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Interview with: Csaba Zsiros

Csaba Zsiros

Q. You are a beautiful model and performer, I've enjoyed your scenes in MANWATCHER and WET DREAMS 2. You have a gorgeous face, dick and a sexy body... very sweet! Do more movies, please, you're great!
A. Thank you, I hope to make more movies.

Q. Hi Csaba. You were great in MANWATCHER. What a body, and so strong, the way you carried Ferenc Botos nude over one shoulder! What sort of training do you do? I guess you must live in the gym!
A. Thanks again! Actually I work in a gym, so I do spend a great deal of time there, and I train a lot.

Q. How did you first get into working with Kristen? Please keep doing videos!
A. I was introduced to Kristen through a model finder in Hungary back in 1996. He saw my photos and liked me. The only drawback was that Kristen asked me to cut my hair, which was long at the time. I've worn it short ever since then.

Q. What year were you born, and what is your zodiac star sign?
A. I was born in 1974, and I'm a Scorpio. Are you surprised?

Q. Firstly, sorry for my bad English. I can tell you that you are my favorite actor. I told that earlier to Bjorn by e-mail. I have three favorite actors: Csaba Zsiros, Karl Letovski, Lajos Czene. I have seen all your others movies for the French company Body Prod. I think I have seen ALL yours movies. I know you get fucked only one time: in MANWATCHER. When I see the movies with Hungarian guys, is very evident that a lot of them are NOT gay, and they don't really enjoy to having sex with others men, they just pretend. With you, it is different: you look like you're more into sex with other men than the other Hungarian models do.
A. Well, your English is much better than mine! I can't speak for the other Hungarian models, but when I work, I always try to do a good job. Making videos isn't easy, and it's very different from a normal sexual encounter.

Q. Where do you live? Where did you shoot the French movies for "Body Prod", in France or in Hungry? And the videos for Bjorn, did you shoot them in the USA or in Hungary?
A. I live in Budapest, and that's where I shot the videos for the French company you ask about. All of the videos I made for Kristen Bjorn were shot in the US

Q. Sometimes you look bigger than usual. Does Kristen Bjorn force you to work out more before you shoot the video?
A. No, it's just the opposite! Kristen usually asks me to slim down before working with him! He doesn't like it when I get really big.

Q. Would you love to make a scene in a video with Lajos Czene, he is a real bodybuilder too. it would be nice to see you two flip-flop! I'm a real bodybuilder and if you come in France, it will be great for me to meet you.
A. OK, let's meet at the top of the Eiffel Tower on June 17, 2001, at 10AM. Don't be late!

Q. Was very difficult for you to be fucked in MANWATCHER?
A. Yes it was... It was very painful too!

Q. Hello, greeting from Brazil! You are one of Kristen's hottest models! I would like to know if you had ever gotten fucked before that scene in MANWATCHER? Would you do it again?
A. Thanks. Yes, I had been fucked before, but I never liked to do that. But I'm a disciplined guy, and I'm used to a little pain. So sure, I'd do it again.

Q. Hello from Canada! Does sucking cock make your own cock hard, or do you have to concentrate on other things when you're sucking another actor while filming?
A. Sucking cocks in you own private time, and doing it in front of cameras, lights, and other people are two different experiences. When I'm filming it takes a lot more concentration to get turned on, and not get distracted by the surroundings.

Q. First of all, I say you are the most beautiful man in porn business, your face and body are the best. What did you feel the first time you kissed a man and the first time you had sex? What do you like more top or bottom? Are you so rough like you look in movies? There are many men on the world but just one is the most beautiful, his name: Csaba Zsiros.
A. Thanks you very much for the compliments! The first time I kissed and had sex with another man I felt mostly scared. He wasn't a person that I liked, or wanted to have sex with. As for fucking, I definitely prefer being a top! I might look like rough in the videos, but I'm really not. I'm a friendly, and funny guy most of the time.

Q. Csaba, do you intend to make more videos for Kristen? What's the funnest part about making videos? What's the most difficult part? I wish you much success!
A. I hope to make more videos with Kristen! That decision is really up to him, though. For me the best part about filming is the challenge of it. I enjoy a good challenge. The most difficult part is the long hours, and having to get hard all the time... Sometimes I rub my dick raw after filming a scene for Kristen

Q. Do you think porn is addicting and damaging?
A. Maybe it is to a small percentage of people, but probably no more than many other things.

Q. Were the chains made out of real metal, or was that all staged in GANGSTERS AT LARGE? It seemed like you were having fun acting really enraged up there.
A. The chains were real, but there was one special link that was made out of a soft metal so that it would be easy to break. Actually I really did enjoy playing that role!

Q. To what do you attribute the "Hungarian boom" in gay porno in the 90's?
A. I think that American studios discovered that they could find good models, and make videos more cheaply in Hungary than they can at home. In Hungary, the average income is about $200 per month, so $1,000 seems like a lot of money to earn in one day.

Q. Would you like to make a video in which you'd get fucked by a Latino?
A. Like I said before, getting fucked isn't my specialty! I just hope that his dick wasn't too big!

Q. Have you been in other videos? Who knows (family, friends, work associates) that you have performed in gay videos? By the way, great body and great looks!
A. Yes, aside from the videos I made for Kristen, I have also worked in some European gay videos. I don't feel the need to tell many other people about my video work. I'm not ashamed of it, but it's really none of their business, right? I haven't told my family about it for obvious reasons, but the people who are closest to me know about it. It's not considered a big deal.

Q. You are so sensual. Have you ever made love to another man away from the camera? Do you enjoy kissing?
A. Thanks. Yes, I have. I do enjoy kissing the right lips...

Q. You are beautiful. Do you trim your pubic hair? At what age did you find your first pubic hair?
A. Thank you. Yes, I do. In fact, I prefer to shave my whole body. I first started growing public hair when I was 12.

Q. How old were you when you made your first porno film?
A. I was 22.

Q. Are you currently in a relationship? If not, what was your longest relationship? You're so hot....how do you keep your body so fit?
A. Yes I am. This is the longest relationship I have been in; we have been together for 2 years. I work as a fitness trainer in a gym, so it's important for me to look good, and train 2 or 3 hours per day. If I don't look good, no one will hire me!

Q. Have you ever had sex with a man and a woman at the same time? Tell us what you did in bed!
A. Yes, I have done that many times. What did we do? We did everything that you can imagine!

Q. I would love to watch you fuck my wife long and hard. What would it take to get you to do that?
A. Well, it would take at least an introduction to start with...

Q. What do you like better, cut or uncut men, and why? What is your opinion of circumcision in general?
A. I don't know if I have ever seen a circumcised penis close up, and I don't have any opinions about it. I don't understand the purpose of such an operation.

Q. Do you think the US
A. is ahead or behind the times?

Q. Where are you from, and how long have you been in the gay porn business? Do you enjoy it when you're filming or it is just a job for you?
A. I was born and raised in Transylvania. That is a part of Romania that used to belong to Hungary before World War 1, and I have been in the porno business for five years. Do I enjoy it? It's like other things; there are some parts I enjoy more than others. It's not all pleasure, though.

Q. How do you feel about all these fans asking you dirty questions and wanting to have sex with you? (I'm actually a handsome jock in Los Angeles California)
A. I'm an exhibitionist at heart, so I enjoy these questions!

Q. When was your gay experience? And also what was your first video?
A. My first gay experience was when I was 18. And my first video was GANGSTERS AT LARGE.

Q. What kind of underwear do you wear?
A. I like to wear G-strings under my workout clothes. The rest of the time I usually wear briefs.

Q. How do you feel when a friend of you sees a video of you?
A. I don't mind. And if he enjoys it, it's even better!