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Interview with: Cesar Moreno

Cesar Moreno

Q. In what year were you born, and under which Star Sign?
A. I was born in 1981, and my star sign is Taurus.

Q. What is your job when not making hot videos?
A. I work as a stripper, and dancer.

Q. What sort of underwear do you wear - usually, on a date and in bed?
A. I always try to use nice underwear. During the day I use briefs, and at night I sometimes wear boxers. When I do shows, I wear G-strings under my costumes.

Q. You're really macho and hot! What a beautiful ass you have! I'd like to know if you intend to work as a bottom in one of Kristen's videos. And have you ever bottomed off screen? Keep working with Kristen!
A. Thanks for the nice comments. I don't think I would ever consider working as a bottom. I've never bottomed off screen either, and I'm not interested in trying it.

Q. What age were you when you had your first gay experience, and who was it with?
A. I had my first sexual experience with another man when I was 20. It was during the filming of CROSSROADS OF DESIRE. I was working with Victor Villanueva, and Domingo Montero.

Q. What are your favorite fantasies? Have you fulfilled your fantasies?
A. I fantasize about having people who turn me on. That's about it.

Q. Do you like threesomes or groups?
A. I have fantasies about them when I masturbate, but in real life I don't like them. When I have tried it, it just didn't work out. I have more fun with just one person.

Q. What are your favourite foods?
A. It's a Spanish dish called frito mallorquín. It's made with liver, peppers, tomatoes, and garlic. I also really love pasta.

Q. How often do you workout?
A. I do wrestling and boxing three times a week, plus weight training every day.

Q. What type of swimwear do you use when you go to the beach?
A. That depends on the beach, and the city. If I'm in Mallorca, I use shorts, or boxers. When I'm in Barcelona, I use small Speedos.

Q. Have you ever been recognized as "that guy" who did the video for Kristen Bjorn?
A. No, that hasn't happened yet. I look a little different on video than I do in real life, so maybe it never will.

Q. Cesar, have you made videos with Kristen which haven't been released yet? Do you like to see the videos when they are finished?
A. Yes, there are three. I shot one with Kristen last year (BONE ISLAND) which should be released in September, and another with Lucas Kazan (UNDER THE BIG TOP) which will be released very soon. I just finished filming another one with Kristen now, and it will come out in about a year. I have only seen one video I was in so far. I thought it was interesting to see myself on video, and see how I look.

Q. You are really gorgeous! I wonder how you feel when your costar of equal size and that guy likes very much kissing, tit play, cockfighting and have mutual worshipping with you.
A. I do what the director asks me to do, and I look upon it as a job. Sex in real life is really nothing like having sex for a video. It's work!

Q. Hi Cesar, what kind of man do you like?
A. I like people who take good care of themselves physically, and who are also intellectual.

Q. Greeting from Indonesia. I just want to know, how is the gay social life in your country? Because I've found so hard for gay people in my place, you know, coz our culture is still considering that gay is kind of taboo.
A. Gay life in Spain is very open, and accepted. It's not a taboo any longer. It's so acceptable, that even though I'm heterosexual, I can work in gay videos.

Q. What do you wear when you sleep at night? Do you think that naked sleeping is sexy?
A. I always wear underwear to bed. If I sleep naked, my dick stays hard all night long, and it's uncomfortable.

Q. Would you describe yourself in three words? Give me some reasons why you chose those?
A. I can't describe myself in just three words. That's because three words aren't enough to define myself. I am many different ways depending on the circumstances.

Q. Cesar, where did you grow up?
A. I spent my childhood in different parts of France and Spain traveling with my family. My father's job always kept us traveling.

Q. Do you have any plan to go to Indonesia, especially Bali? I'm telling you it's a romantic place and you will find some kind of sexual pleasure there.
A. I have thought about going there sometime soon to spend a couple of months. But my objective there is spiritual, not sexual.

Q. Could you describe the perfect fuck? (i.e. the partner, the place, the time, the atmosphere)
A. I had the perfect fuck a year and a half ago, in Spain. My room was filled with candles, it was about 8 PM. My ex-girlfriend and I started by dancing salsa. It was very hot and passionate sex.

Q. Do you like Madonna, or what music do you like?
A. I like Madonna, but she's not my favorite. I prefer "chill-out" music, hip-hop, and a few pop artists.

Q. Hi, Cesar. What would you do if you could go to the year 3000 for one day?
A. I would go pick up a technological or scientific object from that time period, bring it back to our time, and strike it rich!

Q. Have you ever really fall in love with a woman? How did you meet her?
A. Yes, I was deeply in love with two women. I met one when I was 17 years old when we were both in high school. A year and a half later I met my ex-girlfriend. We were together for a year and a half, but we just broke up a few months ago.

Q. Hello Cesar... I just want to say you have one of the most beautiful mouths I have ever seen. You look like such a great kisser... Is that something you are into? Peace and love!
A. Thanks. I love kissing, but it has to be with the right person.

Q. Many models define themselves as heterosexuals, even though they do shoot sex scenes with other men. What's your opinion about that?
A. I'm straight, and I also work making gay videos. I think it's possible for straight men to make gay videos. But of course there are some models who think that they are straight, but are really gay. If you could see how videos are made, maybe it would be more understandable how it works. It's a lot more complicated and less spontaneous than it looks.

Q. Cesar, tell us which were your most exciting experiences in front of, and behind the camera.
A. Actually, none of my experiences in front of the camera were really exciting for me. Behind the scenes, it was interesting to travel and meet new people.

Q. Which was the most difficult scene you have filmed so far?
A. The first one, in CROSSROADS OF DESIRE. It was my first experience with men, and my first video.

Q. How were you discovered to work in gay porn?
A. I was recruited by a friend.

Q. What's the best thing that ever happened to you?
A. My family, and the way they raised me.

Q. What's the worst thing?
A. So far, nothing really bad has happened to me. I guess I'm lucky. The worst thing that happened was when I was hospitalized after filming CROSSROADS OF DESIRE. I was bitten by many mosquitoes, and infected with some kind of virus. They never found out what it was...

Q. What are your video career plans?
A. For me, videos for me are just another experience which will come and go. I don't think of it as a career.

Q. Have you ever considered doing hetero videos?
A. I haven't done them because I never had the opportunity to do them, and because my ex-girlfriend wouldn't let me. She was only comfortable with me making gay porn, not straight porn.

Q. Who was your favorite costar?
A. Tiziano Cortes, who I worked with in UNDER THE BIG TOP. We are still friends today.

Q. How do you feel about religion?
A. I like religions, and I choose that which I like best from each of them. I particularly like the Buddhist philosophy, and I meditate once or twice a day.

Q. Do you have a special diet?
A. Yes, I try to avoid fats, and I like to eat a lot of protein.

Q. Do you have any advice for other models who want to make videos?
A. It really depends on your personality. The most important thing is to connect with your director and costars, and create a circle of friendship with them. That will make the production easier for you.

Q. How do you feel about doing this interview?
A. I think that this interview was a positive thing, because it defines me more as a person. Now after reading it, maybe it will make you like me more, or maybe less. But at least you will see me for who I am, and not just how I look.