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Interview with: Lazaro Carrera

Lazaro Carrera

Q. Have you ever had sex with one of the men off screen? You know, like as if you were dating? Thanks a lot. Wow, you are so fine!
A. I never had enough time to be with another model when we weren't filming. Most of us live outside the USA, and once the filming is finished, we go back home. I've been lucky to have worked with guys that I was attracted to, and I would have enjoyed staying on a while longer with one of them.

Q. What do you like in man?
A. EVERYTHING! Ha ha ha! Well, actually I'm pretty picky. Since I take care of my body, I expect the person with me to workout too, or to have a naturally good shape. I like someone's eyes, lips, a handsome face, a very nice back, a nice dick, and a beautiful little ass for me to grab onto. I want all that together with intelligence, if not, I don't stay interested for long. But what drives me wild are kisses and caresses.

Q. Have you ever been fisted or fisted?
A. No, I haven't! My God, just the thought of it brings tears to my eyes! Actually, someone once did try to stick his hand in, but I told him to stop because I was a little scared. What really excites me isn't an arm, but to have a man fucking me. That's something I enjoy, and I don't run any risk of disfiguring my intimate parts.

Q. Do you shave your body hair? if so, how often, and why?
A. Yes I do, but not all over. I shave my asshole for hygienic reasons. I think it's respectful towards the other person. And he deserves it, right? And that way there's more lubrication, and it's sexier. I trim the rest of my body with a trimmer when it gets too long, but I don't shave it. Body hair that is too bushy doesn't look good, I think. So, I trim my body once a month, and shave my ass twice a month.

Q. Could you tell us, what do you prefer in a man?
A. I don't think I have a definite type, but I like them to be athletic, big, and to have a handsome face. When I'm with a blond, I always think that's my type of man. But when I'm with a brunet, I feel the same way about them. Since I'm impulsive, there is one thing that a man has to have with me, and that's patience.

Q. When was your first gay experience?
A. It was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. I was 18, he was 20, and we were classmates in high school. He had come back to finish high school, because he had dropped out earlier. He wasn't gay... until he met me, and I hadn't thought about having sex with him. He used to walk me home from school, and I felt that I had to tell him that I was gay. He wasn't surprised, but he told me not to tell anyone else. A week later he asked me out, and after that we were together for 3 years.

Q. Does your family know that you are a porn star?
A. That's a difficult subject for me, but there are things which my family doesn't need to know about. Not because I think it's bad, but because they know me as a son, or as a brother, and I think it would be hard on them. Moreover, I live in a country where prejudice lives on.

Q. Lazaro, thanks for answering all of our messages. You were so stunning in WET DREAMS 2. I saw from the scenes in MAKING IT that you seemed to get along very well with your costar Lucas Magalhaes. Can you tell us more about how it was filming that scene and your relationship with him?
A. With Lucas it was lust at first sight. From the moment we met, we wanted to fuck. Luckily, Kristen always had good taste with my costars. We were very attracted to one another, and off camera we touched and kissed all the time. Nothing developed after that, because we both returned to our own countries. I did see him again during a trip I made to Brazil, but he seemed distant, and the magnetism was gone.

Q. Hello, I'm writing from Paraguay. I hope they can translate this question. Before entering this business, had you ever imagined yourself doing this? How did your life change afterwards?
A. This all happened to me by chance, I never would have imagined it. I was at a friends house, and a group of us were taking about fantasies. I told them that mine was to make porno videos. One of the guys looked surprised, and later he told me he wanted to speak with me. That friend was Pietro Rosselli. He told me that he had worked with Kristen, and that he could introduce me. That's how it started. Actually my life hasn't changed since then, the only difference is that it's difficult to find an understanding boyfriend. But everything else is the same.

Q. How old are you? And what fantasies haven't you lived out yet?
A. I'm 28 years old, although I don't feel that old, and people who don't know me think I'm younger. As for fantasies, I have so many! Most of them are about group sex, but everyone would be mine. I'm a faithful reflection of my fantasies... At least on video! And since I'm a romantic, my fantasy and wish is to have a lover. Obviously if I had a lover, I'd dispense with the group! Ha ha ha!

Q. Lazaro, where were you born and raised?
A. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I have lived there all my life. But I like to travel, and I have been fortunate enough to go to beautiful places like Spain, France, Greece, Holland, Belgium, The USA, Chile, Brazil, and Uruguay. And I could live comfortably anywhere, however, and adapt myself to a new environment.

Q. Lazaro, have you told your family about your involvement in porn? What was their reaction (or, if you didn't tell them, how do you think they would react?)
A. I think it would be kind of aggressive to debate this matter with my family. If I decided to make videos, I'm obviously taking a risk of them finding out. I have no intention of letting that happen, but if it did, it would be a difficult moment, like telling one's parents for the first time about being gay; surprise, and uncertainty would arise, as well as disappointment and pain. But with time, they would see that I'm the same person as always, and that I haven't changed.

Q. You're the hottest man on earth, Lazaro! Tell me, who would you like to fuck you?
A. Am I really that hot? Hey, someone call the fire brigade! I think that I've already had most of the ones I wanted... Maybe with a sailor. I'll have to travel by ship more often! Or maybe Kristen will consider this idea for a new video. But seriously, I've been with the guys that I wanted, all of them except the straight ones. At the gym, I have a straight friend who is incredibly handsome. He has the body, the face, everything. But he's straight, and shows no interest in me.

Q. Hi Lazaro, your scene with Lucas Magalhaes in WET DREAMS 2 and in MAKING IT WITH KRISTEN BJORN was so intense, particularly the way you kissed and fooled around in MAKING IT. Have you seen more of him since, or was that just for the cameras?
A. With Lucas it was all spontaneous, and it was mutual. He's a very sexual guy, and very open. And since I'm also very sexual and affectionate, the chemistry was just right for the end result. We finished the last day of filming all tired out, but it would have continued if it were possible. Lucas is a very fun person to be with. He's always in a good mood, and he's always ready to fuck! He would be an ideal lover, it's a shame that we live so far apart. He's someone that I like a lot. I was in Brazil a while ago, and I met up with him. We didn't have any time to speak in private, but I'm sure that one day we will.

Q. What year were you born and what is your Star Sign?
A. I was born in 1973, I'm an Aries. If you want to do my astrological chart, please send me a copy! As an Aries, I'm very impulsive, direct, hard, stubborn, always going forward, even if I have to bang my head to do so. Maybe one day I'll learn my lesson. I'm transparent, and sensitive. It's hard for me to hide things... almost impossible!

Q. Lazaro, are you likely to do another video with Kristen Bjorn after WET DREAMS 2? What have you been doing jobwise since filming?
A. Not long ago I finished filming a new video with Kristen that should be great. The guy that was with me was seriously handsome, and I think that more than one person would want to have been in my place. As for the rest, I am a law student at university, and I also hold down a regular job.

Q. Lazaro, great work in WET DREAMS 2. Is it all acting or is at least part of it real?
A. Thanks for the flattery. It's part acting and part enjoyment. It would be untrue to say that I don't feel anything, and that my companions were terrible. In certain moments, it's necessary to act, but I think that the hottest parts of the videos are when the models are really enjoying themselves. And that's where a model has to concentrate, on hooking up with the other guys, and enjoying the moment.

Q. What five Latin celebrities would you love to have sex with?
A. The five Latins I would choose are; Ricky Martin, Luís Miguel, Eduardo Verastegui (a Latin singer), Fernando Carrillo, and Segundo Cernada, from Argentina. The one I'd most like to meet is Ricky Martin, I'm very attracted to his face, body, and his style.

Q. If you had the choice, which Bjorn models would you like to do a scene with? Why?
A. I would choose Caio Amaral from Brazil, the one from CARNAVAL IN RIO. His huge dick excites me a lot, and it's been a long time since I've had something like that in my hands. Pietro Rosselli is very handsome, and his body has developed a lot. I've never been with him, but I think we're attracted to each other, and we'd like to do a scene together. If not a video, then something private. The other one is Root Calahan, an Australian from MANLY BEACH. He's really handsome, he has a great back, and he's very masculine. I'd like to be with those three, either together or separately!

Q. What is your favorite way to get fucked?
A. In this matter I'm very flexible, but I think that I like the old fashion way: doggie style. Recently, I tried what was for me a new variation on that position. The guy who taught it to me had practice at it. It consisted of me being upside down, vertical, with him holding my legs, and fucking me from behind. During sex, I like to change positions quite a lot. It bores me to stay in one position for too long.

Q. In your last film you were clearly attracted to Lucas Magalhaes. What attracted you most? What do you think of his enormous bull balls? How much sex with him after filming?
A. With Lucas it was total attraction; I liked everything about him. His huge balls, his arms, legs, and his masculinity. There are a lot of things to be attracted to! And the best part is that, even if you don't know him, you can tell he's a nice guy. After the filming, he wanted to be with other guys, and I was fine with that. I'd had sex with him over several days, and I was satisfied. Although I suppose I'll cross paths with him again, or him with me.

Q. What kind of underwear do you wear? What kind of underwear turns you on?
A. I use Calvin Klein underwear briefs, I like the style a lot. I have others, like G-strings that I bought in Miami. I think there're sexy to use on special occasions. I also find boxer shorts very masculine, but uncomfortable.

Q. How often do you masturbate?
A. That depends on how horny I am... generally once or twice a day. I like to masturbate thinking about someone I had a good time with, or someone who turns me on a lot. Sometimes I come home after having sex, and I masturbate thinking about it. It's like my personal time.

Q. What do you use to achieve orgasm?
A. A guy who really turns me on. Concentration. Excitement. But the best way for me, is getting fucked. Sometimes if I'm really into someone, I get inhibited, and can't reach orgasm. It's really strange, but I have friends who that has also happened to. Not long ago I met a guy who I really wanted to have sex with, but under the circumstances, we weren't able to for a year. When we were finally together, it was pure fire. It was incredible; we kissed from the first moment on. But since I was nervous, I couldn't cum. But for me, cumming isn't something indispensable during sex. I enjoy the rest of it so much, that I end up feeling satisfied anyway.

Q. Do you taste your own cum?
A. No, it disgusts me. I don't find it sensual, but that is my personal quirk. I respect it, like everything else, but I would never do it. I do however like to taste the cum of someone I'm into, but I have to really be into him. I did it recently with someone who was HIV-, and it was incredible. That really did turn me on.

Q. Do you prefer Latin men or European men? Any nationalities in particular?
A. The men I most like are Europeans, sometimes blond, but that's not a requirement. I like blue and green eyes; it's as if you can see beyond the gaze. He doesn't have to be any particular nationality; Spanish, French, English, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Dutch, etc. I really have no preference there.

Q. Do you like to be fucked passionately or aggressively? Have you ever been fucked by a black man? What is the biggest cock you have taken in your ass?
A. I like sex that has both salt and pepper... I like it well seasoned. Beginning with affection, care, and kissing, even at the moment of penetration. Then, I like to be dominated by the one fucking me. He can be aggressive; that really excites me. I have never been with a black man, but I would love to, if he has a good body. And besides, they say that black men have big dicks! The biggest dick I ever had was between 10" to 12" (25cm to 30cm). It was huge, and thick. It didn't hurt me, but the problem was is that the condoms broke easily.

Q. You are a beautiful man....are you in a relationship?
A. Thanks for the compliment. I met a guy a long time ago, and I love everything about him. I need to talk to him, and find out how he is doing. Although there is a strong attraction between us, there is something which separates us, and I think it's the fact that I'm a porno model. It's really difficult for me because I really love him, want him, and he turns me on endlessly. Of course if he asked me to, I wouldn't make any more videos... Love conquers all! There's also another guy who I recently met. I like him a lot, but it's something very recent.

Q. While you were in Miami did you get to fool around much after filming? Did you have sex with any hot Cuban machos? What do you think of them?
A. After filming, I was really tired, with little desire for sex. What I really wanted to do was to be with my friends. Anyway, after having so much sex for the video, my body needed rest and repose. In my country I did have a Cuban fuck buddy, and he really was hot and passionate. He knew how to make love. He was sensual, and well hung too.

Q. Is nipple play or armpit play any sort of turn on for you? What drives you crazy in bed?
A. Yes, I love to have my nipples sucked, at the same time have my ass played with. It drives me wild when they say things into my ear while having sex. I like knowing that I'm with the person of my dreams, who I always wanted to be with. Sometimes people don't appreciate who they are with, but I do!

Q. Can you say something sexy in Spanish for all your Latin American fans?
A. Me gusta sentir a un hombre dentro mio, pero si es con amor, es lo mejor del mundo!