Julio Velasquez Interview / Kristen Bjorn / Bareback Porn

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Interview with: Julio Velasquez

Julio Velasquez

Q. I enjoyed your sequence with your "brother" and guard. Since you have same last names, are you brothers? I thought you all acted out your parts extremely well.
A. Thank you for your comment about out acting, but we are not brothers. I would never have done that with my brother if I had one.

Q. What is your main profession?
A. I am going to school at the moment, but I studied fine arts in Cuba. I still paint with oils and watercolors, which is my favorite.

Q. Since you are versatile, do you have a preference?
A. My preference is bottom, therefore I consider myself an aggressive one.

Q. I enjoyed your work in Gangsters at Large. I wanted to say that you looked hot in the whole of all your scenes. How was it to work with Tony Tarango? He seems sensual and very confident.
A. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie, and thanks for your compliments. Tony Tarango is a well hung stud, and he made it easier for us to perform in the movie.

Q. I think I remember Kristen saying that you were a painter. Is this true? Where can I get a look at the art you've produced if I'm not misinformed?
A. Yes, it is true that I'm an artist. Maybe we can post some of my work on the website. Let us know what kind of paintings you'd like to see.

Q. I learned that you are a painter. What kind? Do you do abstract or representational work? I admire your style, exhausting everything in you so as not to waste your time here on earth! Hope to hear from you. Thanks!
A. I am a plastic artist. Watercolors are my first choice, but I also paint with oils. I mainly do realistic or figurative paintings.

Q. Ever since I saw you, I can't stop thinking about you. Your scene is the best! You'd make me very happy if you answer me, and tell me something about yourself. The truth is that every time I see your video, I go wild! Please answer me!
A. Well, thank you for your comments. It would be easier if you'd tell me know what you would like to know about me. One thing I can tell you is that I enjoy nature. Maybe it's for that reason that I enjoy kayaking very much.

Q. I saw your participation in a forum, and I thought it would be interesting to write to you since we have the same tastes. How did the video seem to you overall?
A. It was fun to work with Kristen, and I think that the video (Gangsters at Large) is very different from anything else out there. I not sure what forum it is that you mentioned, though.

Q. If you had your pick of any of Kristen's models, who would you pick for sex and what would like to do with them? I enjoyed you very much in Gangsters at Large.
A. I think I'd like to work with Sandor Vesanyi. I'd like to give him a good fucking, and later I'd rim him. After that, I'd let him fuck me, and finish me off.

Q. I have to say that you are a very hot guy, and have a great body. What kind of underwear do you use?
A. Thanks for the compliments about my body. I use three types of underwear; Thumbs by 2xist to work out at the gym. I wear Calvin Kleins to go to school, and Estructure to go out at night. And when I go kayaking, I wear a Speedo.

Q. What are your group sex fantasies? What kind of men would you prefer? Any bisexual action?
A. My group fantasy would take place in an abandoned hospital. I would be laying on a metal bed with a bunch of guys standing around me jerking off, and ejaculating all over my body. Is that hot enough for you?

Q. Are you open to the outside world about your performance on all male videos? How do you think you'll react if asked about it 10 years from now?
A. When people ask me about my video work, I don't usually tell them much, unless they're close friends. I really have no idea what my reaction will be about that 10 years from now. Maybe when I get old, I'll have fun reminiscing about my illustrious career in pornography!

Q. Do you ever fall in love with your costars? If you can choose your partners, with whom would you enjoy working best?
A. No, I haven't fallen in love with any of my costars. It's hard for me to fall in love with just a body, the personality is important too. When making videos, I've learned that the less I speak to my costars, the better the filming goes.

Q. I thought you were really hot in "Gangsters at Large." Did you enjoy the plowing Tony Tarango gave you in the film? You looked like you were in ecstasy.
A. Well, to be honest it hurt a little... Actually, it hurt a lot, because his dick is so big!

Q. Any chance you'll be filming any new movies with Kristen? Are you planning to perform as a top or do a versatile seen on film? It would be hot to see you do some guy and then get flipped over and get plowed like a man.
A. I think that Kristen won't be filming again until next year, but I'm waiting for him to use me in another production. I can do anything in the next video, but if you want to see me get plowed like a man, tell Kristen about it!

Q. Where are you from? What nationality?
A. I'm from Havana, Cuba.

Q. Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?
A. I'm bisexual.

Q. Are you single?
A. Yes, I'm single at the moment.

Q. Does anyone in your family or closest friends have a clue about your films?
A. My closest friends all know about my video work, but not my family. They are all still in Cuba.

Q. Congratulations for your performance. I assume you are from the Miami area. Which places in Miami would you recommend to meet men there; any beach, disco, etc, you recall?
A. Thanks for the comments. Actually, I find that the best place to meet someone is usually where you least expect to.

Q. Let me take the opportunity to tell what a hot man you are. Where in Cuba are you from? Do you live in the US now? What do you think of gay life in the US as opposed to Cuba?
A. Thanks for saying I'm "hot." I live in the USA now, but I was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. Being gay in The USA is much easier, you have all the commodities here. In Cuba, it's even hard to find a place to have sex with your boyfriend, and there are no apartments for rent there. But in Cuba, having sex in the countryside can be a lot of fun!

Q. I love your beautiful, long foreskin. How do people usually react to it? How do you prefer men, cut or uncut?
A. I haven't ever met anyone who told me that he didn't like my foreskin. I guess the guys who don't like it must think it's dirty, but I'm a very clean person. As for my personal taste about cut or uncut, I have no preference.

Q. What type of men are you most attracted to?
A. I have a few favorite types; I like blonds. I like dark haired guys with very pale skin. I like red-haired guys too, as long as they're not too red, and I prefer men over 30 years old. But I'm also open to others too. To tell the truth, what most impresses me about a man is his personality.

Q. When was your first sexual experience with another man, and how was it?
A. I was fourteen the first time I played around with another guy, and he was about thirty-four. He didn't make the first move though, I did.

Q. How did you get involved in porno videos?
A. Curiosity got the best of me. A friend of mine was going to a video casting, and I sent some of my photos with him. Later on I was very nervous when they called me, and asked me to be in a video.

Q. Do you think that Cuban men make good lovers? If so, tell us why.
A. I think that Cubans make good lovers, particularly for someone of another nationality. I guess we're all looking for something that's different. But then again, I have a couple of friends who have been lovers for many years, and they are both Cuban.

Q. What was your wildest sexual experience like? Give us details, please!
A. My wildest sexual experience happened in Cuba. I fell in love with a chef, and he drove me so wild, I felt like I was levitating every time he fucked me. I used to like to watch him work, and he taught me cook a few things too.

Q. What is it like to make a Kristen Bjorn video? Is it as much fun as it looks?
A. Kristen is very creative, and he is also very professional. What impressed me most about him is that he speaks several languages very well. It takes a lot of work to make a video, and it's much more work than fun.

Q. What are your goals for the future? Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years time?
A. After finishing school, my next goal for the future is to bring my family to live in the US

Q. What would be your idea of the ultimate video scene? Would it be a group scene, or a one-to-one? What kind of costar would you like?
A. For me, the perfect video scene would be something like one of Caesar's orgies in ancient Rome. It would be a huge group sex feast, and there would also be some couples having fun in hidden places near by.