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Interview with: Andras Garotni

Andras Garotni

Q. I'd like to know something; when you have sex with guys, do you like to swallow their cum?
A. No, I don't.

Q. Are you straight, bisexual or gay?
A. I like sex in all sorts of different ways. I don't see a need to label myself one way or another.

Q. Have you ever hustled?
A. I guess that depends on how you define prostitution. I've had sex in videos for money.

Q. Do you prefer being a top or a bottom?
A. I prefer being a top.

Q. How did you enter into the gay world?
A. I wasn't aware that I had ever entered another world... I thought we were all on planet earth.

Q. To me you are Kristen's best looking and best performing model. Where do you get such good looks from ---- your Mom, or your Dad?
A. Thank you. I look more like my mother, although I have some of my father's features too.

Q. Is your ancestry Hungarian only, or do you have other ethnic ancestry also?
A. I don't know how much you know about Hungary. Over our history we have been invaded by the Romans, the Mongols, the Turks, the Russians, and just about everyone else you can think of. So, most people in Hungary are of a mixed origin.

Q. How old were you when you made THE ANCHOR HOTEL, and how old are you now?
A. I was 21 at the time. Now, I'm 24.

Q. Was making THE ANCHOR HOTEL your first and last sexual experience with guys?
A. No, it wasn't my first ... and it certainly wasn't my last!

Q. Do you currently live in Budapest?
A. I live in a town outside of Budapest.

Q. Any chance of Kristen being able to get you to do another movie?
A. For the moment, I'll have to say no. At this time in my life I want to explore other possibilities... The videos were a valid experience, but there isn't much future in that kind of work.

Q. What do you currently do to keep in shape?
A. Unfortunately, I haven't been working out like I used to... I have more responsibilities now, and less time for sports.

Q. Andras, I want to know how was your first time with a man, please give me all the details. Congratulations, you have an amazing body and a beautiful face.
A. Thank you for the compliment. My first experience with another man wasn't a good one. He was a model agent and producer in Hungary who told me I had to have sex with him in order to work with him. He was old, fat, unattractive, and smelly. He laid me on a bed, and put his dick in me without a condom. Luckily, it wasn't a very big dick, and he came in about 10 seconds, but it still hurt. That's not a very sexy story, is it?

Q. Hello Andras from Canada. I also think you are beautiful. But then you probably already know that. I was wondering what you do when you are not modeling for Kristen?
A. I have done many things. At the moment, I am working as a waiter in a restaurant in my town.

Q. How did you first get into doing a video for Kristen?
A. The agent who I mentioned earlier sent my photos to Kristen, who later invited me to film a video in Miami.

Q. What did you find odd about making a video?
A. Just about everything! The experience of making a video is nothing like the way it looks when it's finished. When I saw myself on video for the first time I thought; my God, I didn't realize we were having so much fun!

Q. What kind of experience was it making THE ANCHOR HOTEL and HUNGARIANS? And how were they different?
A. They were very different experiences. THE ANCHOR HOTEL shoot was all very professional, but it was a lot more work! The director and crew for HUNGARIANS weren't as serious, or as professional. It also wasn't as much work to do.

Q. Do you prefer to do scenes with just one guy or with a group?
A. I might prefer a scene with just one other guy, but only if he's the right guy.

Q. What is you wildest sexual fantasy that you would like to see come true?
A. I would like to try sex under water sometime.

Q. What is your favourite colour/food/city/person/movie?
A. Blue, cherry soup, New York, and The Matrix.

Q. Do you prefer to fuck, be fucked, rim, suck cock ... what is your favourite thing to do with another guy?
A. My favorite thing is to fuck.

Q. What do you think is your best quality/worst quality?
A. I think my best quality is my honesty. My worst quality is probably my stubbornness.

Q. What do you think is sexy in another guy?
A. I think that muscular, well defined arms are very sexy.

Q. You have been one of my favorite models since I first saw you in "HUNGARIANS." You are truly one of the most handsome men I have ever seen in film. I had seen the Bel Ami photos of you in Freshmen magazine (as Leo Nemeth), but I didn't realize you were the same model when I first saw you in HUNGARIANS. THAT was a delightful surprise. Your scene in THE ANCHOR HOTEL is also a Kristen Bjorn highlight! How and why did Bel Ami let you slip away? Why did they not put you in videos right away once you modeled for them?
A. I don't really know for sure. The Hungarian agent that sent me to Bel Ami for the photo shoot told me that George Duroy didn't want to do video work with me. But, since practically everything the agent told me was a lie, this probably was as well.

Q. Did you ever do or consider doing any mainstream modeling? You certainly have the face and body to rival any of the male supermodels who have done print and runway work.
A. I was actually invited to New York by someone in the fashion industry a few years ago, who promised to get me started in the modeling industry. When I got to New York, I discovered that the man really only wanted to have sex with me, and that's all. That gave me a bad impression of the fashion industry.

Q. Most all of Kristen's fans are impressed by the no-hands cumshots that he is famous for including in his videos. Do you have any secrets for achieving one? Please tell us how you do it.
A. Yes, I do have a secret for achieving one, but that's a secret!

Q. Which models that you have worked with were your favorites. Are there any that you would like to work with but haven't?
A. My favorites were Ivan Cseska and Gabor Szabo. I think that Sandor Vesanyi and Ferenc Botos would be fun to work with.

Q. Is there any chance of your doing more videos with Kristen? [Please say YES! : )]
A. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but at this time I have some important responsibilities. I'm a father of a two year old son, and I have to earn money to take care of him. If I go away to make another video, I will lose the steady job that I now have.

Q. What hairstyle do you have at the present time? Do you prefer it long or short?
A. I actually prefer to keep it short, like I have it right now. It was long when I shot THE ANCHOR HOTEL because the man in the New York fashion industry I mentioned earlier told me to grow it long before our meeting.

Q. Tell us how you manage to shoot so much cum? It's so much you could almost fill a beer glass! Do you have a special diet, or are you just naturally blessed?
A. I don't really think that I could fill a beer glass... Maybe only a shot glass! I don't know why I cum so much... It can be pretty messy at times!

Q. You project a happy, upbeat personality on screen. You seem to be very aroused and to be having a very good time. Your unbelievably good looks together with that on screen persona make you the most desirable actor in porn in my opinion. Do you enjoy sex with guys? Do enjoy being a bottom?
A. I enjoy all kinds of sex, when it's with the right people. Bottoming can be exciting, but it can also be painful. That's why I prefer being top.

Q. I'd like to ask you something; are you happy being uncut? which one would you like better, having sex with uncut man or with cut man?
A. I didn't understand this question until it was explained to me... I have never seen or had sex with a circumcised man, so I can't give you an opinion about that. As for being happy about not having part of my penis cut off, It's like being asked if I'm happy not having my nose or my ear cut off. What do you think?

Q. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer questions. You are my favourite of Kristen's models and one of the most beautiful. I was wondering where you live now? In Europe? Also have you been to the US? If, so where was your favourite spot?
A. Thank you very much. I presently live in Hungary. In the USA, I've been to Miami and New York. I thought that New York was great!

Q. First of all, although I believe you've read a lot of comments like this, you're absolutely gorgeous. Not only are you a very good looking man, but I think you're very sexy indeed. I really like your performance in "Anchor Hotel," and of course your partner's too. I'd maybe like to see you from behind in your active performance. I bet your butt while fucking must be a AAA+++ sight!!! Well, I suppose that must be a comment for Mr. Bjorn. Now on, I would like to know what kind of music do you like best and if you like to have sex while listening it. Also I would like to know if you like reading and if you so, what kind of reading is it. Well, thanks for your attention to this post and receive a cyberhug greeting from Mexico (too bad I can only made it cyber...).
A. Thank you very much. I have been told before that I am handsome, but I haven't heard it too many times... I still love to hear that. About music, for dancing I like techno. For quiet times, and romantic encounters, I prefer classical music, particularly Chopin. When I was in school, I had to read many books, but now I don't have enough patience to read them.

Q. Hi. I'd like to know if you ever bottomed for a double penetration?
A. No, have you?

Q. Do you prefer to have sex with men or women? Have you ever made a straight porn video?
A. I have never made a straight porno video for two reasons; the men are paid very badly, and because they don't allow the models to use condoms. It seems that they don't care about their model's health at all! About my preference for men or women... I don't know. They're like peaches and cherries, they're different from each other, but both are good.

Q. Do the men in your country look as good as you?
A. There are many good looking men in Hungary, but I hope that I am better looking than most!

Q. You've been a favorite model of mine for some time. I'm curious about how you approached posing nude when you first started? Were you nervous about it? Excited? Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist or has being nude in front of a camera something you had to get used to?
A. From the beginning I thought it was exciting. I enjoy being admired and looked at... Being photographed is very good for my ego.

Q. Have you ever had an orgasm so intense that you shot without touching your dick? I have never been able to achieve that.
A. No, I don't think so. Does it count if someone else is touching my dick?

Q. I've heard that you made some films for the BEL AMI people. Is that true? And what would say is the biggest differences between the way they make movies and the way Kristen Bjorn does? Can you give us a little detail on how you came to work in these films? And did you enjoy the work! We sure did!
A. I guess you heard wrong, because I never made a video for Bel Ami. I was photographed by George Duroy once, though. I couldn't speak directly to him since we didn't speak the same language, but he seemed very nice and friendly.

Q. I love your work. You are wonderful. Do you shave or trim your pubic hair for filming? When you are not filming, so you allow your pubic hair to grow out?
A. I don't shave my pubic hair ever, but I usually keep it cut short as part of my normal grooming procedure.

Q. I think you have one of the most intense eyes and beautiful lips. Are you a great kisser? (smile) Continued success.
A. Thank you. I can't say for sure if I am a great kisser or not, but so far I have received no complaints!

Q. Have you ever tried toe fucking. I love feet and love to see toe sucking and fucking. Can you do it in your next film? Please!
A. I don't think that I will be doing another video, but even if I were, that isn't my decision to make. I do what the director tells me to do.

Q. I have been a fan of yours since seeing you in a video released here in Britain under the name "Wet Dreams" (no relation to the current KB release). It was a beautiful soft core film set in baths in Budapest which I visited last year, just so that I could walk in your footsteps and bathe in the same pools as you did. I showered where you did and even had a water massage where you got hosed down in the video! Your performances in HUNGARIANS and THE ANCHOR HOTEL are fantastic, and the way you almost piss cum is enough to set me off every time! Question: do you live in Budapest now or do you travel? Are you still making male interest films or have you found a less energetic way to make your living? Whatever you answers, I wish you very well for your future life.
A. Thanks for your interest in my work, I have made a couple of soft core videos a few years ago, but I have never seen them, and I don't know the titles. I'm glad that you enjoyed my videos.