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Interview with: Sylvio Ferreira

Sylvio Ferreira

Q. Why did you stop doing films? You are so hot (every time I see your films I get a hard on...)! Will you ever do some new films?
A. I stopped making videos because of a relationship I got involved in after making the last one. As for me making more videos, I not really sure. But anything is possible.

Q. In real life, you are bottom or top? Are you are straight or gay?
A. I'm gay. With some people I'm a top, and with others I'm a bottom. It all depends on the moment, and how turned on I am.

Q. I understand you are from Brazil. What city are you from? What's your favourite place in Brazil?
A. I'm from a small town in the state of Minas Gerais. But my favorite place in Brazil is Rio de Janeiro, where I am living.

Q. You are my all time favorite of all the models Kristen Bjorn has used. I have more pictures of you saved than of any of the others and by a wide margin. In your profile you are categorized as versatile. Is there any position that is a strong favorite of yours?
A. That's really cool. I'm very gratified to know that you like my pictures so much. As for preferences, I actually do have one..., but it's a secret!

Q. In Caracas Adventure there seemed to be a real chemistry between you and Gaspar Moreno. Am I right? If so, have the two of you kept anything going since then?
A. While filming THE CARACAS ADVENTURE, we were staying at a really at a really beautiful place, and there was some chemistry between Gaspar and I. These days we still talk, and we're friends, but there's nothing else between us now.

Q. Your profile also says you have a degree in architecture. Are you doing anything with it?
A. I work indirectly with architecture, but at the moment my main work is selling oriental carpets at a shop in Rio.

Q. Are you in a relationship with anyone at the current time and, if so, how long has it been going on?
A. At the moment I'm not seeing anyone. But I hope to find someone again.

Q. Do you ever visit the USA?
A. No, I've never been to the USA, but I would like very much to go. Is this an invitation?

Q. What are your long term desires and plans for the future?
A. I have many plans, and a few desires for the future, but let's let the future handle itself.

Q. Hi, Sylvio! You are my idol. Where must I go to meet as hung men as you and your co-actors?
A. All you need to do is pay a visit to my gym, and you'll find some. Other good places to look in Rio is the lifeguard station #10 on Ipanema beach, or in front of the Country Club, also in Ipanema.

Q. What kind of music do you like?
A. I like a bit of everything, but over all I prefer modern Brazilian music, rock, and tecno.

Q. Dear Sylvio, what do you like to do immediately after a good fucking?
A. Well, the best thing to do after a good fucking is to start fucking again!

Q. Hi! I am 27, I live in Europe and I am crazy for you. How many times per day are you able to shoot your cum? What is the part of man's body you like to shoot on?
A. There are days when I cum 3 or 4 times, it depends on who I'm with! But, if I don't find someone else to do it with, I jack off at least once a day. The part of a man's body that I like to cum on most is his face.

Q. You are my all time favorite Kristen Bjorn model! I can't believe I have the opportunity to ask my favorite sex idol a few questions so here goes; You have such a luscious beautiful cock, do you have a preference for sucking cock or being sucked dry?
A. Thank you. I prefer to have my dick sucked.

Q. What is your favorite part of a man's body?
A. My favorite part of a man's body is his ass.

Q. Which your favorite Kristen Bjorn video performance?
A. My favorite scene was the one with Armando Vargas and me in MYSTERY MEN.

Q. Who are some of your favorite costars?
A. My favorite costar was Armando Vargas. But a close second is Claudio Marino, who is an excellent model.

Q. How big is your cock?
A. It's eight inches of pure pleasure!

Q. Where do you currently live in the world?
A. I live in the Copacabana area of Rio de Janeiro, where I share an apartment with a room mate.

Q. How many people are around you during the shooting a hot scene?
A. Aside from the models, usually there are just two people, the director and his assistant. That's because Kristen is both cameraman and director.

Q. Hi Sylvio. I'm also Brazilian, and I have watched all of your films. I'm curious; what are you favorite sexual positions, both as top and bottom?
A. Hey there, Brazilian friend! When I'm top, I like to fuck a guy from the rear. I prefer that position as a bottom too.

Q. Do you like to taste your partner's cum? Do you like him to taste yours? I love it!
A. No, I don't like to taste anyone else's cum, but I do like them to taste mine. It's sweet as honey!

Q. I agree with most here that you are my favorite actor in all of Kristen's videos. You are able to bring such a freshness to the screen. I love to see you being fucked. It's like you are completely surrendering to your partner. Thanks! You have an incredible body. What do you do for working out? Do you play any particular sports to get that physique, or are you naturally gifted?
A. Thanks for the compliments, but you should really see me now. These days I'm twice as muscular as I was when I made the videos. I work out with weights and practice Tae-Kwon-Do every day.

Q. What is your greatest asset? What is your biggest failing, Sylvio?
A. I'm not sure if this is an asset, but I'm an insatiably sexual person. That is probably also my greatest failing too, because I always want more!

Q. I go wild when I see any of your scenes, especially when you're getting fucked. It's so hot to see a dick sticking in you, while your dick is also nice and hard. Where are you now? What have you been up to? Why did you stop making videos? Have you ever made videos for another director aside from Kristen?
A. I live in Rio de Janeiro, in Copacabana. I lead a quiet life, and I work selling oriental carpets. I stopped making videos because I was involved in a long term relationship which ended about two years ago. I have never worked for another director. If you start at the top, you don't want a step downwards.

Q. Greetings from Germany. I like you very much and have just a few questions to you: Is it hard to stay hard on a set? I can imagine it isn't with a lot of hot hung guys around but all the other people like lightmen and cameramen must be kind of stressing, don't they? What do you do to stay that hard? Any special tips for us? Please let us know. And keep on your great work!
A. Hello German friend! It's really very hot working with the other models. And when you're filming, you hardly notice any stress from the camera and the director.

Q. Had you ever any uncomfortable feelings during the shooting?
A. No, I never had any problems. Everything always ran very smoothly and stress free for me.

Q. What did you do before getting fucked? I mean is there something special to clean asshole ......?
A. Yes, there really is a special cleaning process. But I'll tell you about it some other time!

Q. So, what have you been doing since you last appeared on film? What kind of employment? In a relationship? Exciting travel?
A. As I mentioned earlier, I've been working at an elegant shop selling oriental carpets in Rio. I've traveled very little since I'm working so much. I'm really longing to take a vacation and do some traveling.

Q. You are a super DUDE! Can I ask what kind of underwear you wear? What kind of swim trunks do you wear?
A. Thanks for the Super-Dude comment! I wear white Calvin Klein briefs, and Griffe Hunter bathing suits. You know, all Brazilians have a real fetish for designer label bathing suits .

Q. What you do like best in term of sexual acts? How about frottage and nipple plays? How do you enjoy receiving and performing them on your partners?
A. When my partner has a nice ass, I like him to sit on my face and move around like a bitch in heat. That really drives me wild! I also like having my nipples played with, it turns me on.

Q. When was your first time to experience man to man sex? Did you enjoy it?
A. My first sexual experience with another man happened when I was 18 years old. My father owned an ice cream factory, and one of his employees grabbed me one day, and from then on we had some hot times together. It was hard for me to get fucked at first, I used to tremble a lot. But then I started enjoying it!

Q. Name one person you would like to spend a weekend of hot sex with.
A. Oh, there are many! I'd start off with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Swartznegger, and Jean Claude Van Damme.

Q. Do your friends and family know about your video work? What do they think?
A. I think that all gay people in Brazil know about it, including my friends. But they're cool. As for my family..., the ones that found out about it got really upset at first. But later, they got over it.

Q. In MYSTERY MEN, There seems to be some real intimacy between you and Armando Vargas. Was that just acting, or was there really something going on between you?
A. What you perceived in MYSTERY MEN really was going on between the two of us. Armando and I really enjoyed making that video, and there was real attraction between us. We started working together in an entirely different field later on, and we are still friends. Armando is now married to his second wife, and they are expecting his forth child.

Q. Aside from the videos, what are your interests in life? What do you do for enjoyment?
A. The videos were never an important part of my life, that was just a phase when I was feeling carefree I did whatever I wanted to. As for my free time, I like to spend it working out at the gym, and kick boxing. I also enjoy going to the beach, and I like going out to dance. And last (but not least), I like sex!

Q. What's your idea of the perfect man? What would a man have to do to win your heart?
A. Why do you ask that? Would you like to win me over?

Q. Have you ever been in love? Do you fall in love easily?
A. Yes, I have fallen in love three times. But I don't fall in love easily. Actually, I think that I'm kind of a complicated person.

Q. What was the best thing that ever happened to you? What was the worst thing?
A. The best thing that ever happened to me was my the third person I fell in love with. I just hope that I can fall in love again a forth time. The worst thing that ever happened to me was when our relationship ended two years ago.

Q. If you could make three wishes come true, what would you choose?
A. My three wishes would be for; love, money, and health.

Q. Is there anything about you that you would like your fans to know?
A. I would like them to know that I'm a nice guy, with good intentions, and I'm full of love to give.