Jadson Pirocao Interview / Kristen Bjorn / Bareback Porn

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Interview with: Jadson Pirocao

Jadson Pirocao

Q. Tell us how you began to work with Kristen Bjorn. Also, do you still live in Brazil? In which city?
A. Actually it was my boyfriend who introduced me to Kristen's assistant The Bear, and he arranged an interview with me with Kristen. Yes, I still live in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Q. As far as screen roles go, do you have a fantasy role that you'd like to do in a video? What would be your idea of a perfect porno video?
A. I guess my fantasy would be having a harem of blond boys with little pink butt holes to satisfy my every desire! That would be a perfect porno video!

Q. Are you in a relationship now? If so, how does your partner deal with your video work?
A. Yes I am. He was the one who encouraged me to make the video in the first place. But when it actually took place, he wasn't so happy about it.

Q. Would you do a video with women, or a bisexual video?
A. Well, work is work. If the money is right, I will do it!

Q. Hey Jadson, first of all, let me say that I think you are one of the finest men Kristen has ever put in a video. How often do you workout per week in order to keep your body up? Also, what race do you prefer to date? And lastly, I would have loved to see you get fucked by Joao in Little Havana. Why didn't that happen? Was there any chemistry between you and Joao?
A. Thank you. I usually workout 4 or 5 times per week. My boyfriend is black like me, but I can't deny my fascination for blonds... As for Joao, I don't think I would have been able to take such a big dick. You don't want to see me suffer, do you?

Q. According to this website you're cut. How come? It's not common in Brazil.
A. When I was little, my foreskin was too tight, so I was circumcised. It's not unheard of in Brazil!

Q. Have you ever tried to persuade unemployed, hung Brazilian men to work in porn?
A. I never try to persuade anyone to do anything. I think that people should do whatever they want to do. Why should I try to convince them to do what they don't want to do?

Q. Why do you think there're so few hung uncut Brazilian models doing (hetero and/or homo) porn?
A. I don't know how many Brazilians make porno videos... I didn't think that there were so few!

Q. Are you in a relationship? If not, are you looking for one?
A. I'm in a relationship already.

Q. What is your favorite sexual activity?
A. Fucking.

Q. When was the first time you had sex with a man? And with a woman?
A. Maybe seven or eight years old for both... But I didn't start cumming until I was thirteen. In Brazil, we start those things early on!

Q. Do you like to suck dick?
A. That really depends on who the dick belongs to. If I'm into it's owner, why not?

Q. What is your reason for doing porno videos? Is it all about money, or is there some other reason?
A. So far I have only made one video. I was curious about it... And of course the money was of interest.

Q. Do you have a girlfriend? Are you married? Do you have a children?
A. No to all of those questions, thank God!

Q. Was your first sexual experience with another guy during the filming? If not, was it an enjoyable one?
A. To tell you the truth, I don't remember when my first sexual experience with another man was... It seems like sex was always a part of my life.

Q. Do you like threesomes?
A. Sure... Trios, quartets, symphonies... If it feels good, why not?

Q. I want to know if you will be appearing in upcoming films for Kristen or any other producers. I look forward to seeing more films with your skills. I hope Kristen will keep you in mind for future film projects.
A. Well, for the moment I don't have any video projects on the horizon.

Q. In the scene I saw you in, you bottomed for a smaller cocked actor. Do you tend to bottom? I love to see big-cocked boys take it up the ass and have their hard dick wave in the air. What's your preference?
A. I really prefer to top.

Q. Do you have favorite pornstars?
A. I'm afraid that I'm not very knowledgeable about porno stars. I have seen some porno videos before, but I don't know the names of the actors.

Q. In what year were you born, and what is your star sign? What do you do jobwise, and what do you most like to do to relax in your spare time?
A. I was born in 1972, under the sign of Capricorn Jobwise, I do a little bit of everything. In my spare time, I like to hang out with friends, or watch movies.

Q. What kind of underwear do you wear? Which style is your favorite?
A. I always wear briefs.

Q. What type of swim wear you put yourself to go to the beach?
A. I wear Speedo type bathing suits. I never wear shorts to the beach... They are never quite long enough to cover my dick!

Q. Are you proud of this large dick of yours, or do you think of it as quite normal? Kristen writes in your model profile, that you are quite an expert on the dicks of your other male family members and that you are not outstanding. But where does your knowledge come from? It isn't very common to walk around with a hardon is it? Did you have some kind of jerk-off parties in your family, or did you as boys growing up measure your dick-length in a competitive way instead of comparing your body length?
A. For me, my dick is normal... It's the only one I have ever had. Isn't it normal to walk around with a hardon? My dick is hard most of the time! Of course I saw my male family members with hardons. Is that unusual in the North America? For us, it's normal to compare sizes, and shapes.

Q. How was work in your first porn video? Did you think it would be so much work before? Could you enjoy that work to a certain extent? And were you very nervous, being your premier? Had it been clear from the beginning, that you would act as a bottom and did you feel comfortable with that idea?
A. I was nervous, and it was really a lot of work. I had never thought of sex as being work before! Kristen wanted to top, but I guess I was just too nervous at the time. Maybe I'll do it next time.

Q. Maybe I'm too curious (I hope, you don't feel offended!): Is it possible that you had some difficulties getting a complete erection? It wouldn't be unusual for a first-timer. Beside that, I've had the experience that VERY well hung guys sometimes have trouble with getting completely stiff.
A. As they say; he who has a mouth get to Rome! Yes, I did have a problem that time, but that doesn't usually happen to me. I was intimidated by the camera and lights.

Q. I work for a Latin American company, and I travel often to Brazil. Do you do escort work?
A. No, sorry.

Q. Was it of any importance for you to work for the best and most acknowledged porn studio (or didn't you know this at that time?), and are you proud of being part in one of it's refined products? Did you watch the finished product when it came into market and perhaps felt still happier then?
A. I don't know very much about the porno world, but I'm glad that people like the video I did. I did see the video once... But honestly, I'd rather do sex than watch it.

Q. Do you think of the atmosphere of the production as being important, despite all the work, you and your costars had to do? For example; traveling abroad, staying at nice places, keeping a good lifestyle for a short time, that you may not be accustomed to normally. As far as I know, Kristen tries to create a warm and kind of familiar atmosphere for all participants.
A. Sure. When people are treated well, and with respect, they do a better job.

Q. Did you get along well with your costars and with Kristen? I've read, that he's rather demanding sometimes for the sake of the best product possible. Does that come across sometimes for the actors as kind of rude or bossy?
A. Before we started filming, there was a fourth guy who was supposed to be in the scene too, but he wouldn't sign a model release. Kristen Talked to him for a while, and then told him to leave. That was the only real problem we had. Kristen is very demanding, but he always asks us to do things in a nice way, so he doesn't appear rude.

Q. Anyone in the cast you still remember? Maybe because he was especially entertaining for the group or because you personally liked him...
A. I only had two costars, so of course I remember them! I suppose that Antonio Di Marco was the better of the two. He was friendlier, and always appeared to be interested in everything we were doing.

Q. What would you say is your philosophy on life?
A. Live and let live.

Q. I love your color because I'm also a black man. My dick is 8" long and thick. I love to fuck a hot muscular ass. I'm also Brazilian from Alagoas (Northeast region). How could I join for you to make a film, Jadson?
A. I don't know if I will be making another video. But you can send your photo to Kristen, and see if he can work with you.

Q. First of all I would like to say you are fucking awesome! Anyway, to get to the question, I am very interested in the porn industry and I was just wanting to know what it took for you to finally decide to become a porn star? I mean, I have been thinking very hard about trying it myself. Can you give me advice? How's the money? And I am sure it has got to be amazing to get paid to get off with all these hot guys.
A. I have only made one video, so I'm not much of a star, am I? When the work was offered to me, I accepted it; I didn't really give it much thought. It's always cool to have sex with hot guys, and the money is good, but I don't know how often you can make videos. It's not like a steady kind of job.

Q. I saw many pics where you're smiling. Porno seems to be like a game for you. Is it right or not? Do you consider sometimes you're doing an artistic work when you're acting? Is it more than sex or only sex? And, does it seems to you that directors use you like an "ucking? If yes, what?
A. I smile a lot because that's the kind of person I am. It's better to be always happy, don't you think? I just do things naturally, without thinking about how they look, or without trying to make a statement. If you see something more to it, that's cool!

Q. Is there a difference between white guys and black guys fucking? Are you more excited fucking white men? If yes, why?
A. Sex is good with people of all colors. The color of your skin doesn't determine what kind of person you are. I'm attracted to white guys, because they're different from me. But sex is sex!

Q. Is there a difference between being fucked and being fucked?
A. Is this a serious question? Yes, there's a big difference. If you don't believe me, try it and see!

Q. I think you're a very clever man. Did you make studies? In what?
A. I finished High School. Since then I have been learning about life by living it.

Q. I think it's a shame all this sperm lost on the floor. Why in porn movies, actors never cum in the ass or mouth? Would you like to? And would you prefer, when you're sucked, to be swallowed? (if your partner agrees.) I'm sure you have a well-perfumed and tasty juice. (I ask that because, one night, I dreamed I was "drinking" you. It was great!)
A. It's not safe to let people cum in your mouth or ass. And in a porno video, if a guy did come inside someone's mouth or ass, the viewer wouldn't see it happen, right?