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Interview with: Ivan Andros

Ivan Andros

Q. Hello Ivan, I'm very curious about you, since I consider you to be an amazingly beautiful and exotic model and a very good actor as well. Where were you born exactly? Where do you live right now?
A. Thanks for the compliments. I was born in Asturias, a provence in the northern part of Spain. I am presently living in Paris.

Q. What's your profession?
A. I'm a professor of mathematics and macroeconomics. I teach privately.

Q. Do you like to shoot porn movies?
A. Yes, I sure do!

Q. How do you get to have a body so beautiful like yours? Please, continue shooting only for Kristen. Both my boyfriend and I adore you.
A. Thanks you. I started going to the gym when I was 20, and I've been changing my workout routine since then. Right now I'm following a routine for muscle mass. I also have a strict high protein, low fat diet. So, it's a combination of disciplines that is responsible for my looks.

Q. Do you live alone?
A. No, I live with a couple of flat mates.

Q. Do you have a boy / girlfriend. Or, are you in love at this moment? If not, would you marry me? Of course I promise to take good care of you if you do.
A. No, I don't, and I'm not. At this time in my life, I'm not ready to commit to anyone yet.

Q. Why did you decide to become a porno star?
A. It was a fantasy of mine since I was a young kid, and it seemed like a fun, and exciting way to earn extra money.

Q. How old are you?
A. I'm 29, but people usually say I look younger.

Q. Wow! Just curious to know how it must have felt to be in the mix with Lucas and Mark Anthony. You guys are 3 of the hottest actors, and to put you 3 together must have been dangerous. I wouldn't have been able to film you guys because I would have had to jump into the mix. Would you have chosen any other guys than the two you were assigned? How enjoyable was it? Or do I even have to ask. Congratulations, you make me jealous. Keep up the good work and keep up that nice pretty cock.
A. I can't think of any other models with whom I would have preferred to work with. I enjoyed working with both Mark and Lucas enormously, because they attracted me physically, and because we got along well off camera too.

Q. How many long term relationships has you had along your life?
A. Just one, which lasted 16 months.

Q. Hello, handsome boy. Thanks for being a Kristen's model and letting us enjoy you! Are you romantic?
A. Yes, I really am. Up till now that isn't something which has worked in my favor though.

Q. Ivan Andros, I'm an Italian fan of yours. Thanks for being so beautiful, and don't ever give up shooting with Kristen! I'll enjoy THE ISLE OF MEN specially thanks to you, Ivan. I love you. Do you consider yourself to be a porn star? What do you think of yourself?
A. Thanks for the kind words. No, I don't think of myself as a porno star. I'm just a person trying to have a good time!

Q. Do you watch porn movies?
A. Yes I do, I've seen a lot of them. I used to have a large porno collection, but when I broke up with my lover, we split the collection between us.

Q. Do you enjoy the sex when you are working in the scene? Or are you are too concentrated for that?
A. Sex in front of a camera is very different because you have to concentrate, and it's work. And you can't do just whatever you want to, but what the director wants you to do.

Q. Have you ever been to Italy? This country is very Latin, the same as Spain. Would I have any chance to meet you if you come here in the future?
A. Yes, I have been to Italy. In fact I filmed a video for Sarava Productions in Sicily last November. It's really is similar to Spain. The Italians are ve ry spontaneous, and friendly. As for meeting each other, who know... Maybe we'll cross paths on the Spanish steps in Rome one day.

Q. Ivan, congratulations on your career. How is your real sexual life? What's your favorite position to fuck?
A. My sex life is really quite normal, and much less intense than many people might think. As for my favorite fucking position, that would be on all fours, or laying down on my stomach. But I appreciate the other positions too.

Q. What kind of guys really turns you on?
A. I like muscular, masculine guys. Since I'm from Spain, and most Spaniards are dark haired, and light skinned, I'm more attracted to men who don't fit that category; blonds, blacks, mulattos, and everything in between.

Q. Tell me some kind of fantasy that you would like to become reality.
A. I don't have any particular fantasy. But when I see someone I'm attracted to, I let my imagination run wild.

Q. Hey man, you're so hot! You know, I could just eat you up! I hope you make many videos with Kristen. You drive me wild each time I see one of your videos. But where I really want to enjoy you is in THE ISLE OF MEN. How was the filming for you? Did your costars turn you on? How can you stay hard so long? Is it a turn off to fuck with other guys watching you, and I suppose giving you instructions? How did Kristen behave towards you? Do the performers fuck off camera?
A. Lucas and Mark are the type of men I'm attracted to. The scene was easy, and fun to film. As far as staying hard, we had many breaks in order to change the lights, camera angles, etc. So, at least in my case, I didn't have to be hard all the time. But we did sometimes use those breaks to get each other aroused again. As far as being filmed having sex, I don't have any problems that way. In the first place, I'm doing my job, and the crew is doing theirs as well. In the second place I've never had a problem having sex with other people around, even if they aren't all participating. Kristen, as far as I've seen, is friendly to all the models, and is easy to work with. In regard to having sex off camera; that sort of thing rarely happens, and I have never done that.

Q. Before anything else I'd like to congratulate you on your physique... You're so hot! You're the object of my fantasies. I have imagined fucking you so many times, without you even knowing about it! I'm curious; up to what point has having made porno videos affected your personal sex life? Does it limit it? Does it stimulate it? Does it change it in any way? Is there a before and an after?
A. Thanks for the compliments... But you fantasize about fucking me without me knowing? Next time you have a fantasy about fucking me, let me know about it so I can enjoy it too! As for your question; up till now, my making porno videos hasn't stimulated or limited my sex life in any way. But it's true the guys I've fucked in my private life are less attractive than my costars. And if there is a before an after it's this; the few friends I had in Spain have all turned against me because of the videos.

Q. Are you affectionate? You strike me as the affectionate type. You're real piece of candy! Many, many kisses...wherever you want them!
A. Yes, I do consider myself very affectionate. That's for the candy, and the kisses.

Q. I like you very much, Ivan. I've seen you just acting, and I like not only your body and face, but your skills of performing as well. Please, keep your word and work exclusively for Kristen. You'll be great in his films, much more than in Falcon, for instance. Don't forget that! How is your relationship with your family? Do they know about your work as a porn actor?
A. One of my sisters knows about it because she read some e-mails which were sent to me. The rest of my family doesn't know about my porno work. But we do have a good relationship.

Q. What you enjoy the most, fucking or being fucked?
A. I prefer being fucked.

Q. Do you practice safe sex in your private life?
A. Yes, always!

Q. Have you ever fisted or been fisted? Do you like pissing, and spanking? Good luck and congratulations: cameras love you!
A. No, I've never been fisted, or spanked. But I have to confess that I've been pissed on. I did it a couple of times with my ex ... but it's not really my thing.

Q. Ivan, first I'd like to ask you what it was like to work with that spectacular Brazilian, Lucas Magalhaes? Viva España! I was in Spain in 1994, and it's a fucking awesome country. I certainly think that the best definition of you was written in the English forum; someone said that your most attractive feature was your gaze; a mixture of devilish and angelical. Good luck!
A. Lucas really turned me on tremendously, and thanks to him that scene was easier for me than any of the others. Aside from that, he's also a very friendly guy, and there was good chemistry between us.

Q. I'd like to know how is your relationship with Kristen. Are you friends, or is your relationship just director-model? I read in the English forum (although my English is very bad) some nice opinions of Kristen about you. Do you speak with each other behind the scenes? I'd like to know your topics when you are not working. What are the differences between Kristen and the American directors that you have met? Thank you, Ivan. You are a great model and I think you´ll become famous in this field, specially if you continue working exclusively for Kristen.
A. Thank you. When we are working, our relationship is purely professional. And when we aren't working (during breaks, after filming, etc.), our relationship is a friendly one. As far as what we talk about; we talk about everything. This kind of work is intense, and intimate. Models and crew spend about a week together filming each scene, and literally spend 24 hours together per day. Because of that, we tend to open up a lot to each other in general. As far as differences between Kristen and other directors go; professionally, Kristen's shoots are different because they are much longer, and there's more time to repeat sequences, and perfect each take. On a personal level, at least for me, it's very easy for me to communicate with Kristen because we always speak Spanish, and he's very knowledgeable about my country and my culture. That makes me feel very comfortable.

Q. Hello Ivan, I'm also a Spaniard from Almeria, although I work in Madrid. I'd like to ask your advise about diets and workout routines for the gym. What do you do to get a body like that? Can you give me some tips about excersises and nutrition? And another thing, don't even think about changing your body and getting bigger, like many porn stars end up doing. Your body is fantastic, don't get any bigger! A kiss, and good luck with your career with Kristen.
A. The only diet I follow is one without animal fats, and one that is high in protein. As for the gym, I can only tell you what I do. I train 5 days per week, and I follow a routine to build mass, which means doing low reps with heavy weights for each set. Also, I train on a the sixth day to workout just abs, lower back, and an hour of aerobics (rowing machine).

Q. You have been in other studio videos so you have some experience and work related scenes in which to make some observations. What are the differences in filming - lets say - with Titan and KB? How long are the filming sessions and what is expected of you in both instances? What do you - prior to filming - sexually agree to do or not do?
A. Titan and Kristen are similar in that they both take several days to film each scene. The differences, as I see it, are mostly professional or personal ones. Because with Titan, communication was more difficult for me because of my limitations with the English language. My scene with Titan was filmed over 3 days (including photos), and with Kristen it was 5. What is expected of me? In each instance, I was expected to do the best job I could, and follow the director's instructions. I haven't ever been asked to do anything that I wasn't willing to do, so there was never an agreement made as to what I would and wouldn't do.

Q. Which of all your costars did you continue seeing and playing after the filming was completed?
A. There was just one, that was Michael Vincent. We spent several weeks together. But we were mostly just friends.

Q. Hi Ivan, I'm also Spanish, from Murcia. What are your limits on camera? I mean, what wouldn't you be willing to do in a video (one of Kristen's of course)?
A. I don't know exactly what my limits of on camera are, but I would do anything Kristen asked me to.

Q. You have modeled for some of the best porn movies directors, I've researched that in the Internet. I am a supporter of Kristen Bjorn, who is the number one in this industry. But J. Rutherford is not bad at all. What are the main differences between both of them? How did J.R. treat you and how is Kristen with you?
A. I have worked for Falcon, but the director wasn't John Rutherford... So I can't answer your question. Sorry.

Q. You are quite shy (Kristen told that in the ASK KRISTEN area)...you don´t look like that when you are acting, how is that possible? Can you change your personality when you are in front of the cameras?
A. When I'm in front of the camera, I limit myself to the director's instruction. That helps me overcome my natural shyness.

Q. Would you eat cum if Kristen requested that to you? Your lips are so beautiful...I am sure they would be even more beautiful if they were covered with cum. I´ve jerked off several times just thinking of it! Good luck to you and don´t get tired to shoot movies!
A. Yes, I would do it... As long as I knew that the other guy was HIV negative.

Q. Did you enjoy being fucked by Lucas Magalhaes?
A. Yes, I enjoyed it very much. There was a lot of chemistry between us, and I find him very attractive. It was a very satisfying experience for me.

Q. Do you like Brazilians and Portuguese guys in general?
A. Yes I do, but except for Lucas, I have only seen them in videos... I have never been with any others.

Q. What do you enjoy most in your private life? (I mean in your sexual life)
A. What I have enjoyed most in my sex life so far has been doing it with the person I was in love with.

Q. What are your hobbies?
A. The first is working out at the gym, I have been training for a number of years now. I also like playing racquetball, hiking, going to the movies, getting together with friends, and until a couple of years ago I enjoyed hunting. I used to do that with my father and his friends. I detest hunting now... But when I was younger I wasn't conscious of the fact that animals are also living beings. I regret it now.

Q. Have you had a chance to study something?
A. Yes. I have I have a university degree in economic sciences.

Q. Who would you want to be your costar in a Kristen's movie?
A. I don't have any preferences about other models... I'm not really familiar with them.

Q. When and how was your first sexual experience?
A. It was with a man I met in a gay club in my town. He took me home, and fucked me. Unfortunately he ended up hurting me, and it wasn't a positive first experience.

Q. How do you think that your future will be? How do you see yourself within 10 or 20 years?
A. I'm not the kind of person who makes long term plans. I only desire to be healthy, to be loved, and to be happy.

Q. Have you traveled a lot? What's your favorite city or country to live in and to visit on vacation?
A. I haven't traveled too much, but I like the US

Q. I've seen the names of the directors you've worked for in news rooms, and judging from the names, they must all be Americans. Kristen knows how to speak Spanish, but did the rest of the directors speak it? How did they speak to you? Kristen said that you speak English, but do you feel comfortable working in that language?
A. The other directors I worked with spoke no Spanish at all. I spoke with them in English, which was very difficult for me, especially at that time, because I wasn't very fluent in that language. But in any case, this isn't the sort of work you need to recite any text in. So my limitations in English weren't a big problem.

Q. I'd like you to tell me what your vices are, you know; drinking, drugs, etc. Are you happy? A big kiss from Valencia, morenazo!
A. Thanks for the compliment. I don't drink, smoke, or use drugs. Until the age of 20, I used to drink beer with friends, but never excessively. But I don't mind if other people drink or smoke. As far as drug use goes... Well, that's another matter altogether. Am I happy? Yes, I am at times.

Q. What's your favorite food? Do you know how to cook?
A. I don't have a favorite food; I like many different things. I still don't know how to cook well, but I'm taking cooking classes 5 days a week now. I'm learning mostly about Spanish cuisine, which I enjoy a lot. And it's very practical to know how to cook when you live alone.

Q. What's your favorite colour?
A. Years ago it used to be green... But these days I find all of the colors of the rainbow special.

Q. What are your favorite clothes?
A. Usually I like to dress informally, mostly in sports clothes. I really don't have any favorite clothes or designers.

Q. What's your favorite kind of underwear?
A. I like most of all boxers. But I also use briefs sometimes.

Q. Do you like sports? What ones?
A. Yes, I like soccer, tennis, and racquetball. I also enjoy watching Olympic gymnastics. But I only practice racquetball, and until a few years ago, soccer.

Q. Do you like traveling?
A. Yes. I like traveling very much, and getting to see other countries and their cultures.

Q. What's your zodiacal sign?
A. Capricorn.

Q. Do you like shopping?
A. The only shopping I enjoy is the kind I do daily, like for food. When I shop for clothes I get very nervous, and don't enjoy it. I try to get it over with as quickly as possible. I find it tiresome to try on different outfits.

Q. Are you superstitious?
A. Until a few years ago I wasn't. But lately I have become very much so. Even though superstition isn't at all logical, it doesn't hurt to take precautions. There's a saying in Galicia; "I don't believe in witches..., but they do exist!"

Q. Hi there pretty boy! Since I've seen you on the screen, I've wanted to know whether you do escort work. Kristen replied "no" to that question, but I think everybody has his price...What's your price for escorting, Ivan?
A. I do not work as an escort, and I think there are things which can't be bought. But I suppose you're right; everyone can be had at a price... What's yours?

Q. Can you speak or at least understand Italian? I can understand a little Spanish. Take care, honey, and keep up the good work!
A. Sorry, I understand very little Italian.

Q. How many times a week do you have sex? How many times a week do you masturbate?
A. That varies a lot from one week to the next. About sex, it could be somewhere between once to seven times. As far as masturbation goes, to be honest, I masturbate less that I have sex.

Q. Do you like to see yourself in the movies?
A. It's satisfying to watch my videos, but they don't turn me on.

Q. When will you perform again for Kristen?
A. Always; whenever he wants me.

Q. Do you usually tell your sexual partners that you are a KB porn model? Good luck to you and congratulations for being so gorgeous!
A. Thanks for saying I'm gorgeous. No, I don't tell my sex partners about my video work. I think it's unnecessary in order to just have a fuck.

Q. Hi Ivan, in what year were you born?
A. I was born in 1973.

Q. I'd like to know how I can get in touch with you. Is that possible?
A. Sorry, I don't do blind dates.

Q. I'd want to satisfy a little curiosity. Have you ever been in love with anybody who didn't love you? And has anyone ever been in love with you and you didn't love him (her)? If so, what was the end of that situation?
A. Yes, I was once in love with someone who wasn't with me. The end of that situation was that, with the passing of time, I was able to get over it. As far as someone else being in love with me, I'm not aware of it happening, if it did.

Q. How many times did you fall in love along your life?
A. Twice.

Q. If you were into a relationship and he (she) wanted you to give up shooting movies, what would you do?
A. I would stop making them, if that was important to my partner... Without a doubt.

Q. Hey man! If it depended on you, what kind of porn would you make? What scenes would you film, and with what type of guys in it? Thanks, macizorro! You really turn me on, man! Too bad that I can only catch you in the films.
A. The type of men I would choose is an easier question. The men would have to be muscular and virile. And the videos would be exciting ones, but nothing far out of the ordinary as far as sex goes.

Q. Hello Ivan. In Kristen's videos there are many Latin models, and you worked with Lucas Magalhaes, for example. But you have also worked with American models. Which models do you prefer, and of what race? I have another question; how do the models get along with one another? What was your reaction to Mark and Lucas? Did you guys fuck off camera, with or without Kristen's consent? I've seen some videos of yours on the internet, and you're always so handsome! The next video will be THE ISLE OF MEN. Please, my child, don't run off and abandon us, as many other of Kristen's models have done. And I hope you continue working with Kristen until you retire. With the yanks in California you can't even speak Spanish, while, according to what I've read in the ASK KRISTEN forum, in THE ISLE OF MEN you speak our language.
A. Thank you. The truth is that I don't have any racial preference. However I'm more attracted to the types which are exotic to me. My relationship with Marc and Lucas was very good off camera, but I didn't have sex with them outside of filming. Each costar is a different case, with some I've gotten along better than other. But I've never had serious problems with any of them. It's my intention to work exclusively with Kristen in the future. And it's much better for me to express myself in Spanish, since I feel much more comfortable and spontaneous in my own language.

Q. Have you ever worked as an escort? And presently? Can I contact you here in Spain? A big kiss... You don't know how many times I've whacked off watching you in those American videos! I hope to whack off many more times with THE ISLE OF MEN.
A. I have never worked as a prostitute, and I have no plans to ever do so. So, I'm afraid that I'm not available in that way. But I'm happy that you enjoyed my videos, and I hope that I'll continue to inspire you to whack off many more times in the future.

Q. Hello Ivan. Before asking you questions, I want to tell you that you are really a great porn model, and I find you so beautiful and interesting... Besides, I love Latin men, and your look is so Latin! In your opinion, what's your best and worst feature?
A. My worst feature is that my body is smaller than I would like. And the best feature... I don't really know! But I most often receive compliments from other people about my lips.

Q. What do you prefer in front of the cameras? Orgies, threesomes or one-on- one sex? And what do you prefer behind scenes?
A. In my opinion, when filming, the larger the number of models there are, the more complicated it becomes. So, my favorite scenes are threesomes and couples. In my private life, from time to time I might enjoy a threesome, or an orgy. But usually, I prefer sex on a one to one basis.

Q. And if you could choose, what dreams would you become reality in your future?
A. I would like to achieve the physique I want, and to have the type of lover I want. By that I mean someone who I was in love with, and who was in love with me. He would be someone who I share my views with, and would be affectionate to me. He would have to be faithful on an emotional level. Of course he would also have to attract me physically... He would have to be muscular.

Q. Try to describe your own personality.
A. I think that I'm shy, introverted, prudent, sensitive, and affectionate. I'm not very ambitious, and at times I'm a conformist. And sometimes I'm very insecure.

Q. What do you like most about Spain? What do you like least? Thanks.
A. What I like most about Spain is that it's a very open country, tolerant to everyone, and culturally very diverse. And among the things I like least about Spain is that it's a country where many things don't function properly. There are many strikes, and the standard of living is somewhat worse than other European countries, and the US

Q. Hi Ivan! Do you like going to the movies? What are your favorite actors and actress? And your favorite movies?
A. Yes, I like films a lot, although I can't tell you who my favorite actors, or films are. There are so many, and I enjoy of different types. The same occurs with actors. But I can say that really enjoy American films from the 30's and 40's, as well as the actors from that period.

Q. If you could have sex with an actor/actress, what would your choice be? And what famous people would you choose to have sex with?
A. I can't think of any actor with whom I'd want to have sex. And I don't think I'm the kind of person who would feel comfortable having sex with someone famous. For me fame isn't an attribute which turns me on.

Q. You are one of my favorite KB models, although you have only shot one movie for Kristen. I hope I can see you more often. You are awesome, baby! What do you think your work as a porn model is closer to: escorting or acting?
A. Thanks. I have already shot a couple of other scenes for Kristen which haven't been released yet... I hope you'll enjoy them. As for the other, I don't think that being a porn model has anything to do with prostitution. There is a lot of acting involved, although it's not necessary to have a great acting ability in order to do this kind of work. There are other requirements. It's different from prostitution because you're having sex with people who don't disgust you, and those are kind who pay for escorts. In porn films, your costars are at the same level of attractiveness as you, which doesn't occur between client and escort. Another difference, in my opinion; with prostitution there's an exchange of money for sex, while in porn films we have a higher goal. When videos are well made, they are works of art, as valid as any other manifestation of art.

Q. If you could be another guy, who would you be?
A. I'd be a much better kind of man than who I am now... But I don't have any one person in mind. I'd like to improve my intelligence, my body, and to be a better person. But I don't know of any concrete person who I would be.

Q. What's the opinion of your friends and family about your work as a porn model? Have any of them seen you in a movie? I like you very much, and I find you incredibly attractive and awesome. I want to see you so often as possible.
A. Thanks for the kind compliments. Of my family, only one of my sister knows about my video work. I don't plan to tell the rest of my family about it because they certainly wouldn't approve. And it's a personal matter. As for my friends, non of them approved of it. Some of them have seen my videos, and at present I am no longer friends with any of them. I had 4 or 5 friends for numerous years, and they all rejected me after I made the videos. But I don't regret what I have done... To the contrary. They are the ones who behaved badly towards me.

Q. Hi Ivan, You are incredibly handsome. Do you trim or shave your pubic hair in your everyday life?
A. Thanks for saying I'm handsome. I do try to keep my public hair fairly short, but not too short.

Q. Recently I saw you in another video where you were double penetrated. How was this experience and would you consider performing such a task for a KB video? By the way the scene is exceptionally hot. But then so are you. Great scene with your costars in THE ISLE OF MEN.
A. Thanks for the friendly comments. It was an easier experience for me than it might have looked because I have done double penetrations in my private life before without any problem. As for doing such a scene for Kristen, I would be delighted to... As well as any other sexual fantasies he might ask of me.

Q. Hello Ivan, how are you? I'm a fellow Spaniard from La Robla, in the province of Leon. Have you ever been to La Robla? Since it's in the middle of a national highway, and there are numerous convenience stations, maybe you've passed through here some time. Would you like to come and spend a few days here? I would pay for everything.
A. I do know the province of León, but I have never been in your town. Maybe one day I will have the opportunity to go there.

Q. Do you consider yourself to be a good porno model?
A. Not really. I'll explain why; I think that a really good porno model should be indifferent to the fact of whether or not he likes his costars. However, for me to work really well, I need to really feel attracted to them. Also, in order to do this work you need a lot of concentration. And I'm not always able to concentrate as well as I should.

Q. Do you have any Gypsy ancestry, or is your family completely non-gypsy (payo)?
A. From great-grandparent's generation on, I haven't had any gypsies in my family. But before that, I really can't say.

Q. How does Kristen address you, informally (tú), or formally (usted)? Do you speak with each other in English or Spanish? How does he treat you?
A. Kristen and I always speak in Spanish, simply because my English is limited. And of course we always address each other informally, because we are close. Kristen and his models all address each other informally. How does he treat me? Actually really well. He's always warm, and he knows me quite well. This treatment isn't difficult for him because he makes all his models feel comfortable when they're working for him, or whenever they're together.

Q. I want to tell you that you are very hot, you are awesome, and your work is very believable. I don't know what I would give for you to fuck me, but I will resign myself to watching your videos. I assure you that Kristen is the one who makes you shine most. A big kiss and embrace. Take care, and please make a lot of good movies.
A. Thanks.