Kalman Faludi Interview / Kristen Bjorn / Bareback Porn

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Interview with: Kalman Faludi

Kalman Faludi

Q. Kalman, I think that you have one of the most beautiful bodies in gay porn, and you have one of the best asses too. Do you enjoy bottoming? Which position do you prefer? Will you work for Kristen Again?
A. Thank you for the compliments. You know, I only get fucked when I make a video, so I don't have too much experience at it, and I haven't tried to do it in many different positions so far. I can't really say that I enjoy it; it can be quite uncomfortable, especially when lights are burning my feet, and a cameraman is filming underneath me.

Q. Have you ever worked with other directors? If so, with whom?
A. I made a video for the French company Claire, but I don't know the name of the director or the title of the video

Q. Kalman, This will probably sound crazy, but do you ever smile....maybe just a little grin or smirk? On all of your pictures you are so very stern looking......you look like you are mad at the entire world. It would be very nice if we were to see a photo of you where you looked like you were enjoying life. Think about it. You do have a beautiful muscular body....you should be proud of your looks.
A. Yes I do smile, whenever I have a reason to. I think that I am a reasonably happy person... maybe that's not evident in the videos.

Q. Boy, if all Russians look like you I'll move from South America to Russia right away...you have the most beautiful-rock-hard body I've ever seen on video...and I like the way you look at the camara..it makes you manly enough for any guy to crave for you...so, what is the thing (sexually speaking) that you do when you have sex with a guy that makes him feel in heaven and gets him off? Have you ever had sex with a Latin American guy? What kind of guy turns you on the most?
A. Thank you. Actually I am Hungarian, so maybe you should think about moving to Hungary instead of Russia! I don't have a lot of sexual experience with other men outside of the video shoots, so I don't know what to tell you. And when shooting a video, the models don't have much choice, they must do what the director asks them to do. It's not like having sex in your private life.

Q. Have you ever had sex with a Latin American guy? What kind of guy turns you on the most?
A. No, I haven't. I think that men are sexiest when they have muscle, and look really healthy.

Q. What do you like the most: foreplay, fucking or the aftermath?
A. I like it all!

Q. Hi Kalman, I'm a big fan. How to be hygienic with your uncut dick?
A. I suppose I keep my uncut dick clean the same way that you keep your cut dick clean; with soap and water.

Q. Underwear really turns me on. And as a bi-guy, I enjoy to watch a handsome, muscled and masculine guy, as you are, in very small underwear, specially if it comes with a very nice package as yours. What kind of underwear do you wear?
A. I usually wear briefs. I don't care so much about designer labels; so I buy what ever is cheapest, and looks OK. That would be some Hungarian brand you probably have never heard of.

Q. Did you and Sergei Jordonov know each other before working with Kristen Bjorn, or did you guys just meet then?
A. We had met each other briefly in Budapest, and of course we traveled to the USA together, and got to know each other a bit before we started working. Sergei is a really nice guy. We got along well together.

Q. What languages do you speak? Do you know English? What's life like in Russia or the country you are from?
A. The only language I really know is Hungarian. It's not a very practical language outside of Hungary, but that's what I speak. What is life in Hungary like? That's not such an easy question to answer. It can be good, or bad, depending on what you make of it. Personally, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Q. I think you're performance in Manwatcher was great and was wondering if you would do another video for Kristen? Thanks.
A. Last year Kristen invited me back, and I said that I didn't want to make anymore videos. I was feeling sort of burned out from the videos... But now that some time has passed, I might work with Kristen again. That is, if he wants me back again!

Q. Hi, thank you for making those nice videos. How did you get your ass so clean, is there a special routine that you have to do before you get fucked?
A. It surprises me that a gay person would ask me that question. Don't all gay men know how to clean their asses before sex? You have to have an enema. I didn't know that before I started making videos, but I was still a novice at gay sex.

Q. You are gorgeous, face, body, attitude! In A WORLD OF MEN, how did you like your partner Sergei Jordanov?
A. Thank you. I like Sergei very much. But we made the video MANWATCHER together, not A WORLD OF MEN. My co-stars in that video were Atilla Sipos and Sasha Borov. I also got along very well with them. We were always telling jokes, and having fun. That was the first time I had traveled outside of Hungary, so it was an exciting time for me.

Q. What are your sexual fantasy preferences? Kissing, nipple play? Body frottage? Cock Fighting?
A. I like kissing and touching, and fucking of course! I don't have really kinky sexual tastes though.

Q. Hey there, I personally think that there is nothing more erotic than a scene that includes both of these, yet there are no gay themed movies that ever include spandex or sheer underwear. I know I'm not alone in this because the internet is loaded with news groups and sites about this. Do you find these things sexy? Do you ever wear them?
A. I sometimes wear spandex shorts to work out, but it's not a sexual turn on for me.

Q. Hi Kalman, I hope you know you're one hot guy! I've managed to see you in Gangsters At Large & Manwatcher, and wow, your scenes are hot! I'd love to know which one you preferred doing.
A. I would say that I preferred working on MANWATCHER. The location was more comfortable, and since I was more experienced, the shoot was easier for me.

Q. How old are you? What is your star sign?
A. I'm 24 years old, and my star sign is Leo.

Q. Do your family & friends know about your work with Kristen Bjorn? If so, are they cool about it? Many thanks for the great work & hope to see you in more videos real soon please.
A. My family doesn't know anything about it, and they would definitely NOT be cool about it if they knew! The only friends of mine that know about it are other models who have also made videos.

Q. You are good enough to eat! Have you ever had sex with Brazilian men? What was the most exciting video scene you have shot?
A. Thank you, but please don't eat me! I don't think I have ever even met a Brazilian, much less had sex with one. It sounds like it would be a very exotic experience, though! I think that the most exciting scene I filmed was the orgy scene in GANGSTERS AT LARGE. I had never seen anything like that before, and I never even knew that it was possible for so many people to have sex together!

Q. Hi from Greece! Wow, you definitely are a hot guy! I would like to ask if you ever have been refused by a good looking guy when you asked him to make love! I'm asking this, because I can't imagine anyone to say no to you! If you ever visit Greece, you can be sure you will have many fans adoring You!
A. Thank you. Maybe I should go to Greece if I have so many adoring fans there! I never knew that... As I said earlier, the only times I have sex with other men is during filming. I guess the other models can't say no to me at that point! But women have turned me down many times; I think they are more interested in money than in a pretty face.

Q. Are you straight or gay? because I think it's really weird when these other people say they're straight and they're married and they have kids but they're still doing gay videos. Do you get that?
A. Well, I guess I am one of those people you find so weird. In my normal life, I am straight, but I perform in gay videos. To me it's not a contradiction, it's just a preference. What's the big deal?

Q. I am a top so I really don't care about the size of your penis (and yes you do have a fantastic ass), but do you wish you had a bigger penis to go along with that beautiful face and body? If you do I just wanna tell you that you're super hot, so don't let let bother you. I'd do you with no penis.
A. I have never had a complex about the size of my penis before.... Until now! Is it too small? Maybe I should trade it in for a bigger one, don't you think?

Q. How do you feel about bondage? For me you would make the PERFECT slave. You chained in my basement nude. Totally at my command. I'd ravage your beautiful body for weeks given the chance. Have you ever tried that? What do you think of it?
A. The only time I have ever been bound was during the filming of GANGSTERS AT LARGE. It was fun for filming, but I don't think I would like to try that in real life. I'm really not a very kinky guy!

Q. Do you have any brothers and sisters?
A. Yes, I have two younger sisters.

Q. What city do you reside in?
A. I live in Budapest.

Q. Do you have another job besides porn?
A. Yes. In my normal life, I am an auto mechanic. Video work is only something I have done a few times, it's not really a career.