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Madrid Stories - An Unexpected Visitor I: Denis Vega, Mateo Stanford

Kristen Bjorn Play
Madrid Stories - An Unexpected Visitor I: Denis Vega, Mateo Stanford
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Mateo Stanford is so horny and is cruising on his mobile app and makes a connection. When Mateo opens the door there stands Denis Vega, his lover that has been away on active duty and returns home on furlough, excited to see his lover. Neither Mateo or Denis have had sex in a long time and waste no time flip sucking each other’s hot, hard cocks. Denis wraps his belt around Mateo’s head to fuck his throat harder and swapping spit for added slicked up cocks. Mateo then wraps the belt around Denis’ cock and balls as he eats away at his ass. Denis loves the restraint and the hot ass stimulation that his cock oozes a heavy load of pre-cum. Once Mateo senses that Denis is primed he forces his cock deep inside his ass. Mateo pounds Denis deep and hard before he unleashes his hot load all over Denis’ muscular ass. Denis then flips Mateo and slams his ass with his raging hard cock. Both men’s muscular bodies are glistening with sweat as the passion rises and the intensity of the hard ass pounding continues. Denis reaches his explosive climax that drenches Mateo’s torso with a hot creamy load. Welcome home my love.

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31 Oct 2022

Hottest scene ever with those 2 gorgeous men in this Madrid stories series. Mateo Stanford and Denis Vega are my most favorite men. Could not believe my eyes when I saw good looking Mateo Stanford and Denis VEGA, taken off his military army uniform and Mateo his tight jeans pants after they met and see each other after a long time. Their muscular bodies, smooth chest , perky and sensitive nipples and of course their uncut banana dicks and balls are so massive. Enjoy this man to man encounter to see Mateo Stanford is sucking off that huge banana dick of his military lover Denis Vega and in the end Mateo Stanford getting fucked really hard in his hot ass by his lover Denis Vega. Great scene and hope to see both men soon again on stage Kristen Bjorn after so many years...

31 Oct 2022

Cannot believe my eyes when I saw this hot military dude Denis Vega. He has a body every man could dream off, so muscular is he. His muscular chest, perky nipples and his huge uncut banana dick is really massive. That was a great man to man encounter after those 2 guys met after some time...Mateo Stanford has such a sexy body too and really enjoy to suck on that huge man pole of Denis Vega. He really missed that huge cock. 2 good looking guys with really huge this video and please more with those 2 gorgeous guys, editor KB..

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