Hugo Peligro Interview / Kristen Bjorn / Bareback Porn

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Interview with: Hugo Peligro

Hugo Peligro

Q. Hugo you are the best model and gay pornstar I have ever seen. Can you tell me your body measurements? All of your body parts, including height, weight, and dick size.
A. Thanks for the compliments. I'm 6 feet, and weigh 175 pounds. My dick is 8".

Q. I'd like to know what it's like to do the sort of work you do... Do you enjoy having sex after doing it all the time?
A. Well, I hardly do it all the time. I have shot three video scenes over the past year, so it's not an everyday thing. So, of course I enjoy having sex off camera very much... It's a completely different experience.

Q. What's your preferences during sex? Tell me about your sex fantasies!
A. I love having my dick sucked, and depending on who I'm with, I like fucking, or getting fucked, and sucking a man's dick. My fantasy is to have group sex with 20 hot guys. They'd be doing everything that's possible to do! I've had group sex before, but not with so many at the same time.

Q. Hugo, you are so HOT and MACHO! You have a great look like many Brazilian men. What do you think about doing a scene with Joo Pauzo and Julio Vidal? They are BIG Brazilian TOPS, you know. Would that scene make you horny?
A. Thanks for saying I'm hot and macho. Actually I have worked with Julio, but I was working with the crew. He's a very nice guy, and I would enjoy working in a scene with him, and maybe a third model, who's preferably a bottom. I don't think I could handle dicks as big as Julio's and Joo's!

Q. Hi Hugo, before all else, I want to congratulate you on your fantastic physique. I haven't seen the video yet, but I sure want to! From what I have read, you worked as both top and bottom... Can you tell me in which role you feel more comfortable; as a catcher or a pitcher?
A. Ay, mi madre! In real life I feel more comfortable on bottom, but in front of the camera I'm more comfortable on top. I think that I have a manly physical type, and I look better as a top on video.

Q. Congratulations! You're the most spectacular model Kristen has come up with in a long time. I have three questions for you; How old are you? How long ago did you leave Cuba? Would you allow João Pauzão top penetrate you?
A. I'm 32, and I left Cuba in 1982. I don't think that I could handle a dick like that of Joo's... But maybe we could try it in private first and see... Just in the name of science, you know!

Q. With which of Kristen's models would you like to work in the future, and why?
A. I would like to work with Arpad Miklos. I like butch looking men like him!

Q. You have great body, and a great look! What do you think about Lucas Magalhaes? Is he your type? How did you get along with him? How do you enjoy to deep kiss him for long? Do you also enjoy dickfighting with him? Do you enjoy holding him naked in your arms and warming him with your naked body the whole night long?
A. Thanks. I have the highest opinion of Lucas, and the two of us have been friends for the past five years. At the time I met him, I would have done any and all of those things with him. He is exactly my type, with his macho look, and his hot tattoos. But now I consider him like a brother, so I can't think of him in a sexual way anymore.

Q. Are your nipples sensitive?
A. Yes, they sure are! They are more than sensitive; it really turns me on when men touch them... They get hard as a rock!

Q. Hugo, what was your first time with another man like? How old were you? Was it good or bad?
A. It happened in Cuba, when I was 18 years old. It was with a friend of my mother's. He was about 30, and he realized that I was attracted to him. It was very painful when he fucked me, but I enj8oyed it. I didn't have sex again until I was 19.

Q. Do you have a profession?
A. I studied telecommunications, and I used to work in broadcast television, in master control. But at the moment I am looking for work.

Q. Hugo, you are really handsome and hot! Please, could you possibly tell me all you know about your costar, Ivan Andros? How was to work with such a famous star like him? Did you fuck him, did he fuck you, or both? Did you have sex with him "behind the scenes" or after production? Tell me the dirtiest and the most beautiful physical and psychological feature of Andros'. What's your opinion, is he really mostly bottom in his real life? He suggests that in his interview. Did you get along well with him? Do you keep in touch by any chance? Is he still single? Has he told you about when he wants to retire? PLEASE, ask for him not ever to retire!
A. Thanks for saying I'm handsome and hot! I liked meeting and working with Ivan. I was attracted to him right away, and he's very professional and easy to work with. In the video DREAMERS, I fucked him. We only had sex together during the production. What are Ivan's best and worst physical and physiological features? His best physical attributes are his physique, and his wonderful skin. He has a beautiful face, and he's a great kisser. Ivan also has a great personality. He's pleasant, sincere, intelligent, and totally lacking of any malice. I can't think of anything negative to say about him. I consider him a friend, and we continue to stay in touch. Just as Ivan says in his own interview, he prefers to be a bottom, but he can also top. He has never talked to me about retirement, so I can't tell you anything about that.

Q. The best for you and congratulations for being so ATTRACTIVE! I read you are Cuban. Where was DREAMERS was shot? Inside Cuba? Or you traveled abroad to film? If so, where?
A. DREAMERS was shot in several different countries in the Caribbean. But Cuba certainly wasn't one of them!

Q. Greetings Hugo! I would like to congratulate you on the excellent performance in Kristen Bjorn's new film. I would like to know when your started to feel attracted to other men.
A. Thanks. I guess I've felt attracted to other men from the time I was born. I really can't remember the first time I felt that way...

Q. What made you look for work in a gay video studio?
A. Actually, I started working with Kristen as a production assistant. And I didn't really even look for that job; I had known Kristen from the gym we work out at in Miami. He was the one who proposed the work to me.

Q. Is the color of your skin an advantage or a disadvantage for making porno videos?
A. The color of my skin is a blessing in every aspect!

Q. Are you more attracted to white men, black men, or those of mixed race?
A. I have been with men of every race. I am attracted to handsome men of every color.

Q. Hi Hugo, could you tell me what kind of underwear you use on your fantastic body? Boxer shorts or tight briefs? Are they black, white, or with patterns?
A. Would you believe that I never wear underwear at all? I can get my dick and ass out faster that way whenever necessary!

Q. Hi, I hope you realize just how sexy and hot you are! Who was the actor you most enjoyed working with?
A. My favorite costar so far was Slava Petrovich. He had a nice dick for sucking, and his ass was warm inside. I also liked how his dick stayed hard while I fucked him.

Q. What is your Star Sign and in which year were you born?
A. I'm a Cancer, and I was born in 1969.

Q. HOLA! I have never written a note like this before. But when I saw you, Hugo, I just had to. I went out and purchased a copy of Black Inches just for the pics of you. You are definitely a man's man. I have been happily married for 6 1/2 years but I seem to have developed a crush on you. I am 38 years old and feel like 16 when I look at those luscious lips and dreamy eyes. What is your favorite movie, food and most relaxing thing to do? Whatever it is, I wish you much joy and peace.
A. Thanks for the kind words. My latest favorite film is FRID

Q. Are you in a relationship at the moment? What was your longest lasting relationship?
A. My longest relationship lasted seven years. At the moment I am single.

Q. Hugo, would you like to work for Falcon Studios in the future and become famous?
A. No. For me, no director is better than Kristen Bjorn

Q. Which part of your body do you like most?
A. My chest, and my mouth.

Q. Are you really as dangerous as your chosen last name suggests?
A. On the outside, I may look dangerous, but on the inside (like they say in Cuba), I'm better than bread! That means that I'm warm and tasty!

Q. Have you ever developed deep feelings with any of the people involved in making any of the work you've been in? If so, was it difficult? Who was it with?
A. I become friends with several of the models I worked with both as crew member and performer. But it never went any further than that.

Q. Do you enjoy making porn? Are you treated well?
A. Yes I do. They treat me very well.

Q. Do people approach you on the street and recognize you from your videos?
A. Unfortunately, yes they do. Since I live in Miami where there's a large gay community, I get recognized often. I just laugh about it... What else can I do?

Q. First, I have to say I love afro Brazilian men. They are some of the sexiest in the world, and you are no exception Hugo! They way you move in your body is incredibly sexy, confident, and masculine, not to mention the way you use that dick! How was your experience performing in DREAMERS?
A. Since I'm from Cuba, I hope that you love afro Cuban men as much as you seem to love afro Brazilians! Working in DREAMERS was a good experience for me because I got to meet a lot of sincere people.

Q. Do you plan to work with Kristen again? Please do!
A. Yes, I want to!

Q. Is there anything sexual theme you would be interested in exploring in a porn film?
A. It would be interesting to do a large orgy scene with hot men of all nationalities... But I would have to be the only Cuban! Because if there are any other Cubans, it'll just get too complicated.

Q. What type of men do you like?
A. I like masculine, manly men, who are handsome, friendly, and about my height.

Q. What is your wildest sexual experience so far in real life?
A. On Key Biscayne beach, on the sand dunes, I met someone. We were playing around, and we ended up losing all of our clothes. We got bitten by mosquitoes all over, but we had fun while it lasted!