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Interview with: Arpad Banfalvi

Arpad Banfalvi

Q. Arpad, you sexy, handsome, awesome, intensely beautiful man. Surely you're not going to retire from KB videos already? You are one of the most incredible models that Kristen has discovered and I just couldn't bear the fact that you may never want to do another video. There is NO COMPARISON with your performance in THICK AS THIEVES. The double penetration has to be one of the most incredible ever put on video. The EXTREMELY dynamic duo that you had with Zsolt Kopazs in the last scene of THIEVES has got to be the hottest pairing I have ever witnessed. I have told Kristen that it was so intimate between the two of you that I literally felt as if I was intruding. Both of you had to be really into each other. I can't imagine any amount of acting projecting such intensity. You were incredible and you have got to go before the Kristen's cameras again. You are a walking fantasy for this KB fan. What are your future plans?
A. Thanks for your words. But I think your description applies to all of Kristen's models. Well, I haven't given up on appearing before Kristen's cameras again, but that's going to be just in the next millennia. About the double penetration, you'd better ask the guy who was bottom (Tom Matthews) about his feelings! I'm a really fan of his. About the last scene with Zsolt, we had everything which the performance required. I mean, we spoke the same language, we'd already known each other from before, but most of all Kristen did an excellent job. He solved all the arising problems and difficulties. I'm just sorry, that Kristen probably didn't have as much fun as I had with Zsolt.

Q. I loved you in 'Thick As Thieves'. What made you decide to do a Kristen Bjorn movie? Was it what you expected? Is there a particular 'scene' you would like to do, (number of guys, position, theme, etc.)?
A. Well, it's quite difficult to give a simple answer. Let me say that the challenge, and the adventure were the reasons I applied for a job with Kristen. I was sure that I would never, ever be chosen, and I was the most surprised when I received Kristen's positive answer. And than I began to hesitate. First, I wasn't sure if I could do what Kristen expected of me. But that was another big surprise. He helped me whenever I needed it, so everything was great. Until not long ago, I could say there was nothing that Kristen could ask that I wouldn't be able to do. I knew he wouldn't ask me to do anything that I'm not able to. I think he is simply the best. I don't have any favorite particular scene, but for me the best would be to be in the middle, being top and bottom at the same time. But I know I need a lot of preparation in order to have at least a chance of not failing at that.

Q. Arpad, I think you are incredibly sexy, but I've got my curiosity peaked. Since many of KB's models are straight, what do you consider yourself? Straight, bi, or gay? And, if you're straight, what is it like having sex with another guy? Do you enjoy it at all? (It sure looks great!) Also, what are some of your interests, aside from porno films?
A. First of all, I think someone's sexuality isn't a matter of "consideration". That's something you know; it's not open to debate. In my case, I hate to disappoint those viewers who would like to think otherwise, but my lifestyle is heterosexual. In the films, my job was to act out a role, and that's exactly what I did. What I did in the films didn't strike me as pleasant or unpleasant; it was just a job. If you were impressed enough to say it looked great, then I'm glad that's there's at least one satisfied customer! Aside from films, which hasn't taken up too much of my time recently, I enjoy playing badminton and computer games.

Q. Hi Arpad, I haven't been able to see any of your videos but have seen your pictures over this web site. Oh my God! You are beautiful! But I'm sure many guys have already said this to you so I will not bore you. I noticed on your profile that it said that you are Hungarian. What is your favorite Hungarian food? Briefly describe it. Also, what is your favorite color, ice-cream, singer, movie, and city? I know these are weird questions, but I assume I will be the only one asking them. Probably most guys will be asking sexual type questions (that's O.K. too), but I thought to ask something that no one else would ask.
A. That's very kind of you, but you haven't seen me first thing in the morning after a hard night! My favorite Hungarian meal is Somloi Galuska..., I bet you're glad you know that now! It's brown underneath with lots of white stuff on top. My favorite color: silver. Ice-cream: no thank you; Singer: George Michael (what a hunk!). Movie: Devil's Advocate. And city: Miami, of course.

Q. Arpad, I was just curious what you were doing before you made your first video? What else occupies your time when you are not in front of the camera? Also, what does doing adult films do for you? What do you take away with you at the end of the day?
A. I was a student at University. Off stage, I lead a perfectly normal life, except occasionally I look around on the bus and think: "If you only knew!". Doing adult films does more for my bank account than for me personally. As for what I take away with me at the end of the day? A couple of unused condoms, if no one's looking!

Q. When was your first sexual experience with another guy?
A. My first sexual experience with another guy happened after we had been playing badminton. I had no idea about him, all I knew was that he was a very good player, and he helped me with tips on the court. Once, when there were only two of us in the changing room in only our shorts, he started to show me how I should lunge towards the net. He held my hand stretched forward, with his other hand on my butt, supposedly to be to show me how to lunge forward. He commented how muscular it was, and I offered to show it to him uncovered. He was fascinated, and started to squeeze it, moving his fingers into the curves on the sides, and up the middle. The rest you can imagine!

Q. First, I'd like to tell you that I think you're one of the sexiest men I have ever seen! Please don't stop making videos any time soon, or you'll have some very disappointed fans!
A. You didn't say how many of my fans there are! But if you start a petition, then I'll just have to be in another film! There's a Hungarian saying, which my friends use about me, which is that I've "held more dicks than door handles"! But of course that's just wishful thinking. At the moment, I'm thinking about what my needs are in this department. So keep writing!

Q. If you were granted three wishes, what would you wish for?
A. As any kid will tell you, your first wish has got to be for another 10 wishes! Then I'd wish my orgasms would last at least half an hour, like a pig's do. And lastly, I'd wish that God had given me a clit up my ass.

Q. Has making porno videos changed your life at all? And if so, it what way, both positive and/or negative?
A. Yes, in a big way, both positive and negative. On the positive side was the time spent in the States. On the negative side, my favorite chair isn't so comfortable anymore!

Q. It looks like everyone has a lot of fun in the videos, but it must be loads of work. How would you describe the experience?
A. You've touched on a very good point. You see, contrary to popular belief, filming is indeed hard work, and enjoyment has to be secondary to getting first class scenes on film.

Q. On your profile I see that you're Hungarian. Do you still live in Hungary? What do you think about the USA?
A. Yes, I do still live in Hungary, though I'm in love with the US; a fact that not all my friends appreciate.

Q. What do you think of bisexual videos? Would you participate in one? Is being part of a bisexual orgy one of your fantasies?
A. As you'll notice, I don't have many sexual hang-ups. I believe that as long as it's good for me and my partners, any kind of sex is O.K.

Q. How about 'gangbangs' (one girl / many men), do you like to see that on standard videos? Is that one of your fantasies?
A. Much the same as the previous answer. And yes, it's one of my fantasies.

Q. Have you ever felt uncomfortable when filming because the other models are more hung than you?. Even if you are not bottom, would you rather have extra hung models on scene with you?
A. It's true that I take a good look around in the locker room, being careful not to be noticed, of course. But I think my dick is perfectly competent to perform what it's supposed to, and sometimes even more so than those mighty pythons! And as we all know, the bigger they are the faster they fall.

Q. Nowadays, if you would meet some of your video co-stars, would you consider having sex with them or getting them to participate on an straight 'gangbang' organized by you?
A. I wouldn't be that excited about 'taking my work home with me', but I wouldn't mind trying a straight gangbang.

Q. How did you first get involved in making porno films with Kristen Bjorn? Have you worked for any other studios? Of the other models you have worked with, who was your favorite co-star? Do you have a secret sexual fantasy that you can share with us?
A. Another one of Kristen's models asked me if I would like to try this kind of work, and I agreed, not knowing of course what it would entail. In any event I'm more than satisfied with the outcome (so to speak). I haven't worked for any other studios; I'd like my star (among other things) to rise with Kristen. Well, I don't have any favorite co-star; I simply loved working with all the guys, but I do hope that looked quite obvious. One fantasy I'd be interested in achieving would be a scene where I'm separated from a guy by a glass partition where we can both see (but cannot touch) each other. I would have to provide such a tantalizing performance for him that he cums without my ever being in contact with him.

Q. In Thick as Thieves, you and your co-star Zsolt Kopasz seemed to be so intensely into each other. Were you really infatuated with each other, or was it just a performance?
A. I believe that if you commit yourself to doing something, then you shouldn't give half measures, for whatever reason. The exciting thing about a film like this is that it portrays people who get together with really first class partners, and make reality of fantasy.

Q. When can I look forward to seeing your handsome face in another video?
A. I'm working on it. To be specific, I not only want my handsome face to be seen..., I'd like people recognize me when I have my ankles about my ears!

Q. Aside from being gorgeous, you also seem like a really sweet guy in the videos, and Kristen wrote such a glowing model profile about you. You are really something very special! All your fans have a lot of questions for you, mostly about sex, of course. But is there something you can tell us about yourself, about the kind of person you really are?
A. Thanks for the compliments. As they say; "Beauty in the eye of the beholder". As for being sweet..., well, the secret is to eat lots of cucumbers! On a more serious note, I would say my mood changes a lot from day to day, so my friends don't always know what to expect. At least this was the opinion of one of my best friends.

Q. In the US, since most men here are circumcised at birth, there is a continuing debate over which is best, circumcised or uncircumcised dicks. What are your personal feelings about this?
A. I think hygiene is important. And obviously, it's possible to be hygienic either way. So, the mere fact of someone being circumcised or not is of no consequence to me.

Q. Having seen all your scenes in Kristen's videos, I just have one comment: if you aren't in love with your costars, you are certainly one of the world's best porno actors. Be it illusion or real, you are exceptional (& many thanks to Kristen for his exceptional abilities as motivator and behind the camera). You are also one of the most beautifully handsome men I've seen. Thanks for providing me with many, many fantasies; you can't imagine how much I wish one of two of them could come true. Please make more videos for Kristen ...
A. Many thanks for the kind words. Well, we'll see what future brings!

Q. Hi Arpad! I am planning a trip to some Eastern European countries this summer. Being from Hungary, what would you recommend that I see while I'm there?
A. In Budapest you mustn't miss the House of Parliament, the bridges across the Danube, and of course, my bedroom window at about 11 p.m.!

Q. What would you like to be doing 10 years from now?
A. Living a life of luxury on my well-earned modeling fees! And perhaps doing a bit of directing myself, now that I have had a 'taste' of what it's about.