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Interview with: Buddy Jones

Buddy Jones

Q. I think you have one of the most beautiful dicks I have ever seen! In your profile, it says that you're Canadian. All of the Anglo-Canadians I've known were circumcised; so how did you escape the knife?
A. Thank you for your great compliment. I have an idea as to why I was not circumcised. I was put up for adoption at birth and my adopted parents did not believe in having me circumcised.

Q. Also, do you have any personal views on circumcision? What's your personal preference?
A. I feel very fortunate to be intact. I understand that for religious reasons and health reasons that people are circumcised. It seems a shame that our society has been circumcising boys for no reason. I would not have a child of mine circumcised knowing the pleasure I have had with my foreskin. I enjoy very much being with a guy who is uncut, but have no preference.

Q. As far as screen roles go, do you have a fantasy role that you'd like to do in a video? What would be your idea of a perfect porno video?
A. My perfect role would be a one-on-one role with a hot man that I was totally consumed with. It would last forever, or at least seem that way. I like doing threesomes, but a hot one-on-one might give the viewer the intimacy of that one-to one contact.

Q. What is your ultimate sexual fantasy? Have your ever been able live it out?
A. My ultimate fantasy is to be a part of a hot group orgy, like around 12 guys, all with different looks from boys to big muscle men. No, I haven't been able to live this out yet.

Q. If you could direct a video, what would it be like? How would it be different from the videos you were in?
A. I don't believe that I am ready to direct a video. This is only my second video. There is so much to learn. I would take all the necessary time to learn the craft before I could direct a video.

Q. I was wondering, did making porno films change your life in any way? Have you had any positive, or negative reactions from friends?
A. My life hasn't changed since making the films. I have a few offers to do related work but that is about it. My friends have had positive reactions towards the video work and almost everyone else that I meet and tell are very interested in the subject.

Q. If a good friend of yours told you that he wanted to make porno films too, what would be your advise?
A. I would certainly be supportive of his decision and explain to him what I went through making the movies. I would hope he would be working for a great company like Kristen Bjorn Productions.

Q. In your private life, what kind of man do you personally go for?
A. I like a man who is honest, hardworking, goal oriented, and enjoys sharing his love with me everyday.

Q. What about sex? I see that you've been versatile in the two roles you played in the last two KB videos (top bottom, rough and tender), but what kind of sex are you really into off camera?
A. I am truly versatile when it comes to sex. My taste varies from young pretty boys to big hairy muscle daddy types. I really enjoy getting into my partners and finding out what turns them on. If they can teach me something new that is great and hopefully I can show them a thing or two. I like to have fun and want my partner to be into the sex scene as much as me and have a great time and an intense orgasm, no matter who is on top or bottom.

Q. Are you in a relationship now? If so, how does your partner deal with your video work?
A. Yes, my boyfriend and I have been together over two years now. He is extremely supportive and loves me very much. He thought the two scenes I did were extremely hot.

Q. Most likely this is going to sound silly, as I've never been able to come up with anything deep or meaningful sounding to say to anyone I've admired greatly for one reason or another but not really known, but anyway.... As one among many, I have enjoyed your 2 performances so far tremendously. Kristen finds so many standout guys and you have made one of the most striking impressions on me. Thanks for making me and many others happy this way. I sincerely hope things go very, very well for you--it's nice to jump to the conclusion that you really deserve it and extend the wish. And, for a specific, self-serving question (which I hope I can guess the answer to, since you have been given by Kristen the honor of inaugurating this web site feature), are there plans afoot for more video appearances? I actually felt Julio Duran was featured more prominently in Hot Times, and Jordanov in Thick as Thieves, even though you sure stood out. We now need a scene (hopefully more) with more spotlight on you, and not covered in paint or in the shadow of back lighting.
A. Yes, I plan to do more work with Kristen. As far as what he has in store for me in the next film I don't know. I don't consider myself a porn star. I enjoyed the experience of making the two films. I welcome the offer to do more work with Kristen. If he decides to put more spotlight on me that would be great. If not, that is also great. I certainly don't expect him to.

Q. Hey, Buddy! I enjoyed your scene in "Hot Times In Little Havana." What was it like working with two hot Latino guys? You were so hot! I hope you do many other videos. Thanks!
A. My Latino costars were really wonderful to work with, not to mention very beautiful. We were together for four days on the set and off. We worked well together (it was all three of our first time in a video) and all got along famously.

Q. I would like to know how you initially were introduced to gay porn? Did you submit a photo to Kristen or did he discover you lying on a tropical beach somewhere?
A. A friend of mine thought I would be perfect for one of Kristen Bjorns videos he told me he knew him and gave Kristen my photos. I didn't hear anything for a few months and forgot all about it. I was in Miami over the Christmas holidays and my friend told me that Kristen wanted to see me. The rest is history.

Q. Don't want to be too nosy, but do you consider yourself gay, BI, or straight? I hope not gay-for-pay, at least.
A. I made the switch ten years ago.

Q. Which of your scenes thus far do you consider your favorite(s)? HOT TIMES or THICK AS THIEVES?
A. After watching THICK AS THIEVES, I believe that I prefer it.

Q. Half the world, with me at the top of the list, hopes you will do more video with Kristen. Do you like one on one or the multiple partner scenes?
A. Well, as much as I love threesomes or groups, I think I would like to try a one on one scene in the future. It is nice to really get into one guy and see what makes him tick.

Q. The intensity seem to come across in your scenes with Sergei. Were you really into each other? You were rock hard from the get-go on the couch when the painter was doing your portraits, so it appeared that you were indeed having a good time.
A. He is a beautiful guy, and I was turned on by the idea of him fucking me. I am glad it came across on film.

Q. I have read numerous accounts that Kristen works his models. Were you ragged by the time the scenes were finished? Not ragged from Sergei, but from Kristen?
A. The work is believe it or not somewhat exhausting. It takes approximately four full days to shoot one of these scenes. You are constantly getting erections and having lots of sex. I can't speak for the other models but I was tired at the end of the day. It was very important to be well rested for each day of filming. I wanted to look and perform my best as did the other models. Kristen doesn't run you ragged, the fact is that he is a perfectionist and wants the final product to look better than great. I think being a little demanding on his models pays off in the long run.

Q. Do you ever come to San Francisco? I was wondering if you ever make it out this way and, if so, would it be possible to get in touch with you when you are out here as I am very impressed by your work.
A. I haven't been to San Francisco in over Eight years. I would love to visit again in the near future.

Q. I've not seen the video only the pics on the web site. I would like to ask you, did you know KB productions before you joined them for the video?
A. I had seen some of his films over the years.

Q. What if any suggestions you would give models wishing to appear on KB videos OR adult videos at all?
A. Take it seriously. Be well rested. Give 200%.

Q. How was to work in a Latino theme video with Latino models? Would you appear on another KB Video?
A. I love Latino men. They are incredibly beautiful and extremely sexy, my Costars stars were great to work with. I would love to work for Kristen again.

Q. If it was up to you, what kind of UNCUT models (regardless of race) would you choose to have a scene with: More Hung than You, OR Less Hung than You.
A. I like both. The more hung the guy is the more of a challenge it is to take down my throat or up my ass. I have to say that I like a challenge. Smaller dicks are just as much fun to play with and what really matters is the guy they are attached to.

Q. Would you feel uncomfortable If you were the one less hung (by far) among the models in a scene? Or If you were the only uncut?
A. I don't have the biggest dick in the world but it is a nice size and I have never had any complaints. I would not have any problem working with someone considerably more hung than me, I like to take care of big dicks just as much as I like guys who are less hung than me. I am used to being the only uncut guy. Most guys I have played with are cut. So no, I would not be bothered at all at being the only uncut model.