don't like the sound of that word. Have I ever hustled? No, I haven't.

Q. Hello Mister Medeiros, I hope you'll read this message and answer it. (Excuse my bad English, I'm French!). Do you feel real pleasure when you're acting? Or do you always control yourself because of the camera, lights, assistants on the set? I ask you that because you seems a little different from most of actors: you look smart, and your body is always very elegant. You are not smiling stupidly all the time. You seems to be both concentrating and natural when you fuck or when your are fucked. You look intellectual too. You are smart also, even when you have an orgasm. Could you explain what goes on in your mind when the camera starts rolling, and just before? To have sex in front of camera always gives you pleasure? And if the answer is yes, is it better than you have sex with your boy or girl friend? Your eyes also seem to tell us that you know exactly what you are doing, a sex movie, but without cynicism. With pleasure and a little bit of distance and humor. (At least at the beginning of the action, before pain or pleasure come...) Was it your dream to make porn movies? Or would you like to be an actor in normal movies? And what is it easier, (or what do you prefer): to fuck or to be fucked? With two or more? Is the partner important? Do you choose him? Is sex possible if you don't like any part of an other actor or do you have sex only with friends to make movies? Is the dick the most important thing in a partner? You are a very mystery: in all your performances, you are never indecent. Sexy but not vulgar. Natural as if you were doing something else than sex, but so glamorous too. Like Cary Grant. Same good looking and cute face. At last, (excuse the length of this question, but it's the first time I'm interested in porno star, and that's because it's you!), what could you tell us about yourself, your family, your studies, your taste, your passions, what movies you like and so on? Do your family and friends know you are a porn star? Did you begin young? I wish you great success in your life. I don't know your age but I hope life will smile for you. Thank you to answer. OBRIGADO. Congratulations. Greetings from Paris.
A. Wow, those are a lot of questions! Making videos is always hard work. There can be moments of pleasure, but it's mostly work. What is going on in my mind when the cameras are rolling? Usually I'm thinking about whatever it is that I'm supposed to be doing. I can't say that it was ever my dream to make porno videos... That's something I didn't even know about, or even thought about before I started. Sure, it would have been great to act in a real movie or on TV, but I never had the opportunity to do that kind of work. About fucking, I think that it's always easier to fuck than get fucked. Getting fucked takes a lot of concentration, as well as a lot of douching! It's also easier to work in a group than it is to be one on one. When there are just two of us, the action is always concentrated on us. I never chose any of my costars in a video; the director makes those choices. But, in real life, you can be sure that I choose my sex partners carefully! My family doesn't know about my video work, but some of my friends do. I made my first videos, CHAMPS, and ISLAND FEVER when I was 18 years old.

Q. Hi, Reinaldo! I just wanted to say that, out of all of Kristen's models, you are by far and away my favorite. I've collected all of your videos, and think you're really hot! Thanks for all the great work that you've put out on film. I just wanted to ask you... Do you see yourself returning to work for Kristen? He's cast you in so many movies, I would imagine he'd love to work with you again (as would the fans!) I also wonder whether you prefer cut or uncut? I heard you're straight in your private life, so maybe you don't have a preference about this. Just curious though! Thanks again, you're the best!
A. Thank you. No, I've retired for good from the videos business, but you can still watch me in the videos I made. I don't think I have ever seen a circumcised dick before, so I have no opinion about which is better. But I think that nature probably knows what she is doing.

Q. Tell me when and how your first experience with another man was. Did you enjoy it? Please give me all the details. I'm looking forward to your answer.
A. My first sexual experience with a man wasn't a good one. When I was eight years old, I was molested by a much older boy. It was a very bad experience, and I'd rather not go into the details about it.

Q. I think you are really great looking, and I'm sure you're a nice person as well. I was wondering how you became involved in the porn business. Do you have plans for the future?
A. Thanks. In 1988, I was recruited in my hometown to do a male review show in Rio called A NOITE DOS LEOPARDOS (The Night of the Leopards). It was there that I was introduced to Kristen. He photographed me, and later invited me to make my first video, CHAMPS, which was a solo scene with three other guys from the show. Later, he asked me to work in a hardcore video, ISLAND FEVER. Kristen left Brazil shortly after that, and I only heard from him again in 1993, when he invited me to work on another four videos he was shooting. As for the future, I don't think that anyone in Brazil thinks too far into the future... In this country, things can change drastically from one day to the next. Since you never know what's going to happen, it's hard to make long term plans.

Q. Dear Reinaldo, I have been a fan for all the years you have been making movies. At what age did you first make love to another guy?
A. I would say that the first time I made love to another man was when I was 19. I had sex before that, but it wasn't what I'd call making love.

Q. You were unbelievable in MYSTERY MEN. How did you like working with your partner in that film? Did you enjoy the sex? Tell me anything else you remember about that film!
A. MYSTERY MEN was an interesting video to work on, because, aside from the sex, it involved a lot of real acting. My scene was about two guys who had a difficult relationship, and ended up breaking apart, even though they still loved each other. I got to act out a number of emotions, like sadness and anger. I had to think about different things that had happened to me in real life to get into the right mood for those scenes. I liked that, it was really cool.

Q. Hey. I think you're amazingly good looking. Kristen said that you lived in a small coastal town in Southern Brazil and I read somewhere (I think, could be wrong here) that you've been married with kids. How do you balance small town/family life, with the videos you made with Kristen? Has it ever created any difficulties for you? And something that I've always wondered -- how does it feel knowing that guys (and girls I guess) are going to be watching these films for probably at least the rest of your life? Is it a turn on to think that you're going to bring pleasure to so many people for so long or does it feel more negative?
A. Well, you have heard a lot about me, but it's not completely right. I've been in a relationship for the past five years, but I have no children... Unless two dogs and a parrot count! Actually, I like the fact that people enjoy my work, and I hope that they will continue to enjoy it in the future. But, I did have some serious problems several years ago when a few magazines and videos showed up in my town. Some people here tried to ridicule me, and they made my life difficult for a while. I don't know why people are so mean, but they are.

Q. Reinaldo, you, of all the men of Kristen Bjorn, are the one that stays with me. What is it about you? You have an incredible presence. In any scene or with anyone, you focus this intense projection and involvement of yourself, in being there, in the moment, nothing else exists. And this quality precludes any questions about true sexuality or pretending before a camera. It doesn't matter. You manage, somehow, to be all men, the first man, before there was any woman, the last man, the only man, free of any idea of sin, totally hypersexual and supernova of affection, some kind of force of love, though the body and from the heart. This is no one else like you and there will never be another.
A. Wow, what beautiful words... Are you sure that you're talking about me?

Q. How often do you masturbate?
A. Not too often... Maybe once a week. I prefer to have sex with someone else.

Q. What type of underwear do you wear?
A. During the day I usually wear my swimsuit under my pants, but at night I wear cotton briefs. Sometimes I sleep in boxers.

Q. With men, what is/was your favourite sexual activity?
A. It's hard choose one particular thing; it really depends on the moment, and who I'm with. I think that the best thing about sex with another man is that I know exactly what he is feeling. With women, you just never know.

Q. Hello, how are you? Anyhow, let's get to the questions! How many languages do you speak? If more than one, which ones? Have you traveled much? What is the most beautiful place you've been? What is the most horrible place? Do you find that you're recognized often. Are people civil when they recognize you if so? And lastly, which type of man do you find the most beautiful? What qualities about men are the most seductive? Thanks, you're a cutie!
A. I know of few words of English and Spanish, but I really speak only Portuguese. I have traveled over most of Brazil, and also to some other countries in South America like Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, and Colombia. The ugliest place I have ever been is an industrial city in Brazil called Cubatao. It's so polluted there that the cancer and birth defect rates are many times higher than other places. A far as beauty go, I think that healthy, athletic people, with dark tans look sexiest. Aside from that, the inner beauty of a person always shines through. It's something that you can't hide.

Q. Reinaldo - you are one of Kristen's hottest models of all time. Do you still have that incredible tan line?
A. I don't know how incredible that could be, but yes, I still have a tan line.

Q. Is there a way to contact you? Do you have an e-mail? Do you hustle?
A. Sorry, the answer to all three questions is no.

Q. Hi Reinaldo. I've loved you since I saw you in ISLAND FEVER. How to be healthy with your uncut dick? Do you clean it up everyday? When was your first sexual experience? Was it with a male or female?
A. I don't really understand your first question. I wash my dick about three times a day, along with the rest of my body. My first complete sexual experience was with a girl when I was fifteen.

Q. Dear Reinaldo, I have always thought that you had the classic gorgeous Roman profile, I especially enjoyed your erotic performance in ISLAND FEVER. Then a few years ago, I got to go to Rome and in the tour of the Vatican Museum, to my astonishment, there you were in marble. A beautiful Roman bust with your face. I stared for at least five minutes and was tempted to kiss those marble lips pretending they were yours, but the Vatican guard was watching so I moved on. Blessed is the man or woman who get to kiss your lips constantly.
A. Thank you. That's interesting because all of my grandparents were from Italy. Maybe the statue you saw was of an ancestor of mine... It could be that modeling runs in the family!

Q. Who was you favorite costar to work with? Who had the best dick to suck? Who sucked the best? Who fucked you the best? And who was the best one to fuck?
A. Fernando Leite was my favorite costar, because the two of us had a lot in common, and he made me laugh a lot. As for the other things, I'm really not used to being asked questions like that. If you watch my videos again, I'm sure you can answer those questions for me.

Q. I've really enjoyed all the videos you've been in and hope very much that you'll be back in another real soon! I've just a few questions I'd love you to answer... Where are you from in Brazil, how old are you (year of birth) and which is your star sign? Which do you prefer being; top or bottom, as you've done both to perfection in my eyes? Thank you so very much from a long standing fan.
A. I'm glad to hear you liked the videos. I hope you don't mind if I don't tell you where in Brazil I'm from, because that's where I still live. I was born in 1970, and my sign is Libra. I prefer being top, because a lot of guys are really insensitive when they fuck... They try to stick it in any way at all, and that can be very uncomfortable.

Q. You are one of my all-time favorite porn actors. You are just a beautiful man. I would love to meet you in person. Do you prefer men or women?
A. I don't know... I guess that would depend on which man and which woman you're talking about.

Q. Thank you for doing such a great job in your films and for doing so many. You are a really intense individual (sexually). Wish I could give you a big hug. Question: What do you consider yourself intimately? Do you like being close with your partner during sex, intimate, with a lot of kissing?
A. It takes me a while to warm up to someone, but when I do, the feeling lasts for a long time. When I'm in love with someone, I can never get enough hugs and kisses from them.

Q. Reinaldo, You have great skin, great tan line, great body, great face, great eyes, and a strong sensual presence on film. Your lovers have been very lucky. I hope your lovers have appreciated the quality guy they had in you. Thanks for your work in Kristen's films. Once Kristen has your films put on DVD, your beauty will be preserved in high quality for many years longer than the videos ever could. Tell us more about your personality.
A. Thanks for all the compliments. It's a little hard to tell you about myself unless you ask me a more specific question.

Q. Reinaldo, you have to be one of the sexiest models of Kristen Bjorn. you are so masculine when you are getting fucked. You look like you really enjoy it, especially in THE CARACAS ADVENTURE when you are sitting on that beautiful man's dick. You look like you are concentrating. What are you concentrating on? Are you concentrating on enjoying that dick up your ass? Or are you concentrating on moving that ass to get your man to enjoy your dick? Because of you I am learning Portuguese, and planning my vacation to Brazil. I hope all Brazilian men are like you. I hope I get lucky. Please tell me what gay beach I should go? I hope Kristen is thinking of putting you in a new video, I miss seeing your hot bod. Finally, what do you think of Mexican men? Tchau bonito!
A. Well, you ask what I am concentrating on when I make a video. I think that I'm mainly concentrating on doing a good job, and giving a good performance for the camera. I'm not sure what city in Brazil you're going to. But, you're probably going to Rio, as most tourists do. In that case, I think that the most popular gay beach there is in Ipanema, between lifeguard stations 8 and 9. And as for your question about my opinion about Mexicans? I have never met one before, so I will have to reserve my judgment until you come to Brazil.

Q. Kristen always finds the sexiest guys for his films and you're probably my favorite of them all. I'm wondering what you've learned from Kristen about having sex on camera. What sorts of things do you have to keep in mind while filming?
A. Everything I know about having sex on camera I've learned from Kristen. What are some of the most important things to remember? Never look at the camera... Keep your hands from covering the action... And give the director plenty of notice when you are ready to cum!

Q. Having now seen all your appearances in the KB line, I now know that you are, without doubt, one of the most beautiful and accomplished models to grace either a KB or any other video I have seen, and I am so pleased that you have finally been included in this Ask the Stars section. I would like to ask what made you give up appearing in the KB movies, what have you been up to since, will you be making a comeback and, if so when, and finally, have you appeared with any other studios? Since seeing you first in ISLAND FEVER, and instantly becoming a fan, I would just like to thank you for sharing your exceptional beauty and sensuality with us.
A. Thank you. I decided to stop making videos after catching a lot of flack in the town I live in, where everyone knows everyone else's business. Also, making videos is a lot of work, and it wears thin after a while. What have I been doing since I made my last video 6 years ago? Many, many things... Mainly living, and trying to be happy. I believe that is what really matters in life, to be happy, no? I haven't worked for any other producer aside from Kristen, and I have no plans to make any more videos again. But, then again, who knows what the future holds?.